Desperate Healing Request

Put it on some buttered bread then chow down. Or put it in your mouth and swallow it with water without chewing. I’ve done it both ways. Also take a 2-3 grams of vitamin c several times a day. Yes, that’s grams. So 6-9 grams spread through the whole day

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Garlic bread is tasty (and fattenint) but I thought cooking the garlic takes away it’s elements?

Raw garlic on buttered bread. And yes cooking it takes away the active properties.

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Im sure youve swallowed tougher things before :smiling_imp:


Oohff. I’m sorry I’m late to this. Hope you’re doing better.

Let me know if you can use more energy. My Goddess (Sekhmet) can do some pretty amazing things. She healed my pains at a time where it was hard to get help for it beyond household medicine (we recently moved at the time and didn’t really have a doctor, long story short). If you need her, she’ll help you.


Actually I’m like a camel… also. I bite.

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Ive been bitten many times
Trust me :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I haven’t met Sekhmet yet… and would appreciate the help. Thanks to the jump start yesterday I started sweating things out which I think is why I wasn’t sent to the hospital today.

They say this isn’t curable. But then I came across something that suggested otherwise. Well you can’t ex-foliate your intestines to get them to go smooth again, so I imagine I’d need some powerful outside help. But yes. I’d like to be better. As I said earlier, I have plans… So many plans… And I don’t have a fleet of junks and women soldiers so I gotta do them the other way…

And thank you.

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Oh so you’ve been bitten by a camel? O_O

Ahhh she doesnt get the joke
Anyway you feelin better? :joy:

Oh she gets the joke. She just chose to derail a bit. LOL. I’m not very good at joking dirty I’m afraid… lack of practice…

And yes I am feeling much better. Tired, a little sore, but oh so much better. Thing is I felt the change as soon as someone had posted help was on the way and I hadn’t even checked here yet. I owe more favors to the cosmos now I am sure.

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don’t know if your condition is covered here but I consult this site quite a bit.

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Actually to my surprise it is! Thank you so much! I do prefer to use natural remedies where possible. It’s like you read my mind.

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I am glad to see you are having some improvement.

Still sending healing your way.


Sorry I missed this. I’ll send good energy your way also.

For treating it, this might sound off the wall, but fasting is getting a lot of attention for it’s healing effects. Its been used for thousands of years for healing, right up until the 1960s when you could still check yourself into hospital for a 2 week monitored water fast. Modern research has recently found one of the reasons why: autophagy - when you get into deep ketosis your body doesn’t just burn fat, it goes for anything unwanted in the system, including excess skin, scars, tumours, and I would hope, but I don’t know - the flesh involved in forming diverticulae. At the least, the break the intestines get might help the inflammation go down. There are also fasting-mimicking diets, which are basically keogentic diets with restricted calories - no carbs.

Maybe research it and see if it’s something that could work for you(if you’re underweight or malnourished, maybe not). A youtube channel called High Intensity Health is quite good, they interview all sorts of health practitioners and scientists and make learning about all this quite accessible. I like that they cite research I can follow up on. Dr Jason Fung is outspoken on the matter and has good information - google or youtube his name and you can’t miss it. Your body can heal, it just helps to get out of it’s way.

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I think it needs to be crushed and left for like 10m to release the allicin, one of the active elements, the enzymes only do that when crushed and exposed to air. Something to hit up on research maybe?

We need to find the cause of the effect of diverticulitis here IMO. :thinking:

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Actually yes, I’ve already known about some of this because of my quest to look good for my age. (I.E. youthification - which works btw don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.) I’ve been amused because I’m already highly restricted in my calorie intake, but because I’m fat not because of anything else. And since the sickness hit as hard as it has hit, I’ve been involuntarily fasting a lot. Just haven’t been hungry or can only eat 2 bits type deal. (Not complaining. It’s nice to not be hungry… but the truth is I do miss food. I so miss food.)

Now if I can just kill the house’s need to use convenience as an excuse not to cook…

Anyhoo, it would be nice if fasting would help diverticulitis but they’re not scars. They’re stretched areas forming tiny pouches. The pictures were pretty gross. (Not of mine. I am NOT being probed, thank you very much.)

I can give you a long medical, magical, and even abusive backstory of the things in my life going from possible vaccine injury all the way down to curses, abusive ex’s, the works that probably all contributed to where I am today. Buuuuttt that would be boring. So I can sum up: Oh wow. So much makes SENSE now that I know I have this problem! The past multiple years of issues make so. Much. Sense. And my daughter threw me away because I was faking being sick what? Oh, oh honey.

The only thing about this stupid issue is that I get sick literally every single time I start to get out ahead. Literally. By that I mean in life. I get so sick I get put on square one again. Each and every time. When it comes to my youtification quest no problem there - I’ve even got some before and after pictures that show progress - but life? As in writing, making movies, holding down a “real” job, anything like that?

And it’s ALWAYS when the doctor is closed. Although this time I felt the twinge right before… but I’m so used to the damn twinge my plan was to make a doctor appointment and ride until then. Didn’t expect what happened in the least.

This is why I’m willing to entertain that it might be a hex.

My father’s life was the same way. We were very poor.

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This is the kind of thing shamanic healing is intended for, though it’s often offered by white-light people who are unwilling to get really serious about changing things.

I don’t think every last issue needs to be thrashed out and handled in some “respect all things” way but I think knowing that there is a cause changes things a little.

I no longer ask for healings from those types. They want change alright - from me. Accept Jesus or they refuse to help. Do something else that’s against my nature or they refuse to help.

Do you know what it’s like to go somewhere for your very first sweat only to be kicked off the property because someone accused you of Satan worship before you even knew what the art was about?

Or - gosh - to be told you’re evil at a mere 14 years of age by the whitelighter at the flea market.

Have an entire church turn on you to cast demons out of you before you even understood any of this not once but TWICE by two separate churches.

Sooooo I do a lot of stuff for myself normally. When I ask for help it’s because I simply can’t do it. I was so weak this weekend. I needed help. I hurt today but am stronger. And refuse to let this stop me from going to the meeting about green screening. I’m going. The end. F-U hex. Just. F. U. :slight_smile: :triumph:

I’ve already over the course of time and years have been making change after change after change from diet to what have you. I was never the party goer that abused my body so alot of changes probably would have been made simply because I matured. The most important change happened when I stopped looking for love and learned how to flip a bird to negative environs. I’m getting there.

They say that diverticulitis is caused by constipation. I’ve always struggled with that.

And a hex is stronger when you attack a weakness that’s already there.

But that’s my take on that one.

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Yeah those cunts play “blame the person” more than is even slightly healthy.

Gotta figure this one out, also I am borderline psychotic right now from lack of sleep, though fortunately, that is not a new experience and can be useful.

We gotta figure out what actually causes the gut to think making pockets is good, I am guessing indigestable things, that it thinks it can still somehow process usefully, this means you may need to acknowledge that and then state “cease this behaviour and heal these” or something.

Taking shit very mecha here.

Like you are AI and making things that are not working.