Here’s my experience of you on an energetic level, I’ll be as radically honest as possible. Take this as you will, I hope it’s beneficial.

I sense you have hangups about love deeply like most people have hangups about money. Deep down you believe you will never find true lasting love in this life and that goes into every working you perform. I’ve seen several of your threads and this is the energy I get off you.

You attract many people that are nearly ideal, yet they’re “so close, so far away.” Either they go nuts, or life does and pulls them from you and it’s happened ever since you can remember. I see many of the same qualities in you as I do myself on a strange level. We work the same currents, target in a similar way, and overall you can manifest what you desire, yet the core belief evades you. Look at the pattern and know where the flaw is. It isn’t your magick that needs to change, it’s you. Your belief is carried into every encounter you have, and so it is.

Work alchemy, not more love spells. You will not gain what you seek as you are currently looking for it. Nothing you do externally will change this. Resolve your inner beliefs about love and it will effortlessly fall into place, whether him or another. Get out of your way.

Not sure where that came from but it applies to me too. Thanks for being a mirror


That s not good . All you need is 1 good spell . That s it .

Hello @Love8888

Did you adress properly the demons with whom you have worked? Except your quest to them, did you ask them what should you do by yourself to get your target? Did you ask them to guide you and to show you why you do not get any results? Did you ask them to show you your own mistakes?
Here’s a video that may help you:


Good luck!

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I’m considering doing the Intranquil Spirit on this guy. Has anyone had luck with that? It seems he might have feelings for me but is fighting them off…or is entertaining someone else… I’m not sure exactly what caused him to go from hot to cold…but I want to salvage this before we forget about each other (we only went on 6 dates).

Is it okay to give the Intranquil Spirit a clause, such as “Don’t harm me, my relationships and don’t harm any of my other magickal workings?”

I usually use this clause when working with demons. I want to put the clause in because I’m also going to do a demon ritual to make him initiate contact. Does anyone have good demon recommendations for that?

You could always try a simpler method, like the contact me spell, in my humble opinion your scenario isn’t really designed for the Intranquil Spirit spell as that is more of a punishment spell and bearing in mind he won’t be in the best shape when he does come back to you. It’s like the equivalent of using a nuclear warhead to swat a fly. No judgment if you want to use it I’m just saying I think it’s too early to use such a spell. There is a thread on the IS spell on the forums here.

You could try Sallos or Dantalion to help, however when working with these two I was in a high emotional state so my results never manifested. These are demons of love and can help with desire. Dantalion I believe specialises in changing someones mind in matters of love.

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Which spirit would you recommend to make him contact me?

I think a ritual to wipe out the competition is necessary, in case he is ignoring me because he is with someone else. The Intranquil Spirit is supposed to do that as well.

I’d put good money on him being with someone else.

I second (third) the opinion he intuitively senses your workings as an attack, which gave him bad vibes about you.
If any of it worked and he is very level-headed, and if he started having obsessive thoughts about you he would hate that lack of control over himself. I hate obsessive thoughts myself and refuse to act on them.
He could go to other women in an attempt overwrite the feelings, and is also why he’s going no contact, to give himself space to regain an even keel. This can work quite well, I’ve tried this too, keeping busy is good.

So more magik on him is probably going to make it worse.

Go for someone else

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You’ve said that he’s not interested in astrology but do you know anything about his astrology?
Are you able to tell us at least his sun sign? Without astrology I can’t see anything about someone who isn’t even on the forum.

Why do you think he’s with someone else? That makes me so upset to think of him sleeping with someone else :frowning:

I’ve slowed down on the magick…right now I’m doing nothing but the Intranquil Spirit spell.

Relax a little, don’t strangle the desire energetically or else you will strangle it from manifesting physically ,

Our last date a month ago, we haven’t spoken in a week. I’m not initiating conversation because the last several times I did he took days to reply and was very cold.

My concern is if this goes on too long, he will completely forget about this. We only went on 6 dates (over the course of 2 months).

I mean… who even goes a month without sex? I’ll be honest I’ve slept with someone else since him, because I don’t like going more than a few weeks without sex. I wanted it to be him but he didn’t make plans. I hope he’s not seeing any one else, I’ve done multiple demon workings to wipe out any relationships he has with anyone else other than me…

I’ve been trying to focus on myself, bettering myself, work, and slowly looking for someone else to date again. Trying to make myself more lovable in the mundane world and not just focus on the magick part.

It seems like it’s really getting you down and have you intense focus set on him , if he’s meant to be it will flow and inspired action will take place , meditate in the morning and at night on feelings of love and gratitude , what’s your current emotional state as of lately


Thanks, I’ve been ok, level-headed I guess. I’ve been less obsessed with this, and trying to put my focus on manifesting my finance and work goals. So I guess my current state is driven towards my goals (outside of love).

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I meant what’s your current dominant emotional state , is it desperation ? Or feeling gratitude

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I would say, towards this situation, just kind of letting go. I feel like he might be seeing someone else, or just not interested in seeing me ever again, and if that happens, I’ll be ok, and if he decides to see me, I’ll be ok too. Kind of just more of a surrendering feeling to whatever happens will happen at this point. I’ve tried to manifest it, called on powerful forces, thought our last date went great, I don’t know what happened and just kind of feel myself releasing from the situation if that makes sense. Not as much desperation anymore because I’m starting to give up on this in a way (that doesn’t mean I don’t still want it- just that I’m putting in less effort and letting the universe handle it).

I don’t necessarily feel gratitude or desperation anymore. More of a sadness like, why didn’t he choose me…what doesn’t he like about me that’s making him stay away? Kind of thoughts.


Also I’m not sure what this means, maybe you could give me guidance, but I barely have emotions anymore to put into the last spell I’m doing (with the Intranquil Spirit). Feel like kind of numb to the situation, like I’m close to just waving my white flag at this point. I feel very monotone while doing the ritual. I’m still going to finish the ritual though.

The more your emotion is in tune with how it feels to be around him , like if you feel loved with him , feel that now and hold it , then you have a better chance at manifesting an interaction again , even when I text people , if I’m feeling happy it get responses back that are light hearted and happy , if I’m feeling down on myself , people respond things that are like short , blunt , make me feel Worse

Also it’s good your letting go

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