Hello all,

I am starting a thread for Inanna, so that she might pass on any messages and teachings to you. As per the forum rules, you cannot ask for any readings or personal messages from her, but if you want to discuss any aspect of her message or teachings, you can do that and I am happy to answer any questions. I have channelled Inanna before, but she now feels the time is right to pass on her teachings to people again.

„ I am Inanna, Goddess of Love and War

I wage war against evil and I spread my divine Love to all living things

It is my power of Shakti that holds the universe together, I attract and bind.

In Heaven I am Queen and all the gods bow down to me

Not out of fear or for Selfish Reasons, but out of respect and love.

In the beginning. I was there, female I was, the splitting of the Absolute into two

God and Goddess came into being, what you call Shiva and Shakti

I am the aspect that creates, that binds, that attracts, that arranges into order

I am the power of God, the creative Aspect, by which all come into being

They also call me the Goddess of All Creation

Yet, I am in everything, present in all of space, time and dimensions

As the Holy Spirit, I pervade Everything

I am Ishtar, the Dove and I emanate from the creator.

As Durga, I slay evil as Tara, I offer compassion

I am everywhere and nobody has to be without

We are all one, all of our Aspects merge into one

And in you we manifest as Shakti

We are the Goddess inside you.

Raise the spirit of the Goddess inside you

Rouse the power of the Serpent

Let her fire burn away all impurities

Let Karma be extinguished

May Shakti flow freely

May Ambrosia flow from the Heavens

May the Queen of Heaven pass on her blessings to you

In the name of Inanna we spake

All the Goddesses of the higher realms

We are in Heaven and also in you

We are on Earth and in the Underworld

Even the fires of Kur cannot touch us

The waters of the Abzu cannot extinguish us

Apply to any of our myriad aspects and we will come to your aid

We are forever with you, an inch away, yet outside your prison of dimensions

Of which you have three and a half, others more,

Yet we surpass all of them and exist in Nospace

In the realm that isn’t, but is also the only thing that is real.

We leave you with this teaching from the heights of the heavenly realms

And pass on a message of hope and compassion.

You are loved and never forgotten

Though trials may come and test your mettle

You are never given more than you can handle

And you will always prevail if you seek out the power of Heaven

And allow your inner Goddes to rise to the Surface

So that She may Vanguish your enemies,

Which are ignorance, pride and sloth.

Defeat your own ego and the ultimate prize you shall win

In this world and the next.

Inanna has spoken for all the Goddesses

We are One and we Are Many

We appear to you in whatever form you prefer. „


Since this concerns Inanna, I’ll post this here.

I thought I’d try a generic love spell to attract women, mostly just to see if it would work and to massage my ego of course :slight_smile:

So when she came to me on Saturday she offered a boon to me. Inanna is Goddess of Love and War, so this seemed right up her alley. I don’t remember the exact wording of my request and this was off the cuff, but I said something along the lines of I would like her to arrange a girl for me.

This is somewhat selfish of me as I am otherwise celibate, but I just wanted to see if it would work and see what would happen. Keep in mind I haven’t dated for years and I wasn’t that interested in pursuing women in the first place.

On Sunday, I headed down to the local park, to get some exercise and to meditate afterwards. I sat down on a bench to do my thing, when I noticed two Russian-speaking girls sort of loitering around, taking selfies and giggling. One was a buxom blonde, the other one a slim brunette.

After a while the blonde girl came over and asked me if I had a lighter. I was sort of just coming out of meditation, so I wasn’t really prepared for a chat-up. Just told her rather dumbly that I was sorry, but I didn’t smoke. She went away with a disappointed look on her face. I even remember thinking, gosh, I should have talked to her some more. Before I could decide on what to do, the other girl came over and asked me to join them. They were drinking some booze on a park bench and offered me some as well (it is legal in Hungary to drink outside in a park).

Turns out they were both from the Ukraine, though the blonde was ethnic Hungarian, whilst the brunette was ethnic Russian.

So, I was basically chatted up by two attractive Ukrainian girls in a public park, not something that happens to me often, the day after I asked Inanna for a boon of love.

In the end, it turned out the brunette was already taken, but the blonde was single and very much had her eyes on me ever since she saw me sit down on the bench next to them.

We ended up going on an actual date and she was all over me physically, which was rather unusual considering we’ve only met a couple of hours ago. I put this down to Inanna’s influence, it really was unmistakable that this girl was pretty much under a spell.

