Hello, this situation has many details but I will sum them up as quickly as possible so this post is to the point.

2 months ago I manifested my IDEAL partner. This man is handsome, level-headed, funny, hardworking, a multimillionaire, and even the exact age bracket I want. I am in my mid twenties, he is in his mid thirties, so we have a ten year age gap.

I have a strong feeling we are meant to be together and get married. We went on about 6 dates over the course of almost 2 months. There is definitely chemistry between us and especially sexual chemistry. The problem was since our first date he has been terrible with communicating between dates. He claims he is terrible at texting. So he’s made a point to see me and ask me out on dates but the communication between has not been great. I mentioned it at one point through text and he said he’s not looking for anything serious right now because of work, but that he enjoys spending time together. Anyway, after the 6th date, he went cold. Didn’t text me and didn’t respond to my texts. I have been doing the angel love spell on him from the book Magickal Seduction since we met. I have used the love spell from that book before and it’s very powerful, however when you seduce correctly with that book you tend to fall in love as well. I already feel my feelings rapidly developing and I think of him constantly (which I think is from the love spells). Then I worked with multiple demons on him (I cannot say which demons because praise is an offering if they deliver). I have worked with demons on him since around our third date. I did numerous commands for a layered love spell. Here are some of the command:

-Permanently destroy and completely remove all of the limiting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that N has towards dating and loving me, so that N is officially making me his exclusive girlfriend and lover.

-N is officially making me his exclusive girlfriend and lover.

-N feels a strong lust for me that causes N to invite me and take me on a romantic date.

-Destroy and terminate any and all romantic and sexual relationships that N has with any woman other than me.

-N feels a strong love and desire for only me, that causes N to be romantically and sexually exclusive with only me.

So I’m confused on why he went cold. The last time I saw him he did seem extra anxious, fierce (if that’s the right word to describe it), almost like a FIRE energy, but he claimed he was stressed with work.

It’s now been a month since we saw each other and slept together and he hasn’t made any effort to communicate despite all the love spells. And I know the angel one is working because I feel the results.

I used to get loving tarot cards for his feelings to me but lately I’m getting angry ones. I truly don’t understand what happened and is there a way to fix it? I did magick to break any protections he has against magick. Also I don’t believe he thinks I put spells on him. He didn’t even know anything about astrology.

Anyway, does anyone have an idea what happened or how I could fix this? Since I’m working with multiple demons I always told the demons not to harm me, my relationships, and any of my other magickal workings in their process.

Thanks in advance…

Also in my past I’ve always pretty much had good luck and good results from love spells.


Deja vu, I’ve seen this post before


Yes because I summed up this story before and did another post about this a few weeks ago. I just want to know why he went hot to cold and what I can do to fix this.

It sounds to me like he is fighting the magick.

He went cold because, while he may not consciously believe in magick, subconsciously he knows something is going on, and he may indirectly sense that you are responsible for it.

Someone does not have to believe in the metaphysical to have an instinctual sense when they are under attack. The animal part of us will know regardless. However, most people ignore its warnings.


That is one possibility I considered. Is there a way around this?

I don’t know if it’s even related but…

I worked on multiple demons with an ex of mine. Our relationship crumbled soon after but he ended up coming back months later.

Do demons tend to do this with love spells?

I’m not sure, as I have never used demons in love spells. My love magick has been mainly focused on energy manipulation, and making myself more attractive. I’ve never needed the help of an entity.

As for how to get around the problem, you really can’t, because the problem is literally your magick. In my opinion, you will just have to be patient, and let the spells run their course, and hopefully overwhelm his will to fight.

Ok. I wish there was a way to know what the blockage is between us. I also keep getting tarot cards showing someone in defense when I ask his feelings for me.

You will probably need a reading from a neutral third party to get anything accurate. Your own readings are likely coloured by your own anxieties and desires for the outcome.

I don’t have anyone to ask so I will have to do it

You can put a request on the forum. There’s no guarantee someone will do a reading for you, of course, but others have posted requests and found someone willing so there’s no harm in asking.

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Thanks… I really miss him :frowning: I don’t get how if the angel spell is affecting me so much it doesn’t seem to be affecting him (to the point where he reaches out to me)

Honestly I’m so upset and emotional from all of this part of me wants to curse him (for using me for sex then going cold) and then just let go. I don’t know why my love spells don’t seem to be working…I’ve always had great results from magick and especially love spells.

Even simple demon spells to make him contact me haven’t been working. Like WTF can I do.

He sounds like the type of person who wants to control his own destiny and when outside things like magick come in he fights them off because it isn’t his choice, also probably why he isn’t contacting you either.

Do you think if I cease the magick he will come back? At this point I’m ready to just give up and let go. I casted over 10 spells…

I think it is best just to step back and see what happens. Whatever happens in his life he wants to control it, this part of the reason why you like him.

Also moving on is best way to bring back a former fling.

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Thanks, after finishing this last round of love spells (that work with angels) in 11 days…I am done. Going to focus on myself, money magick, and finding someone else.

He may come back but I’m letting go of my lust for result. Also in the past when I did money magick it often brought back guys I dated who were wealthy, so who knows, maybe a money magick spell will bring him back at some point. I already feel myself letting go now and I’m putting less energy/emotion into the ritual.

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I’d like to share a thought with you at this point, which is something I’ve found to be very true.
You admit that you have idealised this person, you have an image in your mind of who they are.

In reality, if you are working magick on a particular individual, without any element of seeking to transform them, then you are stuck with who they actually are. Yes, he may be a handsome multimillionaire etc. but what of his other qualities? You mention his being level-headed and hardworking as positives here and yet in a previous thread you complain about these exact same things in terms of him not texting, his work taking priority, and him not being ‘head over heels’.

My point (and what I’ve learned the hard way) is that you cannot force an idealised image onto a real person and this is what I see you doing. It sounds like you got him, even to the point of a sexual relationship, but he’s emotionally cold, which incidentally some women find attractive. If you don’t want an emotionally cold man then stop pursuing him.
See him for who he is and either accept him or move on. Your only other course of action in terms of magick, in my opinion, is to begin performing rituals that are essentially a psychic rape (and I’m making no judgement on that course of action).


I am considering Intranquil Spirit as a last resort. Has anyone ever used that here?