Did I Mess Up My First Evocation? Feedback Welcome!

I am New to getting in contact with spirits… with that being said please excuse my Ignorance if I Say something that incorrect.

I tried to Invoke Duke Sallos, around 4 pm this afternoon, not sure if everything went according to as it should be: I’m sure I messed up somewhere.
I made a circle, approx 4ft wide, placed 1 black (chime candle) on every cardinal point (ESWN in that order), placed two Red Ceremony candles and a small white candle a bit in front of the red candles ( I believe Sallos in on the WEST, that’s why I placed my altar facing the west, not sure if that’s correct). was that right???
called on the guardians of the E, S, W, N, and the sky to watch over the circle… I lid the white candle first, then the incense, meditated a bit… lit the 2 red candles and drew my inverted pentagram (black pen) on a 3-inch paper (precut) took out the premade sigil of Duke Sallos stared at it for while, saying SERENA, ALORA, SALLOS, AKEN… over and over. The Red Candle on my right crackled a few times, then I proceeded to take my Petition out and read it out loud and in my head as well.
There was no sound, smell, no contact or anything out of the normal… I burned the petition and the sigil… thanked the spirits that were here and thanked the guardians, put out the flame from the white candle then the red candles (right then left side) and extinguished the Black candles (E, S, W, N) turned my lights on and clean up…

Did I do it right???

I really want this to work… If anyone has tried it and it worked please show me how…

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Hi, I have made this its own new topic where it might get more replies and helpful info, I’ll also move some other questions you posted here. :smiley:

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Can someone Video Record the entire step by step process on how they made it work.
I did my first evocation, no smell, no sounds, no visual… hoping I did it properly

You’re a beginner who has never done an evocation before. What were you expecting? It’s not like the movies where the demon pops up in a puff of smoke. Evocation takes a lot of practice.


Yes, I know. you read everyone’s story of making contact with Duke Sallos and I wasn’t sure if he heard me.
Can I evoke him again today?

yes, you can evoke him again.


agree with @DarkestKnight its going to take time and patience. i have been trying for almost a year and still have had no luck but i still keep putting in the work. ironic as well that i am trying now to reach Duke Sallos myself so keep working at it and try not to get in too much of a hurry or set your expectations too high. i think that is something all of us with less experience should remember


One thing you should understand about evocation is, don’t go looking for phenomena. You want a result. It doesn’t matter if you see nothing, hear nothing, or feel nothing, what matters is if you get what you asked for.

You can experience all the Hollywood phenomena in the world, the knocking on walls, the sound of footsteps, the whispering voices, and the demon can stand before in all his majestic glory, and yet your desire does not come to pass, making your evocation a failure.

And you can experience nothing, no sights, no sounds, no images, and feel like you are just talking to yourself, but your desire gets fulfilled, making your evocation a success.

Assume the demon is present, regardless if you sense anything or not.


Thank you for your support!

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i like that last part about assuming they are there even if you dont think they are. i have been doubting myself even though i know its not helpful so maybe i just need a bit more positive thought going along with my intentions

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My experience with Sallos was frustrating when it was happening. I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. (I am assuming this is about a ‘love interest?’) He never posted (at least that I could sense) nor did I ever get so much as a hint that he heard me. Man I was pissed.

And that attitude botched the entire operation.

The girl did fall for me, but I expected her to throw herself at me a like a cheap pornstar. Talk about lusting for results. You see, she really did fall for me. And that’s kind of like what Duke Sallos specializes in. And its takes time

Anyways, I got frustrated with everything and literally kicked her to the curb right when she was closest to me. The lust for results blinded me to reality and I missed it - literally.

Needless to say the whole ordeal drove me to sharpen my senses and focus and to stop approaching this magick thing like, as DarkestKnight so aptly stated, a “Hollywood phenomena.”

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Did I do it right???

I really want this to work… If anyone has tried it and it worked please show me how…

Not specifically here but in general there are things which may be improved for future workings; assume that you did it right. Sometimes the power of Sallos, love, is associated with water and water with West, so from this point of view the cardinal point was correct.

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I thought it was too bright with that many candles, could I have done it without fewer candles, if so which ones I could keep and do with out.

Perhaps use only the 4 candles (even though the other 3 make sense, kinda forming a triangle).

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I’m not sure, but I’ve commented a few times, that I rarely use cardinal directions. I occasionally do if I’m trying out a ritual written by a well known author, but otherwise, I sit at my table, with my lap top pushed a few feet back from me. I use my lap top or phone for sigils, I put any candles I am using to my left and a notebook to record scratch notes on to my right. Immediately after if I scratched down any notes I’ll write them in my digital notebook, but I rarely do notes now, as usually I can remember significant things, or it’s common phenomena like the temperature changed, so I see no reason to record it. I also rarely use candles.

I only use them if I am also pushing my intent and energy at a target, either with or without spirit help. The candle gives me a focal point.

I don’t use a circle personally, but there’s nothing wrong imop with using one. I tend to think it gives you more a magical set up for your mind, and that it doesn’t actually do anything protection wise, due to experience with spirits. An example is my boyfriend thinking that his will to keep the spirits out of our home, was what kept them from coming in, while I summoned outside. He was so proud of himself and his proclamation, but Baron Samedi laughed at him. Samedi told him that it was only out of their respect for me, and my request that they follow his house rules, that they did so.

It’s pretty common to experience nothing at first. The most important part is putting in the effort to make contact. Most people don’t start with the ability to sense spirits, but that doesn’t mean a one way call is not still a call.

Use the search bar to type in evocation. You will get lots of experiences, tutorials etc.

My only comment, is that if you are going to be doing work like this, before you have open senses, you need to learn a banishing routine to protect yourself from anything drawn to you that is not the summoned entity, and to get rid of the excess energies the entity brings with it and leaves behind. The build up can have negative effects, particular if you are not used to it, and you don’t even notice it’s there.


when are you doing this again?

May I call you unorthodox magician lol… I am one who keep things simple and ¨in actuality¨… I do understand the importance of the¨novelistic¨ aspect of a ritual. But let be honest many things have changed and some material resources are scarce or don´t exist in some places of our planet, so that cannot prevent people from practicing magick.
where would I find papyros in my life?

Thank You so Much!

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I don’t really know what your getting at, but I’m going to blame it on not sleeping yet, I was up working on project all night.

I just know when I started I didn’t have the funds, or the ability to do anything more than sit on the floor of my room with sigils on my phone. I had a roommate and a life where for a while, I kept it to me what what I was doing.

Now I’m alone except for every other weekend, and honestly Over two years later… I don’t see any need to change what works. I’m always learning, trying new types of rituals and methods to see where I can hone my skills and up my game, but at the end of the day, the simplest, most effective method for whatever I am doing is going to win out.

As far as books go, I’ve moved 2600 miles twice in under two years. The first time in March 2019 due to rolling my truck on the way to my destination, I literally lost everything but my clothes, my kids pictures and my laptop. I didn’t start out with much more than that anyways, but the other things were lost or damaged beyond repair in the snow.

The second time in May 2020, I still didn’t own a vehicle, and you can’t rent a car for one way travel without a credit card, so I ended up taking a train home. I was able to bring two suitcases, a purse and my bag of medical supplies.

I’ve always valued books, but I can no longer justify having junk I don’t use, just sitting around, when I know I’m not going to be here forever. :woman_shrugging:t3: I’d prefer to enjoy what little I do have instead, as I don’t find I have a need for materialistic items beyond comfort. I like nice things, but you know they never made me happy, and today I’m pretty happy.