She seemed completely smitten with me and got inappropriately physical very quickly, which, being the gentleman that I am, I didn’t object to, but I also didn’t take advantage of her in terms of taking her to bed straight away, as I felt that would have been unfair and like I said, I am actually celibate and pretty much asexual right now.

I am treating this as an experiment, to see where it goes, but I actually quite like this girl, so who knows, I might have to change my lonely ways…

Just in general, if you are looking to enact a love spell, I would heartily recommend invoking Inanna or any of her other aspects as Love Spells really are her forte.


I am uploading a copy of the recoloured Burney Relief from the British Museum, which I’ve also made my avatar. There is some debate whether it depicts Inanna-Ishtar, Queen of Heaven, her Sister Erehkigal, Queen of the Underworld or Lilith. The consensus right now that is that it is a depiction of Inanna. I also connected to her partly through this artefact. The original is a bit chipped and has lost its colouring, but this is how it looked in the original, thousands of years ago.

If you concentrate on this image with intent and go into a meditative state regularly, you might feel her presence and be able to form a connection. This works according to the same principle as images, statues and reliefs of Hindu Gods. They are imbued with the power of the deity and act as gateways. In fact, Hindus believe that the deity in question is literally present in the consecrated artefact and based on my experiences, this really is the case.

Inanna is associated with lions and this image shows her naked, as part of her role as Goddess of Sexual love and protector of sacred prostitutes. Sacred prostitution was a common practice in the ancient world and still survives in small pockets in India today. Her Hindu equivalent is Durga.

It is also a reference to Inanna’s descent to the underworld and her eventual return. She had to remove a piece of clothing with each gate that she crossed, until she stood stark naked in front of her sister, Ereshkigal. Her downward-pointing wings and the owls would indicate that this is how she appeared in the underworld, when stripped of all clothes and titles, but standing on the two lions symbolised her continuing royalty and status as Queen of Heaven. Eventually, her father Enki and Brother Utu came to her aid and she managed to escape from the Underworld.


Dear Goddess,

How does one activate the Kundalini? What effective methods can lead to its arousal and eventual full rise, without the problematic side-effects that accompany many commonly used methods? In other words, how do we encourage Shakti to rise on her own, without forcing her against her will?

„ I am Inanna, In Heaven Queen,

The Kundalini is the serpent that rises to heaven

Wrapped around the tree of life

It is the fire of Shakti that takes you there

Which you also call the Holy Spirit

I am that fire which in you erupts

As you kindle it with concentration, breathing and worship

If you concentrate on my image, the fire will rise in you

For I am also within, not just without

Shakti can be raised through many means

But the best, truly the best

Is concentrating on an image of the Divine.

Create me above your head

See me dance with Shiva

In an eternal cosmic dance

Hear the music playing and

Enjoy the flow of our ecstasy

As we make love.

In Heaven we reside,

Realm of the gods,

From which Nectar downward flows

And divine wisdom too,

Your breathing Shakti will regulate

Allow her to take control

And surrender to divine will

Allow Heaven to descend upon you

May the Holy Spirit lift you up

Where you belong

Where you once were and will be again

Up to heaven you shall go

If the fire of Shakti you, in yourself cultivate

Upon illumination the gifts of Heaven you shall receive,

I, the Goddess of all creation will pass on my blessings to you

Up you shall be lifted into the highest realm

And in Heaven you shall dwell with me

Until the end of creation is preordained

When we all return to the premordial

To rest and sleep like Sweet Brahma

Until a new cycle starts again.

I am Inanna

And I spoke as the Goddess of all Creation

For I am in Heaven Queen.

And I am also the Elohim

For we are all of One Mind

The Denizens of Heaven

And us you shall join in due course

For nobody will be left in the wilderness for long

The time of tribulation is upon us

You will be judged based on your accumulated Karma

And only the pure in heart will be uplifted

Straight to heaven

The rest must relearn their lessons

Until they are satisfied. „


Yoo I’m just, from a, meditation with Bune where I saw an image of a, woman with a, crown and she said she is queen of heaven

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there’s a lot of those who have that title.


