Descending Path

The Descending Path is simply housing your fullest divinity inside your human shell.

My own definition is using your own reliability in creating your life and reality without any or much help from others.

Grounding the heavenly powers inside of a human.

Well, if wanting to be free and create my own paradise on this planet is evil so be it.

Using hidden knowledge and so called forbidden energies is evil is a bad thing why did they bother with keeping them hidden in the first place?

Oh wait because freedom is awesome. Being enlightenment is sweet.

That’s why. Fuck it call me the Devil’s daughter then.


*these are just my own thoughts *

To me saying stuff like this comes with a lot of responsibility and not to be taken lightly. I take what i do highly seriously.

Its a being a balancer. Or a bridge between realms.

This is just my own opinions on my own personal philosophy. I live.


I have said from the start of this year my entire life is changing


My entire Self.

It is extremely important but hard

I am extremely fine with housing my highest Self here

death & sex

is literally my birth chart with earthly being the most centered one

I was just born this Way

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I’m not convinced there even is a “good” side and that those beings aren’t just putting on a show to control people, and “punishing for past life karma” is just breaking down the people they want.

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