Different Experiences With Lilith?

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One thing about Lilith, u can’t summon her. That’s like a big mistake. She comes when she wants to. In my case, I know I have 11 demons if not 12 under me. From what I’ve learned so far, I direct them on where to go. The 1st time I soul travelled with Lilith to hell b4 I became 1 with her, looked like there was a list of where each one of those demons needed to go. That being said, u might mot always be with ur spiritual lover.


False. I summoned her for my Q & A. She did not show up on her own.


She’s almost never on her own. And if u are a newbie and try to just summon her, u piss her off.

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In ur case, u work with these entities so u can do that without any issues

Again, this is wrong, and a misread of what I said. I said she did not come to me on her own meaning I had to summon her, not that she wasn’t alone. When she showed up at my summons, there were no other spirits with her.

I wholeheartedly disagree with this. Anyone can call Lilith, newbie or not. She will not be offended, and she will not be “pissed off,” unless you fail to give her the proper respect. This is just fear mongering, and fills new magicians with doubts as to whether they will anger a spirit simply by calling them.


When I said she doesn’t come on her own, I was talking about my experience. When i see her when I’m wide awake, I also see all the entities I work with are with her too. In the astral plane, she’s usually by herself. At least that’s what my experience has also been. And u are correct she’ll be pissed off if u show no respect. I should’ve added that.

About newbies, esp those who are just getting started in the LHP, like many expect Lucifer to show up when u call him, which we all know would least likely happen unless u already have a relationship with him, u can’t do that with Lilith. She’s not a demon to just summon. I read that somewhere too. I’ll find u the read.

This is not true at all. If a newbie calls Lucifer, he will show up. They may not be able to tell he’s there because they haven’t developed their senses, but he will show. In fact, that is exactly what EA teaches. When you call, the spirit will come, and you should assume it is there even if you can’t hear it or see it.

I have no relationship with Lucifer whatsoever and yet he showed up for me when I called.

Again, I completely disagree. You can summon Lilith like any other spirit. As long as you treat the spirits you call with respect, and don’t try to use coercion or threats, there is no reason why you can’t. If you can summon a demonic king, you can summon Lilith.


Ok we can agree to disagree based off of what we read may be different. What I’ve read tells me otherwise on Lilith and even Lucifer. Not sure u’ve followed some of the posts on here about Lucifer. I’ve channeled his energy to a few users on here that had difficulty reaching him. One reason he may not show up is if he feels u need to practice more i.e improve on energy sensing or 2flat out read/study him. I had a thread I did that on b4 my 90days. Had to stop it though till after my 90days were up. I agree with u on need to able to sense energy that’s why when I did it, i stated u had to be able to sense energy. I had @Micah scan me after such work and he said it was Lucifer.

Yeah, we will have to agree to disagree. It’s obvious we approach spirit work differently. My main system is that of EA, and so far, my experiences bare out what he says about spirits showing up regardless of whether the operator can sense them or not because when I was a newbie, I got results even though I saw nothing and heard nothing.


Can definitely back up @DarkestKnight on that. First time I ever picked up Lucifer’s sigil and said his enn a few times, I felt the heat and energy of his presence and he stayed with me always after that for a pretty long time. When you call him, all spirits in general really, but especially him, he comes and will be there.

Lilith is the exact same way.


Previously a Laveyan Satanist and I’ve realized I approach stuff in a different way too. I.e, most people on here believe in using temples. If u have a chance, read my thread on do we really need a temple? I mentioned in my intro I may drop some things/ways I learned as a Laveyan Satanist. Don’t shoot me. This is one of those moments.

I kid u not. I did mine differently from what I learned in Satanism. I didn’t use a sigil either. I began sigil work when I started to follow E.A’s teachings.

I don’t have a temple. I have no space for one. i just use a table, chair and my UC.

Apologies to @succupedia if this convo derailed his thread


And wht works for u so be it. Check this out.

So again, my apologies if I may have derailed this thread. We are reading a few different txts.

I’m have never been a Satanist, and your source material is too dogmatic for my taste. It smacks of religion, not truth. The way they approach their demons and “devils” has the fear-based taste of Christianity to it. Why else would they try and tell people that Lucifer won’t appear unless you have a relationship with him, or that new sorcerers can’t summon Lilith?

I’ve read a variety of “Satanic Bibles” in my time and all of them were mainly just reversed Christianity.


I don’t have to “feel” anything. I know Lilith and have spoken with her, and she let me know that she finds me interesting. She wants me to call her again, and I will, once I can find a corkscrew to open the wine she requested. lol


@vahndragon, @DarkestKnight, this is a book on Lilith I read too. She chooses who she feels is worth to see her is my point. @vahndragon, I believe u’ll find this read interesting. Idk, check it out. This also explains why she comes to u in the middle of the night.

I like the idea of feeling and sensing energy as well as hearing and seeing them. Again, just different opinions. :metal: @vahndragon, all the best