Did I make contact with Lilith?

So last night I decided to try something out of Thomas Karrlson’s work to make contact with Lilith.You’re suppose to go somewhere outside and chant the mantra for that sphere which is “marag ama lilit rimok samalo namaah”.I found a place in my neighbourhood behind some trees where it was pitch black,and started the incantation.As soon as I did I started swooning back and forth and suddwnly felt what seemed to be female hands rubbing my chest.Then things got violent.The astral hands grabbed my shoulders and pulled me into a nearby fence.I shook it off and started again.I started rocking and swooning to where I thought I was gonna pass out.I then collapsed to the ground…When I looked up all I could see were the leaves of trees.They were glowing with a bright white light.I then went back inside to meditate on the experience.What do you guys think this was?


astral hands grabbed you and pulled you? like in movies? and then you just returned to your post and continued? i like your style.


Lol yeah I guess returning to the ritual was a little bit on the dangerous side,but progress can not be made if you give into fear.And TheEye trust me I’ve been struggling with making contact as well,but after I got a tarot reading about why my rituals and such fail from TWF I realized that having the attitude of “Why can’t I do this” will hinder your results.If you expect nothing you will acheive nothing.Trust yourself and the spirits and things will start to work out.If you want to tey what I did with Lilith just find a secluded area outdoors at night where it is pitch black.Scry into the darkness for a moment and focus on your intent.Tell yourself out loud that you will succeed.Once you’ve centered yourself begin the mantra I posted above.In the book ig says thirteen times,but I kinda lost track do to the situation.It is said that Lilith will appear.I didn’t see her in full manifestation but she or something else entirely. was deffinently there.I’m going to try this again tonight in a nearby graveyard since I’ll have a babysitter I can leave my neighbourhood.I’ll post any results tomorrow.

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Yes! Sounds like you made contact. I don’t know much about Lilith, but with Lykania Hecate things glow with a bluish energy much like how you saw the leaves in white. I feel Her hands but mostly pulling me out of my body to soul travel. I also feel other things…when we do …other …things…(fans self) Oh LOWRD, I need a cigarette.

Good job, keep up the good work and keep us posted.

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I think I’m gonna chalk this up as some kind of test.Maybe Lilith was trying to test my courage and dedication.The spirits of the Qlippoths are known for testing the sorcerer’s fortitude.All I can do is prove that I’m worthy of their time and power.Ans Orismen if you don’t mind me asking how did you get to the point of having astral “relations” with Hecate? This is something I desire with Lilith being I have been feeling an affinity with her lately? Maybe she is choosing me who knows? Did you have to master soul travel for this or does Hecate just pull you out whenever you or her decide?


I sang “That’s Amore”

Haha just kidding, from a post I made earlier this year:

" Last night was the most powerful experience in my life. I was literally brought to tears during my ritual evocation of Her.

As most of you may know I had been feeling a great deal of emptiness from Hecate. She no longer visited me, She no longer responded to my calls and all my divinations told me that I was on the right track. I was beyond frustrated and I felt that I hit a wall.

As I mediated on what to do about the situation I snapped. I wasn’t quite in my right mind. I remember feeling hurt and betrayed but my mind felt foggy. I had no plan to try and evoke Her but I NEEDED answers.

So I bust out my new Universal Circle (BTW this thing is BAD ASS! great job E.A. and Timothy!) that I and began banishing my impromptu temple. After I was confident that the temple had been banished I stood in the circle and began the rites of Omnipotence. Once confident of my own Godhood I evoked Lyania Hecate. I called on Her by Her many names whipping myself into a frenzy (mad props to PHORBABOR for revealing some of Her names to me!)

She came to me faster than any other spirit had heretofore came during my evocations. She sat on a throne of fire and glory clothed in pure power with a smile of victory on Her face. This is what She wanted, she wanted me to meet Her not as a magician or a struggling little boy grasping for Her in the darkness, but as a GOD who lovingly demanded Her attention.

We talked for a long time and what brought tears to my eyes was the moment that a realization hit me. She has been with me forever. I’ll back up and explain. During my evocations with Belial I asked him one day what he thought about the notion some have of demons just existing all in our heads as part of our psyche. He explained that my incarnation is a mix of many spirits (those who I have evoked in previous lives and those who wanted me to “Take them with me” so they can have a hand in creating this world) as far as the demonic king was concerned I had a little bit of Belial in me. I guess you could say these are the spirits that walk with us.

Hecate confirmed to me that Belial spoke true and that I am mostly made of Her. “Why do you think I have had you learn to travel within yourself so much, the demon taught you to connect to currents of power so you could find Me inside you.” This is what brought me to tears, I had visions of flashbacks of different points in my life, this time I could see Her as She guided me.

