Desperate Healing Request

So what you’re saying is don’t procrastinate…?

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Sorry, are you talking about the garlic?

It has incredible healing powers, but may be a beast on your colon. I recommend tenths of a single clove at a time very small amounts Do Not Eat a whole clove in one sitting!

But it will lose its healing capabilities quickly, can’t be cooked and crushing is better than cutting it. Must be raw.

Otherwise, sorry for the detour.

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True story, I have actually eaten several in one sitting. Then came the headache that lasted several hours. You probably should start small to see how it affects you. Up the amount until you reach what you feel is your limit.

Yea I just baked a few bulbs and they still whooped me

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Zel Bach dearo

You guys are scaring me away from the garlic - ha ha, just kidding. But thank you for the warnings.

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Have you used etli’osh to heal or fix a physical problem before?

No, I was just trying everything I could think of that I would do at the time - which was 5 and half years ago now - if I were in that position.

The one I’d work with NOW is Ebuhuel from the book Angels of Omnipotence, but with Eltiosh to accelerate the working. St Expedite is probably more popular for that sort of thing too, but I hadn’t heard of that entity back then.

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