Descending Path

The Descending Path is simply housing your fullest divinity inside your human shell.

My own definition is using your own reliability in creating your life and reality without any or much help from others.

Grounding the heavenly powers inside of a human.

Well, if wanting to be free and create my own paradise on this planet is evil so be it.

Using hidden knowledge and so called forbidden energies is evil is a bad thing why did they bother with keeping them hidden in the first place?

Oh wait because freedom is awesome. Being enlightenment is sweet.

That’s why. Fuck it call me the Devil’s daughter then.


*these are just my own thoughts *

To me saying stuff like this comes with a lot of responsibility and not to be taken lightly. I take what i do highly seriously.

Its a being a balancer. Or a bridge between realms.

This is just my own opinions on my own personal philosophy. I live.


I have said from the start of this year my entire life is changing


My entire Self.

It is extremely important but hard

I am extremely fine with housing my highest Self here

death & sex

is literally my birth chart with earthly being the most centered one

I was just born this Way

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I’m not convinced there even is a “good” side and that those beings aren’t just putting on a show to control people, and “punishing for past life karma” is just breaking down the people they want.

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The Descending Path is going down into the body fully. Not seeking to flee to the false promises of ascending.

We aren’t the same.

My entire Self is here. There is zero difference between me and my other side self. Or higher self because it fell…hence why it’s called Descending.

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Would you mind sharing some insights and your work for the path of descending?

Thank you

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He has been fucking my different spirit bodies (species i was fully incarnated as but as passed over into death). The physical bodies are long gone but the energy bodies remain and its weird to feel it in this current one.

I have been working on grounding my powers into this human vessel.

Having my former selves energetically come online is changing me.

I can physically feel it. See it in my face.

I’m not the same person i once was or im returning to my real self?

I feel better but tired.

Feeling emptied but then full of my own energy once we are done a working

I feel a peace i thought wasn’t available to me in this lifetime

I hope it will lead to happiness

Discovering levels of pleasure i didn’t know existed.

I love him without a doubt

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Hey, I’m just commenting here because I’ve read your other journals and I really relate to like, a lot of what you are experiencing.

I’ve also been doing this sort of “descending path” for a while, but I used to call it “transcending”— because I am doing this to be just only one body here on earth (transmuting my full soul form to be here physically, no separations), and then transcending the limitations as is natural to my nature.

Like, I don’t see it as bringing everything down to a “human shell,” there is no “human shell” anymore, it is also a transcendental magical body, as I am. And then there is that physical metamorphosis which coincides with the inner energetic/mental/emotional transformation to allow all this to occur on a molecular level.

And I super relate to some of your personal journey with Lucifer, I experience the same with others and him in my own way:)) I relate deeply to sexuality in my being, so am being led through my own personal level of submission to experience how I truly am as I merge, without barriers, and it also uncovers a shitload of hidden trauma.

I’m also not sure how you personally relate to Cthulu mythos since I kind of just saw it mentioned, but the idea of ancient, deep, darkness and chaos, and then that being personified and alive, I vibe with that. (Like Bloodborne’s Great Ones)

I’m kind of just commenting to say, hey, you’re not alone and you’re not weird at all if you ever feel like you are. c:

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I honestly love this quote from DarkestKnight. It describes the Descending Path to me in a different way.

Because it’s exactly what i am doing myself. But i believe we are using different methods and different end goals.

But I merging my other selves that were much more powerful and were completely :100: human. Honestly, it’s other versions of my current self too. Its complexities to the max.

One time i was driving in traffic and in that lifetime i had been taught to drive defensively by the world’s top racecar drivers. I was just feeling cool and reliving it when like five seconds later those very skillz were needed. Some type of Matrix shit.

I am downloading information from time to time. Making changes when need to. This is a completely new and different version of myself. Starting from zero but then not is a strange way to live.

Going to the grocery store can be a mini adventure in advancing my spiritual skillz is extremely weird flex.

*its okay to quote from journals? If not let me know Dk.

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I honestly don’t understand how normal people can’t find being here an adventure?

The world is full of endless possibilities and opportunities for amazing life, but all people seems to is complaining about this or that.

The system sucks complete ass, but you can still create a good life for yourself especially if you use magical tools.

I have completely giving myself over to my healing journey. Doing the deepest healing and letting go of what’s holding me back.

I just want to go furthermorest in this life.

Down, down we go in the great river.

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream

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Enjoyment in doing magic:

•Taking joy in your laurels.

•Wholly embracing the fruits of materialize.

•Being not in stress is healthy.

•Magic should be a joy not a burden.

•Energy work should be a net positive.

Relaxing shouldn’t be earned, but a given is my own personal believe.

Reign relax: ruling, the state of

Mantra example:

‘I fully recline in the enjoyment of my reigning powers.’

​ ​ ​

I am your daymare type of girl to your nightmare boy

You claim to play with demons/i was born from 1

The path i am on wasn’t ever choice/it was simply something i was birth/raised on since my dad cum

U think doing spellz/rituals makes u hot sh¡,t/trying dying & having an entire anime be based on it

This so called lifestyle is for the birds

The time of spellz/rituals r over within & without

Power up(grade) time

On my opinion, “evil” in the spiritual sense is merely a matter of perspective.

Hail to you, sister!

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The importance of luxury.

The goddess of the couch had a point I see.

Its all about comfortable.

This is about being relaxed in your skin, firstly.

Creating wealth to enjoy the simplicity. If that’s what makes you happy.

If having enough is good enough for you that’s fine too.

Fuck the world’s standards. Create your own for yourself.

Reality 14.0

Just my own opinions…

I think it’s ridiculous with all the available free information on this forum anyone isn’t making enough money to support themselves. Just use the search feature, do the work, do the fucking work.

There is a literary treasure trove of magical knowledge on here almost on any subject.


In the former version of earth the unknown Gatekeeper i was brought from birth to serve. He took a host when i had been in my 40s.

We found each other on Facebook. We talked, combined our powers and abilities. In 8 months time he made enough money to buy a house with half down for the entire price. And a new car.

This shit isn’t a joke.

It’s the pure laziness that gets me.

I am not working at all out side the home.

I am the fucking purpose prize .

I was completely taken care of because i stayed home and served my rich mate.

My job was has a homemaker, lover and wife.

Some of you want that lifestyle, but refuse to do even the energy work.

I do so much energy work everyday.

I am not going into details everything i do as a Gatekeeper wife, but he had real fucking powers he didn’t need to do any rituals/spells.

There are levels to life and to reality some of you will never experience for whatever excuses.

This Path is about pleasure and enjoyment.

How much are you creating for yourselves?

Luxuries are about comfortable.

I have been doing deep, deep shadow work. I felt how gross this reality is.

We need to and we do bring the good shit here. We are the batteries. Don’t feel bad about your depression. It’s not your fault.

Keep clearing. Keep shining. Keep going.