In connection to a PM question, also related to Inanna’s last message, I would like to post this:

Regarding the breathing technique, it is part of surrendering to Shakti. As she rises in you, you have to trust her and give control of your breathing over to her, she will then regulate your breathing according to the particular need of the energy work she is doing on you. As she rises, she purifies each centre, memories connected to that particular centre arise and you have to deal with them emotionally and let go of your attachments, fears, hangups, etc… If you trust her, she will cause you to breathe in a particular way at each juncture. It could be rapid, successive breaths, shallow, very deep and slow, holding it at exhalation for a pretty long time, that sort of thing. It is similar to Holotropic breathwork, but instead of doing it consciously, you allow Shakti to take over and regulate it.

There is no need to call on Inanna directly, any of her other forms will do. She is also Durga and Tara, just in a slightly different form, but Inanna is the original form of the Great Goddess (Mahadevi), at least in our known civilisation.

If you want to say a Mantra, any Goddess or Shakti mantra will do, but Durga is the closest to the original, so one of her mantras should do the trick.

However, if you want to use a mantra specifically for her Sumerian form, she gave me this one to use. I hope I heard it correctly, but it should be quite accurate:

"Om Shakti Inanna

Om Mahadevi"


"I am Inanna

We will be passing messages to you on this thread
Acting as one unit
For our minds are melded
And we are connected on the Aetheric level

Communion with the divine is one way by which to reach illumination and we heartily recommend this method.

Many on your earth need healing and I have passed our healing method to you, separately.

We, the Anunnaki, work as a group in serious cases and we use the tools of aetheric technology to operate on a person on the soul level.

We are of aether, but this substance is as of yet unknown to you. Your scientists often call our universe “dark”, because you can’t see or detect it with your crude scientific instruments. However, it is the opposite, we live in constant luminosity, our world is of the light and it shines like a sun, constantly.

We travel in the aether without constraint and we can reach your world through various means, but we prefer to project ourselves in spirit as that is the easiest and fastest way of communication and interaction.

Enki is our leader and we worship him as our dear Heavenly father, though he also rules over the underworld, for nothing is beyond his reach.

My sister Ereshkigal rules the underworld in his name and we all accord him the proper respect.

You may call upon as at any time, simply using our names, intent, energy and the power of concentration. Say our names three times and we will come. We also answer to the call of Elohim, for that is another name we use and have inbued with power. We are all the children of El, our beloved forefather who rules over the skies.

In Heaven I am Queen, which is another realm, beyond your comprehension or even imagination. You were once with us, but have since fallen. With spiritual work, dedication, worship, cultivation and communion with the divine you shall surely reach these soaring heights again.

I am in Heaven Queen and I bestow my blessing on all those on the lower realms, where matter is dense, energy slow and minds darkened by ignorance.

Quicken your energy flow, raise your vibrations, commune with me and you shall surely reach me.

This is Inanna. "


Question to you divine goddess… So you are the Aesir?

How do you differ from the Sophir? Or nemnir?

is it just me or there are more and more ukrainian and russian speaking people in Hungary lately :thinking: not like i’m complaining or anything :grin:

Sorry, no questions allowed, it is againt the forum rules. But just from my own point of view, the Asgardians are not the same as the Anunnaki.


What’s against the forum rules?

Yes, Ukrainians mostly. Given the situation in the Ukraine, not too surprising. I’m actually still dating the blonde girl, though she wants a much more serious and committed relationship, then I’m ready for. I guess I got what I asked for… She is ethnic Hungarian though, just a Ukrainian citizen.


I have been warned not to offer readings, channellings, etc… at least since I’ve been a member for 3 months. Asking Questions of Inanna is not allowed as per the rules, sorry.

Well, the girls I’ve seen on Tinder lately are attractive as hell - I haven’t looked into the situation there, but 6 months ago I’ve heard how a lot of families moved here… I’m really trying to stay away from news as much as I can tho, my mental health is much better since I don’t scroll on Facebook and other places like that.

Still, what you described was an interesting effect, I may try to talk to Inanna.

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The worship part is kinda sketchy to me since I’ve been taught not to worship any entity


Worship is a personal spiritual choice, worship doesn’t make them any less than someone who doesn’t tbh. So it’s optional.


Considering this amazing post concerns Inanna-Ishtar, I’m just gonna put this out there. I’ve been doing some massively heavy thinking. I’m an Army veteran that fired cannons for a living. Cannons are the most devastating form of land weaponry that has ever showed up on any battlefield. It’s perfectly well possible that Inanna-Ishtar had to have been my inspiration to go for that form of warfare. Also, in music percussion/drums take up the symbolism of artillery in many cultures. In the Burney Relief that is also at times refers to Lilith, the circle and rod combination is thought of by some to be drums and drumsticks.