On Lucifer Being Male or Female

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Lucifer is a guy.


Lucifer is a multidimensional being, they are not bound by one gender. This was the first time she came to me as a female, however.


Doesnt make sense all this new agey Multi Dimensional speak. It would be like saying Arnold Schwarzeneger is a woman because This universe is multidimensional.

Lucifer is a Male. Because that is energy type that has been worshipped all these hundreds of years.

If you wanna say otherwise it sounds more like you are attempting to create a Thoughtform and have people worship it. At least have Sources where you are getting this information.


The quantum field is reset every 4 seconds, that means all of “existence” has left and came a new. There’s no catastrophic or apocalyptic event but it still happens every 4 seconds.

Again, Lucifer is a multidimensional beings he is not limited by space or time. I can tap into each mask or face of Lucifer and gain different results just like E.A. Koetting has done (Milking the Gold tit of Lucifer). What you are describing about Lucifer being worshiped as a male energy for all these years is a thought-form, you are just using the momentum and tapping into that specific mask.

By limiting these beings to one select label or archetype is essentially cutting the practitioner off from their other forms/masks.

Ba’al for example was the reigning entity for most of the ancient world, one can either “feed” off of the demonic face of Bael or they can opt to go for the God version. I am interested in open to both concepts so I gain the benefit of both.

Lucifer has a lot of worshiping him as Satan but I am less interested in that face than one of Samael, the Lightbringer, or Venus. But by disregarding this force entirely I am filtering out that part of the being.

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Not just a male energy.

At one point some of these Gods were actually humans who reached a deified Godlike status and etched themselves into history. So its not a mere thoughtform.


I believe this to a degree. Determining what is “real” can be a confusing and long process. But I’m guessing you believe these were people who ascended to true physical god-hood. Egyptian Pharaohs were the living gods.

Do you think these people did not know how to shapeshift? Do you believe they were to a degree immortal? Invincible? Why would it be so far fetched to say that they are gender fluid? In order to be useful to all humans these fallen angels/myths of old, needed true mastery of themselves.

I believe, Lucifer like all other deities have the ability to manifest in any form. You call on Lucifer and may get an attractive young man, some call on him and get Satan, others call on him as Azazel or Amaymon.

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Regarding Lucifer’s gender, just because he came to you as a woman, it doesn’t mean that he is in fact a woman or even identifies as such.

Spirits don’t have corporeal forms, so they can shapeshift into whatever they want; sometimes it may even be in accordance with the magician’s desires.


If this is true then it would be all the more reason these gods would appear a different gender at times. I know if my body was made of more malleable energy that can shift completely to my will I would sure as hell experience whatever form I felt like for a given time and mood.
Just human nature to want to explore plus humans and similar species contain both electric and magnetic energy polarities or masculine and feminine so the potential for either form and mindset is already there once the hassle of limiting flesh is removed. I just think that if they were actually human at some point it would be all the more likely they get up to shapeshifting shenanigans and I don’t think any moral systems or views of their time would limit them into feeling they had to remain the gender or even remotely the same form or being as when they were human.


Spot on👌🏼


I think magick in itself is entirely subjective, as we all come up with different experiences. I think these entities cater to the magician and their beliefs.


I do believe that.

A man comes into this world with a Soul and Spirit. Thus, s/he is actually already a spirit.

When you create a spirit its also coming from you so is a part of you. Differentiating one Spirit has a body so has a physical form (you) and the created one does not.

Now some created spirits are in fact attached to people so its similar to giving birth. That is more complicated though because one must question was this relationship created Now, or did a psychic connection always already exist where you are just bringing it to the Fore by energizing it. I have plenty of experience in this sector so its how I came up with the idea.

So my point is that Lucifer is a male. At some point in history someone became a God and so “imprinted” himself in history. For someone to come along and just call that great soul a thoughtform and then make him Gender Fluid in a sense is actually very rude to the man that lived before. Its not much different than if an entire Religious organization just decided to Blot your name out from History…change the name in records and on Grave Markers and call you a woman, etc.

