Descending the Seven Gates of the Underworld: All about Inanna, a Devotion

For over a month I’ve been immersing myself in the knowledge of the Qliphoth. When I came across the tale of Inanna’s descent through the seven gates of the underworld I found it to be the most breathtaking piece of material I’ve read since becoming Luciferian. It resonated with me on so many levels. I feel like I too am walking this path. Inanna is me & I am her. Through her she gives me strength, wisdom, and knowledge. Many things I once found comfort in have been stripped from my life. While I mourned these losses, it was all for the better. Those things were not serving me. To ascend, I have to die to myself.

Everything she leaves behind at each gate is not merely just a garment or accessory, but symbolic of things in our day to day lives. This could be loss of work, finances, relationships, dealing with anxiety and depression, feeling lost, loss of friendships, and so on. Through these losses and hardships we are meant to grow and realize all these worldly things and our suffering are insignificant. Once we rise above these situations we can be reborn anew and become far more superior than before. It can be a crucial realization in ones ascension. Anyone suffering can look to the descent of Inanna and realize this is all just a blink of the eye. You can and will overcome.

While there’s some info about her on here, i didn’t want to bump a thread from 3 years ago. Sorry if I made a mistake by doing so! I wanted to share as much knowledge as possible about my patron goddess in hoping by doing so maybe she will call out to someone who might currently need her.

To see if Iannna connects with you, here is info I have obtained from working with her and research:

Inanna: Sumerian goddess, one of the whores of Babylon

Planet: Venus

Element: Air

Symbols: 8 pointed star, rosette

Associated animals: lions, owls, asps

Scents: Frankincense, cinnamon, rose, jasmine

Plants: Roses, blossoms

Foods: Pomegranate, apples, figs, olives

Stones: Lapis Lazuli

Metal: Silver

Colors: Red, purple, pink, any associated with love

Numbers: 7, 8, 15

Day: Friday

Other associated names names: Ishtar, Astarte, Ariana, Tanit, Ishara, Istar, Istaru, Aschtar

Titles: Queen of Heaven, Goddess of the Evening & Morning Star, Loud Thundering Storm, Light of the World

If you are looking for help in these areas:

  • Goddess of war, sex, fertility, & sensuality
  • Protector of sex workers (Inanna herself was a sacred prostitute.)
  • Helps sexual abuse victims (Inanna’s gardener, Shukaletuda, rapes her while she is sleeping)
  • Good for justice against men who have abused women (After her sexual assault she rages wrath upon the earth and tracks down Shukaletuda and murders him.)
  • Protector of women
  • Goddess of love and helping with finding and mending relationships, not marriage though
  • Defender of LBGTQ (Androgynous, gay, and transgender individuals heavily comprised her followers.)

I will add devotions, my own workings, and other information I come across as my bond with Ianna, my patron goddess, continues to grows. If anyone else has any experiences or knowledge with her I welcome you to share.



Inanna’s 8 pointed star:


A more simplified version:



How do you feel her being the lesser form of Tiamat?

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This one is for the ladies :black_heart:

Manifestation to invite sexual partners into your life based on Inanna’s letter to her lover King Dumuzi.

Set a crystal clear intention on exactly what it is you desire sexually. Meditate on it. Know that what you desire will happen while at the same time not expecting anything. Call out to Inanna. This can be as simple as saying, “Inanna, Inanna, scares goddess of sex, come unto me.” Let your intention be known to her. Recite the rhetoric while focusing on exactly what you want.

My vulva, the horn,
The Boat of Heaven,
Is full of eagerness like the young moon.
My untilled land lies fallow.
As for me,
Who will plow my vulva?
Who will plow my high field?
Who will plow my wet ground?
As for me, the young woman,
Who will plow my vulva?
Who will station the ox there?
Who will plow my vulva?

Focus on the conversation between Ianna Dumuzi while thinking of the potential object of your desire. Picture their appearance as best you can or what you want:


Great Lady, I will plow your vulva!


"Then plow my vulva, man of my heart!
Plow my vulva!“

End the manifestation as if you have obtained your conquest while focusing again on Ianna’s words:

*“He has sprouted, he has burgeoned
Now I will caress my lover on the bed,
*I will caress his loins, *
I will decree a sweet fate for him.”