She told me a great many personal things. Then she left me with a prophesy about me yet-to-be born child. She introduced me to the spirit that my child will be comprised mostly of.

I went to bed with Her presence still all around me. I woke up with Her presence still with me. I feel like I have opened a door to Her that can never be shut (Truth be told I sure as Hell do not want it shut)


I think the thing was that I had a break down to the point where Logan (My legal name) no longer existed and Orismen (my magic name, and what I refer to my Godself) was all that was left. In that state (from what I can remember) She and I were just meant to be together. We are playing some cosmic lovers game of hide and seek and I found Her. I took me breaking down and loosing it to actually get to the point were I am at with Her now.

Hope this helps.

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I don’t know if it was Lilith. A very specific thing of hers is to make you feel sick in your stomach, like you want to vomit, and at the same time horny.

That’s the most amazing experience I’ve ever heard.Maybe I’ll start doing some sort of devotions to Lilith and some offerings.You’ve also inspired me to start performing the invocation of omnipotence from EE instead of just dropping into the TG sync.That might be where I’ve been going wrong.

Thanks for sharing you’re beautiful experience.It was most inspiring.

Musta congrats man, yes you made contact likely not with Lilith but with Naamah the spirit which presides over the qlipha Lilith. The mantra was for the Qliphoth Lilith not the spirit itself. What you felt was the initiation of this process and a type of sensory overload. If you want to step things up take a copy of the sigil for the Qliphoh of Lilith and open it while chanting the mantra. If you have a string of beads this will help you keep count of your repetitions. I have felt hands touching my neck and face when working with spirits involving initiation. This was the spirits way of getting your attention.

[quote=“The Eye”]I’m not going to dabble with a hot spirit like Lilith just to occupy my time and with no real reason. I have too much respect for her.

Besides, I’m not ready right now to handle such a fiery spirit without danger.

So thanks but I pass.

Good Luck.[/quote]

Yet another helpful and insightful post from you. Have you read the book he’s speaking about? Have you put these exercises to practice? You seem quick to pass judgement, often with little to no advise given of your own practices or experiences.

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Yeah I’m still debating on what entity it was.At first it felt very sensual when I felt the hands rubbing my chest,but then it seemed like an attack.Maybe the spirit was trying to pull my astral body out,but since I havn’t mastered soul travel it couldn’t? But surely if one of these beings wants to take you out of body they could regardless of your skills.

Thanks for the info TWF.I’ll try this tonight at the graveyard.My sigil opening skills are starting to progress as I stated on another post.I’m currently doing the 13 days to power,and working with Sastan.

Not really. It depends on how strong the spirit’s manifestation is. Because, according to how tangible the spirit is, you are more or less at the crossroads. And, depending on how close to the other side you are, it’s easier to astral project.

I hope it makes sense.

Not really. It depends on how strong the spirit’s manifestation is. Because, according to how tangible the spirit is, you are more or less at the crossroads. And, depending on how close to the other side you are, it’s easier to astral project.

I hope it makes sense.[/quote]

Also it depends on what defenses you have in place too.

Anyway I never really did anything with Lillith, I might try that method to call her sometime.

Try the old trick with the burning paper and the sigil on my avatar…
You’ll get all the answers you want regarding LYL

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The sigil on your avatar is from S. Connolly. She’s NOT reliable. No way.

Why is she not reliable in your opinion Ellison? I quite enjoy her methods and will explain why once you elaborate on what’s wrong with hers.

Have you tried using any of the sigils from liber azerate?

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Here are some sigils of Lilith for her to have “fun” with you.

(also, deal with my ms paint skills!)

~ Taninsama Thelilith Nachasheloah, Liftoach Shaari ha-Sitra Ahra! ~

~ Iseth Zenunim Zonahith Nokriyahel Lilith, Liftoach Shaari ha Gamaliel ~

~ Layilil-Amashtuti-Lil-I-Theli ~

~ Arachnidia Lilith Shemamithilil Akkawbishia Zachalayla ~

~ Iseth Zenunim Taninsam Ama Lilith, Liftoach Kliffot ~

(your problem)

(your problem)


Not reliable sigil wise. I’ve met some of the entities that she posted the sigils for (HER sigils, not the Goetic ones) and I do NOT recognize those sigils as belonging to the entities she claims they belong. The sigils are just artworks she made or something.

Also, she’s got sigils for Astarte, Ashtaroth and Astaroth. Different sigils. They are the SAME entity. Also, I worked with Astaroth for quite a long time and I, in no way, recognize the sigil(s) she posted as being Astaroth’s.

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@Divinator, which is the sigil you would say works best for Lilith, from the ones you posted?

I feel a familiar resonance to the second one you posted. I met Lilith before and that sigil reminds me of her presence.