Destroying a servitor that's refusing to die?


Quick question, do you know a way to destroy a servitor?

I created one with Damon Brand’s technique, but even after using the Fatal Flaw, it seems that it’s still alive.

You can use this thread to call it elsewhere, removing it from your sphere of influence:


You could also ask a trusted spirit to execute it. Any sufficiently powerful entity could do so, whether that’s a god, demon or angel.


Sounds awesome! But, how do I use the portal, or what do I do to put the servitor in the Sphere? Btw, thanks for the reply.

Great! Do you know a particular one (or ones) that can do the job? Thanks for the reply.

You don’t use the portal, it’s only for the spirit. You just talk to it and tell it it’s welcome to use the portal there to go to a new home. It’s an optional process, be nice about it as it may be afraid.


You can present the servitor to Duke Murmur as a sacrifice.

You can ask the archangel Michael to destroy it with his flaming sword.

You can ask Belial or Azazel to tear it apart.

You can also feed it to…other things.


You could just ignore it and it will disappear. Servitors feed on energy. You keep giving it your attention and it will feed on it. Stop feeding it.