When working with sacred sexuality, it is important to develop a bond first with whomever you are working with. The experience is also intensified by self care. Taking a goddess bath, adorning yourself with your favorite jewelry, dressing in your best clothes, etc, not only will help set the mood and bring you in touch with your feminine wiles, but strengthen these practices. You are traveling the path of sacred sexuality and getting in touch with your inner goddess, so anything that makes you personally feel good will amplify the experience. Self care is self love. You are doing everything for yourself and no one else. Do what feels right for you.

Also you can light a candle or incense of Inanna’s preference to set the atmosphere. However intention is most important.


I personally view them separately. No one lesser than the other and both quite powerful. I’m interested in your thoughts on the subject. I haven’t really thought much about it.


I worked with Babylon. Tiamat said it’s both her lesser forms… Everyone as their opinion on this. I’m going with O’Sea on this matter.

She said she allowed herself to be changed forms.

She claims Inanna is the Queen of Heaven since it’s her real form and higher self…

You need to talk to these spirits yourself. When I mentioned here it always seems to cause a stir.


After working in a kitchen full of men, it takes quite a lot to offend me :joy: You wouldn’t cause a stir with me, but I understand completely.

I agree Inanna’s higher self is the Queen of Heaven.

I don’t disagree with you, rather I find it more interesting. I’ll definitely be researching more on the topic & talking to Inanna. Thanks for your insight :blush:


You seem like a cool person. Hopefully you can post on your thread in peace. If anyone bothers you, flag it. I will if I see anyone being rude to you.

Sorry for the off topic post.


That’s very sweet of you. You seem cool as well.

I hope there’s no drama! My only purpose is to spread awareness and the positivity of working with Inanna :black_heart:



A morning/daily devotion to Inanna I crafted:

Inanna, Goddess of the Evening and Morning Star,
May I walk with you and be blessed by your love today.
Light of the world, protect me from any ill will directed towards me on this new day.
Through the tale of your descent, let me be guided.
Your travails serve as reminders that within me lies the strength and courage to conquer all that I encounter daily.
Great Mother, thank you for your presence in my life.


I really love this topic i can say. Inana as for me i usually call her Astaroth she is my patron spirit.
Personal experience with her i can say on my first evocation she manifested as a HE(his male aspect) but as i continuously work with her she appeared to me in different forms sometimes as male, female, lion, blonde mature woman and once as black woman so i thought she is one of the spirit that can take many forms if you will work with her…


Thank you! You’ve been very inspirational for me and my future with Her. I’m still very early on in my relationship with her so she hasn’t visited me yet. I feel her energy and I’ve been talking to her. I’ll be intrigued to see how she’ll appear to me. I’ve heard of her appearing as a man and also changing men into women. Very interesting indeed! If you’d like to share any of your workings with her I’d love to hear about it :black_heart:


Last nights working with Inanna:

I definitely felt her energy and warmth surround me. Very positive. A beautiful experience as I continue to build my bond with her :black_heart:


Experienced some amazing catharsis and energy with this full moon ritual last night:

I doctored it up a bit for my own workings, and called upon only Inanna using different forms of her name. This is a great one anyone can use and alter for whichever spirit or spirits you wish to work with :black_heart:


Nightly goddess workings:

Great Goddess Inanna,
Lady of Vision,
Source of Oracles and Prophecy,
Through the serene darkness of the evening, may you guide me.
May you tarry and ravish my dreams.
Goddess of the Moon,
As I leave this day behind I am reminded of all you bestow upon me.
Thank you for your presence in my life.


She is the joyous one clad, in loveliness,
She is adored with allure, appeal, & charm,
In her lips she is sweetness, vitality in her mouth,
While on her features, laughter bursts to bloom,
The Goddess, right counsel is hers,
She grasps in her hands the destinies of all that exists,
Harmony too, she reigns over as a mistress,
Who is it that could rival her grandeur?
Her attributes are mighty, splendid, and superb,
She it is who stands foremost among the gods.

~Taken from Mesopotamian text


Music I use to meditate with Inanna :black_heart:


Thank you so much for sharing this on her. I was searching and came across this thread. As soon as I saw it I felt very drawn to reach out to her about a current situation I’m having issues with. Im looking forward to reaching out and working with her.

Thanks, great topic.

I am an Inannika myself…

She truly is the greatest of all Goddesses, though Inanna is just one of her forms. I enjoy interacting with all of her forms, including her localised version, as the Inner Goddess, Shakti.