Now what you encountered may of been a relation to Lucifer as in it carried Lucifers energetic current…maybe a Soul from his bloodline lineage, or a soldier from that era or servant or whatever.


I think we can both agree we see Lucifer as once a living God/entity that had great powers. This is my point, the archetypal mask or faces of an entity are likely just a section or group of people’s impression of them.
To be a living God (IMO) an entity shows beyond human capabilities and can command existence to align with their will. I am NOT disregarding or defacing Lucifer in any way, I just happen to have a different view of the same entity.

Example: Lucifer/Samael the morning star, lightbearer,
Transforms into a female goddess (or is at least worshipped as one) many associate Lucifer with Venus (Aphrodite in the Greek Pantheon), Lucifer at his very essence is still Lucifer aka. his soul which came to earth, but there is a large part of him that was renowned as a female entity of an entirely different name.

Example 2: “The Devil”
The archtypal image of a horned demon who is all evil and ruling hell, not a new thing. Some call him Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Belial, etc.

If someone was to mistakenly call the entity any of the masks the image has been smashed together with would you blame them? We already do this you call him Lucifer the male because that’s your understanding of him you’ve connected with that aspect of him. I recently connected with him as a female, a goddess or sorts or at least very fair and intellectual. Does this mean she will be strictly divine? No, because I believe this entity is infinite and is not limited by a number of roles or mask.

Maybe look through some other posts on evocation and entities, you’ll see that many people see these entities as abstract smokes, animals, or even genderfluid.

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What you’re saying and what he said are two completely different statements.

Saying one is multidimensional and saying the universe is multidimensional isn’t the same thing.

However, yes, spirits are considered multidimensional and as such aren’t limited to only what human perception can perceive.


I only know one other person in real life that practices magick, and he’s actually RHP, but has worked a little with Lucifer. He told me that when he met him, he appeared as being female, and I’ve heard a few other people here say the same. I’ve never personally worked with or made any contact with Lucifer other than possibly seeing an image of him during meditation a few months back. I had no idea who it was though, and I’m only really guessing that maybe it was Lucifer because I saw another member’s artwork recently and it looked exactly the same as the image I saw. If it was Lucifer, he definitely looks male for me.


Another thing I will note, is that spirits came to be through human interaction with various forces. For example, if the Mesopotamians didn’t interact with death, do you think we would still have Nergal?

Now, regardless of any preconceived notions, everything has both feminine and masculine traits. This is part of what I mean by they aren’t limited to what you just perceive alone. Perception is the reality we create.

Why I don’t entirely like everything the guy puts out, V.K. said that it doesn’t matter what you believe. This is true. Despite whether you think Lucifer is a guy, that won’t stop him from taking a feminine form. Hence, belief is a tool.

Addendum: just because it looks masculine or whatever, doesn’t mean that that is what it is. It is energy after all.


Lucifer seems to be masculine and feminine.

Here’s why.

He’s known as the light bringer and solar being.
This essence of Lucifer seems extremely feminine.

Once when I evoked him to physical appearance he shifted his form for a minute into a Roman statue of a woman like this


Except the colour was of the sun, shining with light.

Then when you work with Lucifers essence as the father of darkness, the infernal emperor he seems masculine.

When you summon the totality of Lucifer he seems both feminine and masculine, both light and dark.

Sometimes even appears androgynous, this is just from my ten years of working with him.


No no I mean it’s very clear that Lucifer is a
supernon confirming asexual reverse trans optict gender…lmfaoo.
his not a human to being with to label him as man or woman.,Guy or girl.
His a dualistic energy both masculine and feminine energy ,but as energy there not compelled to a physically body like us they can choice what ever form them like to appear in.
It seems that Lucifer prefers showing his masculine more then faminine and that obviously doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have faminine energy. he freely chooses to appear in any form he pleases that’s my take on it.


I agree it was the same when me and Azazel got it on :wink: he manifested as a female knowing I’m straight so what can I say.

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