Did I Mess Up My First Evocation? Feedback Welcome!

oh yeh, we are talking the same language! I was just underlining aspects that can stop some people from starting their journey due to not understanding the role (…some times symbolic) an item plays in a ritual.
e.g: when you read about LBRP one of the itens described for it is a dagger and… honestly it would require me a lot of effort to own a dagger . Not the money itself but where to buy it from where I live (somewhere in the african continent). So, when you dnt have it you can use its available equivalents…

In my particular case I am yet to understand the observations to cardinal directions, planets, days and hour. I dnt observe it and I can still have results. :man_shrugging:


Some of my most successful evocations have been done in random places in random woods when I took a break from mountain biking. So much so that I’ve started packing sigils and a candle in the outer pocket of my water pack. I pay attention to nothing out there when it comes to directions, altars, incense, nothing.

I really need to hear your methods, I’m just scared to snag something I wasn’t calling.
Does that mean I can perform a ritual on my bed?? If, yes, How???
I’m very eager to learn!

Can anyone or anyone willing to record themselves performing a ritual on the fly, without the circle from beginning to end. I know, I’m missing or forgetting an essential part of the evocation, I really want and need this.
thank you

Not sure who you were talking to with your last post…but I’ll jump in anyway. I’ve memorized two rituals (EA and Demons of Magick Ritual 3), 2 banishings, and 3-4 ways to get myself in a trance. I do like to draw the sigil myself so I’ll do that and charge it before I leave.

While I’m riding my bike in the woods, I look for a secluded place with lots of shadows. I have a few go-to places now. I ride on some pretty spooky trails in thick woods near my house. I’m lucky in that respect. I mountain bike at night mostly too, so it’s easy. When I find a place, I get situated and begin.

The shadows and the heightened awareness of being in the woods at night add something that I can’t put my finger on (Fear to a agree of course).

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There are lots of vids on line of people doing rituals.

where?? you mind pointing me out to the right place.
thank you very much!!

Google EA Koetting/ Ritual (You Tube); Demons of Magick Beginners guide (You Tube), there’s so much out there and so many videos it’s almost too much. Then synthesize the info and pull the common denominators. Rituals can be as simple or as complicated as you need them to be.
At the end of the day, they all have certain things in common.

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I should add though that buying a few books from EA or Gallery of Magick would be money well spent if you’re serious about this.

I learned tons early on from Donald Michael Kraig’s “Modern Magick.”

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first … it was a mistake to call on the sky … you’re inviting angels to your place and summoning a demon in the same time … that’s why there was no contact or smell or even anything happened … learn that to call a demon ask the protection of another demon that is more power of the demon your calling … the other way is to protect your self using your own protecting charm or spell or whatever your using to protect your self and this is the best way … after thanking the spirits i suggest doing banishing ritual to banish the negative energy.
so you can connect with the demon you sent to do anything and be sure that is no more spirits around when you do banishing or you’ll harm them.

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This is not a problem. I call on both at the same time, and not the matching 72 demons and angels either. I’ve yet to encounter a problem with an angel and a demon in the same place. I’ve heard some have energy that doesn’t mix well, but beyond that most are quite alright to summon together.

Legit entities are not harmed or upset at you banishing them or their energies… I often have recently banished immediately after workings.

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imagine two persons are always enemies gathering them in the same place.
that’s what you’re doing when using both in the same ritual.
that’s what really happens when i made that last time.
the whole room was on fire !
so yeah … it’s harmful xD
in the other hand … there’s rituals to play in the same rule
but for a starter he cant do that if he even doesn’t know the spirit he is calling.

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Unless you call entities that have conflicting energies or agendas- you are mistaken. Most demons, angels, djinn and the Loa all get along quite well. I spent 18 days in August calling on all of the above at the same time for intensive rituals.

I repeated a 49 day intensive with the same From October till two weeks ago.

The demon in question Sallos, was used by me in both rounds of workings. I do work for others and I do that almost entirely with angels and djinn, while I personally use the Loa and demons for my own things.

I summon back to back, without banishing until I am completely done and If I’m calling on an angel for the same project as a demon, I call them at the same time. If I’m calling on a djinn for the same project as a demon- I call them at the same time. Whatever the combination is, be it all of them or some of them, I call them at the same time.

Some people don’t mix well with particular energies of entities, but that has nothing to do with the entities not being able to get along. I’ve even recently added tribal gods to the mix, for my personal agenda and they too were quite alright with the demons, angels and djinn I summoned into my space immediately after on a daily basis.

that’s quite dangerous actually.
during my tries to summon both i actually discovered that the original spirit is not getting in the space … they are sending a servant. i guess.
it was hard for me to handle both.

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Actually there are whole systems based on summoning angelic and demonic presences simultaneously – such as Demons of Magick by the much-revered Gallery of Magick, and The Magic of Angels and Demons.

Nope… That may well be your experience but it is not universally true. There is no inherent risk in summoning powers or entities from different “races”, mythologies, histories, etc., together.

@ OP so I’m staying on topic…

In my personal opinion there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do magic. :smiley: It’s an entirely subjective experience. It doesn’t matter if you don’t see, hear, smell, feel, or sense anything during the ritual – what matters is whether you get results. The best thing you can do for yourself is assume the ritual worked and try and put it out of your mind and focus on other things, and if unable to, to instead feel gratitude for the result you will receive as though it is 100% guaranteed fact. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Look, your one bad experience, particularly when looked at under the light of your other bad experiences which were garnered under preconceived religious and dogmatic beliefs- don’t mean anyone else is going to have that same bad experience you did. Not any more than it means that someone will have the same good experiences that I have had across 100s of summoning’s.

Each person is different and what works for one is not going to work for all, but across the board- many of us work with entities from different backgrounds, different pantheons, different religious beliefs, and most of us have rarely have had a bad experience from summoning them into the same space, at the same time.

There’s literally dozen’s of demonic grimoires that call upon angelic or god names prior to summon demons. Most of the systems I have tested for any amount of a time, do this.

To be even more to the point, the op didn’t even call upon angels, he just used a circle with what I’m assume are cardinal directions he found online. I’ve reread it twice, and I see no reason to assume anything he did would have brought angels into his space, so unless I’m completely missing it, I don’t even know where you got it from.

Sounds like a solid first evocation. Complexity, while often desired by the magician, does not always match efficiency right off the bat. Overtime you will likely change elements that become important to adding power to the ritual. You did provide some protection by calling and later dismissing “guardians” (angels or not), which can prevent both parasites and imposters. The only thing i would recommend changing would possibly putting the intention of blocking out spirits who are not honest with their identity for additional protection. Banishment is also a good idea after every ritual, as the build up of energy in a space can (not always) cause problems over time. It’s a good habit to develope.

The mentioning of a crackling candle in terms of evocation can be considered a good sign, as (in ritual at least) it indicates communication with eternal beings, which is what you are aiming for. Now it is a matter of waiting to see if your desired results that lead you to call Sallos in the first place will manifest, akthough you should not dwell on it. Make a record of the ritual and focus on something else to get it out of your mind. The results will make themselves known over time.


I will be doing it today 12/30/2020 at Noon.

Thank you!! :heart:

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I’ve always sensed it’s a show of respect. It’s a recognition of the demon’s power. Think about GW’s Demons of Magick–you’re calling 4 angels and God to be present. That demon must be damn powerful to require that level of constraint.

Also, they know each other. They encounter each other frequently. I know things are different in their world, but every indication is that they have established relationships and pre-established hierarchies.