Sallos summoning

What is the appropriate thread?

The one I linked. Just click the pink image and it takes you directly to our Intro thread. Then just click reply and tell us a bit about yourself and whatever magical experience you have.

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“Welcome to the forum. Please take a moment and click the link below to introduce yourself:


Which is the same as

So you can intro yourself there and add more if you want. First time I saw it I didn’t realize the banner was a link.

Dude, I’ve already done that lol

I was editing my post to show the newcomer it’s a picture link. Caught me in an edit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotcha. My bad. I wondered why it looked funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes the hotlinking is a little odd. I just wanted a small url not a little screenshot img. Ah, I must get used to this sites php html coding. It’s really nifty and easy.

Examples is picture hotlinking.

I love it and videos.

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To develop a relationship, you can summon him and ask him if he is happy to develop a relationship with you and how best to do that.

Thank you.

I love the way Satan and Sons do the Enns … I use them to meditate often. And if I can’t sleep they soothe me to sleep … they are very peaceful and beautifully done.


I mentioned to them that they seemed to be missing Vual (or any of the other spellings)

If you notice every 3rd minute is a gong chime and at the very end of the chants is a final gong chime. Her video on demonic enns in general is to repeat them something like 108 times to infuse your body with the energy.

Here’s a ritual I found while looking up the 108 vibration. This one might be construed an evocation and could be altered.




by Jacob anyasi

Working with the spirits, goetia is one of those topics that get a great deal of lip service in magic circles. Most of the discussions of goetia tend to revolve around rites of evocation. There are number of students who wish to try their hand at gaining the aid of a goetic spirit for their various needs, many

of these peoples have no training in ceremonial practices and may not wish to undertook such training in order to enlist the help of a goet, hence a straight forward method of working with this class of spirits. This method has been on the internet for a long time now and I am not the originator of this method. I learned it from a post from Brother Moloch’s Evocational Magics yahoo group by a skilled practitioner named Aghor Pir, who took a technique that he first heard from a long ago list member by the screen name “Theif” and added a few elements from his own sphere of knowledge and a piece of technique from Brother Moloch to make it more reliable and increase the effectiveness of the method. I have discovered from others that this method bears striking resemblances to some Arabian magick method of spirit work, in using this material appreciation should go to Aghor Pir for being kind enough to allow his work access to the public without demanding any imbursement from the users. Also thanks should be given to Queen of Pentacles Conjure & Wichery Blog who commented on the technique and made the information available to the public. The Enns pronunciation was compiled by Valerie Corban who the users own appreciation and permission to use his work.


  1. Incense
  2. Three colour candle (appropriate)
  3. One white candle
  4. Spearmint essential oil or power oil (as payment)
  5. Magnet (magnetic sand)
  6. A picture of target or personal concern
  7. A herb or condition powder (suitable)
  8. A string of prayer beads
  9. Parchment paper


Draw a triangle onto the parchment, on the each outer sides of the triangle write your petitions.

Prepare the spirit sigil or seal in appropriate colour ink (dragon blood ink/oil), while chanting the Enn.

Dress the three coloured candle with condition oil, and place one at each corner of the triangle. Anoint the white candle with the spearmint oil and set aside (later to be placed in the middle of the triangle).

Put the picture of your target or what you wish to be affected by the spirit in the centre of the triangle.

Sprinkle the top of the picture with herb or condition powder,

Place the magnet (magnetic sand) on top of the picture (target); put the spirit seal on top of the magnet, Then place the white candle dressed with spearmint on top of the spirit sigil.

Light the coloured candle on the points of the triangle in a clockwise direction.

Chant the spirit Enn 108 times to attract his attention, may ring a bell.

Light the white candle and repeat your petition 3 times.”


I used to fall asleep in several minutes but lately I just visualize Lucifer sigil and repeat his enn while listening and then it is f-ing hard to fall asleep.
To each his own I guess :smiley:

I have the opposite problem :grin: I need the soothing to go to sleep…

I’ve been through some serious hell the past month so I’m having trouble sleeping. And I don’t like to take pills.

Well,you need distraction and you don’t need me to point on the elephant in the room.

So whats your best method of su.moning?

You have to find your own way.
You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you hit your prince charming or princess :fist:

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ANY advice?

The only advice I have for you is to introduce yourself properly.
Even I had to do it :wink:
There is a certain place for that on the BALG forum :+1:

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