Desperate Healing Request

I’m kind of laying on death’s door atm and doctors aren’t open on Sundays. The emergency room is not an option. I just got back from that a couple of weeks ago for this. So is anyone willing to help a gal out? This is all I can type. Gotta lay back down.


Call 911 immediately


Im omw to you Astrally
Raphael will be on his way soon :metal:


And now Im gone
Raphaels sigil is on your body Astrally

Hes on his way and so is a legion of Angels

After you get better, start curse breaking procedures.


Are you out of your mind - they have a duty of care if it’s something that wasn’t resolved properly then.
Get to hospital NOW, call a friend. Seriously if people can go in with a splinter then you can go in with whatever ails you.


Yeah if you are at deaths door, urgent care should be available, some even 24/7. Get a friend to come drive you or ride the bus with you and manifest healing energy. Sending positive prana/energy your way spearcarrier


Don’t waste time on this site - get to hospital - tell us about it later when you are better.


Well, to be honest I was raised NOT to go in for a splinter. :-p My gods the people who can’t do the simplest of things for themselves these days… Take care of yourself first. I’ve got meds. I’ve got water. I’ve got the things they’d give me at the hospital and did. There is absolutely no logic in running our hospital bill up even more to get them to do the exact same thing I am doing here. So tomorrow as soon as my doctor’s office opens that’s where I’ll be.

Yes, it’s a death’s door situation if not taken care of. I was asking for healing because this hurts and really I just wanted a break from the pain until tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will go in and my doctor will be disappointed in me for allowing the situation to flare up (when I had no idea) and probably not listen because that’s what doctors do. And then he’ll either refer me to the hospital… or most likely he’ll give me more antibodies and warn me to take them or else. Apparently once you get this condition it never ever goes away, and if it goes too far death’s door will probably crack open or something. I don’t completely understand it, to be honest. I only just learned I had it when I went to the hospital.

I understand why doctors close on Sundays, but you know: I always get sick on Sundays. Very annoying.

Thank you so much. OMG thank you thank you thank you. I’m sitting up now because I was able to take a breath. The pain has been managed, and I truly believe it’s because of your help. This will allow me to take my meds, a shower, things that will make me feel better. <3

And I was also thinking I should break a curse. It was just a feeling I had. Maybe I heard Raphael?

But omigod the relief. Thank you.


Your welcome
Were you diagnosed with a illness?


Are you on a monoclonal like Humira?

Yep. Diverticulitis. Fun stuff. Very painful when it flares up apparently. (This is the first time.) I was reading this morning that if you’re not careful you can end up with only a 25% chance of survival - if you tear the lining or something like that. I’m only just learning about this so my information is vague and hazy.

They have me on some serious antibodies that you can taste no matter what you do, how far you run, and what children you sacrifice to Satan to make it stop. They also make me sick and tend to come back up. -_- I’m also supposed to take ibuprofen when the pain is too much.

We’re going to do a hex break now. I have a habit of doing them frequently anyway. It’s just a safety measure.


Sweetie - you need to be in hospital, they will have it there. Is it infusion you need?
Do you have any anti-inflammatories? Can you take anything now within your allocated amount - don’t go over your limit for the day.

Thing you need to be super careful with is that you don’t get an infection if you get any kind of rupture - it could lead to peritonitis and septicaemia.

Yes, we can send you Presidents Marbas and Buer etc but you do still need to do your part as well.


I see
Take @HermesHorse advice and go to some sort of urgent care clinic etc.
Fuck the hospital bill

We got money magic lol
Ill see how many lifeforms i can sacrifice to Satan in the meantime :joy::thinking:


If you can keep anything down and keep hydrated - can you stomach green tea? It will help to reduce inflammation over a longer term.


Do y’all know I truly appreciate your concerns. It’s nice to know that people out there actually care, y’know? =^-^=

We don’t have urgent care clinics here. Just a bunch of hospitals - don’t get me started on the crappy care here. To sum up: went once because the dentist had told me I was not infected and sure enough. Saturday came, I was in agony. I went. They refused to treat me right. They treated me like I was a drugee looking for a handout. When the pain killing topical stuff made it hurt worse they did not listen.

I ended up in a different ER later screaming my head off because the cream was making everything swell, including my throat. And the insurance? Ha. Well let’s just say nearly dying from an infected tooth is not considered an emergency. We’re still paying that bill on top of having to pay the bill from the hospital that made it worse. Talk about insult to injury.

When I made a dentist later that next week - we had to drive to Indianapolis to get to her (that’s a long drive) - it turned out my entire face was infected. But no. No. I was just a drugee looking for a handout. (grrr)

And that is the care here. You pay a lot of money for nothing.

I’m able to keep stuff down, and taking my meds. (If I were throwing up I wouldn’t have asked here. I’d have bit the bullet and went.) I have to go to the doctor tomorrow anyway because I only have 1 day left of the meds.

I am wondering if I didn’t do this to myself. I took a laxative to get things moving, and apparently they say if you do that you’ll be in a world of pain. I guess.

And here is why I was thinking I should break a hex… I’ve been doing a lot of money magic lately. (I have a plan. I need to be filthy rich for said plan.) And when I do too much magic I get sick. Never fails.

Or maybe I’m taking the wrong safeguards.


Just catching up on this, sorry to see all the problems you have, sending a big (not not too squeezy!) hug. :heart_decoration:


Just FYI. The doc changed my meds. Going to the office took all the strength I had. Woke up feeling better but meh. Just. Meh, now that I’ve been. ugh.

Thanks everyone that stepped in to help. Getting through this is apparently the hardest part.


Good news. Take good care.

Stay healthy.

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Sorry I missed this. If you’re still struggling with the infection, mince a clove of garlic. Last it sit about ten minutes then eat it. Do that several times a day. It will help clear the infection.


But what if I’m a vampire fighting this infection? O_O

I jest. Thanks for the reminder: I’ll poke at it soon. Although eating just the garlic like that will be a tough one to … ah… swallow.