Dietary Adjustments to help with Ascent

Hi Everyone,

I’m curious what you all think about Dietary Adjustments aimed to help open up and develop their Psychic Senses & to help facilitate/accelerate Spiritual Ascent.

If you have experience with the stuff I mentioned below or anything else you’ve found helpful, please share your input.

Lately, I’ve been considering experimenting with one or more of these approaches:

Vegetarian diet:

I’m an omnivore right now, I eat fairly healthy, but I was thinking about taking out meat, fish & poultry, just keep eggs & dairy in my diet. I’ve heard of magicians/sorceres doing this for as little as 3 days to prepare for a working, all the way up to taking it on for life. For me, I’m considering doing this for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, as I concurrently work on developing my psychic senses, my chakras, my aura, etc.


Again, I’ve heard of magicians/sorceres doing this for a few days to prepare for a working, with the fasted period spanning certain hours of the day or all day, sometimes excluding specific foods or even full vegan. I’m considering doing this concurrently as I go vegetarian for however long I feel like is useful for my purpose.

Specific foods to include or avoid

Aside from the vegetarian exclusion of meat, fish & poultry, is there kind of food, spice, condiment, etc. that you guys have found should be included or avoided ?

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Honestly, as long as you are getting all the nutrition you need, you’re good.

There is truth to fasting though - it redirects energy from digestion, makes you more focused, increases testosterone, and so on.

But the main point of fasting for magick is that it makes you… hm… more disconnected from the physical body.

Meaning, it gets easier to project, your spirit senses are better, so on and so on.

So sometimes it is useful, when you just need to do a good ritual, but eventually, as your skill and power rises, you won’t need it as much. Perhaps just for super important rituals.

P.S One thing that I do want to mention is watching out for your body. Exercise, excellent nutrition, etc. For men, I always recommend eggs, broccoli, cold showers and intermittent fasting. Absolute testosterone maximizer. You lose a lot of power if you just let your body dry out and become useless. Conquer the physical AND the spiritual. They are both the same.


Remember that the inner demon cries out for meat. To avoid meat is to suppress that. Keep that in mind.[quote=“Adonis9, post:1, topic:17639”]
Water fast maybe? Necromancers do that sometimes to drive themselves closer to death. Other than that only eating plainbread and water is sometimes recommended for the same reason.


I have fasted before some workings in the past, and it does have an effect, for sure. I wonder if it has something to do with being in a state of ketosis, as well as the other reasons stated?


To me fasting is partially about devotion, and partially about slowly killing yourself. To work with death a certain communion with it is necessary. Fasting to the point of starvation is one of the more extreme ways to go about doing that. Also, please don’t starve yourself until you actually die.


I definitely think of it as an aspect of immersion/connection, amongst other things. In my view, if you can’t go 24 hours without food before a serious undertaking then how strong is your will in actuality? Not for every ritual, but occasionally one does call for it. I still think the ketosis thing is a possibility, though. They say being in ketosis has nootropic effects on your mind; in my experience with it I definitely noticed feeling mentally sharper, but I was more aggressive. Possibly something to do with what you said about the inner demon; maybe getting a bit too much meat? Bear in mind, though, that was the result of deliberate diet alteration over the course of at least a week and very different from a 24 hour water fast.

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You are TRYING to feed the inner demon though. It’s an immense source of power. One which when invoked can be used for all sorts of vile rites. It’s a force that can give you the power to cleave through or dominate enemies. The state of pure, blinding hate that can fuel the most evil of rites.


Thank you everyone for your input, i’m taking all of it into consideration as i formulate my plan of action

Given what you have mentioned, I will try to do all of my meditations, visualizations, energy work and rituals during my fasting period of the day. The Witching Hour would be a few hours into the fast, so I will do that then whenever I can, other times I will do it after my morning workout (still fasting of course).
Per your recommendation, I will keep eggs in my diet, add in broccoli, and cold showers too !

I didn’t know that the inner demon craves meat, so thank you for bringing it to my attention. As of right now, I intend to do this experiment for 4 weeks only, after which I will probably add meat, fish and/or poultry into my diet.
I won’t be doing a water fast, however I will also be reducing my caloric intake quite signifcantly, which to me will very likely serve the intended purpose of feeling close to death.

Any recommendations for exercises or practices as I embark on this experiment ?
I’m thinking I might wanna dig into one of EA’s mastery courses on top of my usual routine

Some n=1 personal research logged here:



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so I’m a bit over a week into this experiment, here are my observations so far:

  • Fasting is surprisingly easy to implement, just needs a bit of know-how as far as nutrient/meal timing goes, i.e. a have a feeding window of a few hours, what I found I should eat to break my fast is polar opposite to what I need to have as my last meal of the day for best results, both for my spiritual & physical energy.

  • Noticed increased sensitivity to energies & spirits around me within a 2-3 days of starting to fast. also feeling less attached to outcomes of rituals, while simultaneously feeling reassured about attaining desired outcomes, in certain cases intuitive clues about particular details in their manifestation.

  • I started lowering meat consumption as soon as I started fasting, but didn’t take it out completely until after I got a feel for what fasting did for me.

  • After about 3-4 days of going vegetarian, I definitely notice less physical energy & strength, sleep quality also seems to have taken a hit, neither of which I’m particularly thrilled about.

  • I haven’t noticed any spiritual or psychic benefits since going vegetarian yet, so I’ll give it a few more days, if I don’t see benefits & the above mentioned issues don’t normalize, I’ll call it good on the vegetarian part of the experiment, and stick with the fasting part, maybe see how far I can push it and how much I can gain from it.


When one talks of fasting, is it to completely avoid the consuming of food or to only eat under s short window of time?

From personal experience I’d stick with the vegetarianism for a while. Results will come. Like Hitler I eat eggs, milk, yogurt and cheese because to produce these the animals must be alive. Many adepts on both paths have gained from vegetarianism. I’m one of 'em.



it can be either of those.
1st one is a water fast, i.e. only consuming water, but realistically that’s only sustainable a few days at a time, like 3-5 days.
2nd one is intermittent fasting, in which you restrict your eating window to only a few hours of the day, usually enough to get a couple of moderate-sized meals, and this makes it doable for basically as long as you need/want to.

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this is great to hear, i’m only a few days into this so this makes want to push through this first rough patch !
care to share some things i can look forward to as a benefit of vegetarianism ?

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It’s difficult to remember as I gave up when young. I know you’ll become more conscious of the processes of life, of (pointless) suffering and death. It strengthens will and sets you apart. You will become more ‘attuned’ to energies (or at least I did). I have what is considered a serious medical condition which I developed when young, yet I have always been much healthier than most people on the street.

When I started, vegetarianism wasn’t what it is today. The Vegetarian ‘meat’ pies, sausage rolls and sundry other products now available make vegetarianism so much easier. I also strongly recommend minerals – colloidal and in tablet/capsule form – particularly magnesium (unless you’re on blood pressure medication and even then you can get low dose magnesium). I recommend minerals for everyone.

P.s. If you want to watch someone die in the classic way that people die when they run out of magnesium, watch Tommy Cooper: