Difference between lucifer and satan

What is difference between lucifer and satan as a luciferian

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But to be fair, people are lazy and like being spoon fed even if that doesn’t mean they have no guarantee of a complete and balanced view.

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Ime Lucifer has light energy as well as dark, and Satan is all dark I think

Yeah but he wants an opinion from the perspective of religious Luciferian? Are you a Luciferian?

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Yes I’m. Im new into path. Before I was theistic. In theistic alot of peoples believe it is same.

Some luciferinas are theistic

As a theist, to me Satan as a name represents the dragon who has been in hell, while Lucifer is the angel who became “a” satan after falling. You’re likely to get a dozen different opinions, so perhaps wading through the forums will benefit you to a personal conclusion.

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Tbh xtians call anyone they don’t like Satan and demonic or satanic. It’s not a concept that’s used intelligently, it’s just a stick to dehumanise and attack people with. These people are evil.

Read the 2nd linked thread in the compilation thread I linked you.
Satan and Lucifer have very different historical sources. They are not the same.

I found your answer in 30 seconds googling:

Luciferians do not worship Satan in any way and instead model themselves after the original Lucifer, a character of enlightenment, independence, and progressiveness.

Learn how to research or you’re getting nowhere fast as a mage.


I’m not Luciferian but I know Lucifer pretty well and have worked with Satan but not a lot

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I’m going to speak based on my experiences and not as an luciferian since I’m not in any religion.
I’ve known Lucifer for years and I have invoked Satan a couple of times before, Lucifer and Satan’s energy are totally different from what I’ve felt. Lucifer was and is more, well the best word I can come up with is balanced while Satan’s energy was more intense and darker like Azazel and Belial.
I personally believe they are two seperate spirits while some may believe Satan is a darker aspect of Lucifer and so. There are plenty of theories regarding this but for me it’s clear. I’m not an expert when it comes to the Bible but I know that Lucifer is mentioned and named as Lucifer and Satan is mentioned and named as Satan.

Christians aren’t evil, they believe in their religion and most of them are raised to be a christian while some feel like their path belongs within Christ. That doesn’t make them evil and I know that most of us disagrees with christians but that doesn’t give us the right to trash talk about them, we should respect their religion as they should respect ours, if they don’t then it still doesn’t make them evil. It makes them ignorant because every single human should respect everyones beliefs and the main reason for them not ex. respecting occultists, luciferians whatever is because of how the Bible and the religion itself makes the occult, witchcraft, divination and everything look so bad since it’s a sin and we all know based by the past how the catholic church brainwashed and created a huge fear for the people when it came to these stuff since it was claimed to be devil worshipping and a huge sin. Everyone feared the devil thanks to the stories regarding what will happen to you in your afterlife if you worshipped him or anything so I can’t really blame them.

I’d like to know the answer too. Can’t pray to a demon for magick-related matters if I don’t know who is who.

After reading The Luciferianism Principles. I must say this whas like reading about my self. My way of being. :black_heart:


The question in the OP has now been answered so I’m going to close this now, many thanks to all who contributed information & opinions. :+1: