How do you guys best deal with depression? I’m really desperate


Is there a cause you can identify? Is anything wrong in your life right now?

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Going by your name, try this, imagine golden words written around you:


Remember the darkest hour is just before dawn, soon the sun inevitably will rise and shine upon you a bright light to guide you from the shadows


That is a nice thing to say however if it’s clinical depression, that’s vague and doesn’t do much.

Someone with clinical depression does need a positive presence in their life but what they need most is someone who can say, yes shit may suck and you can feel that way.
They need someone who won’t tell them to deny how they feel but learn how to cope with it.

With clinical depression the sun, normally, doesn’t shine and wash away the shadows, they are always there.

OP, I posted this about Shadow Work.
This does really help with Depression, because you learn how to sit with your ugly parts and realize they’re not ugly at all but a part of you that just needed to be acknowledged.
I also link a few YouTubers who are excellent teachers at this.

Here are a few others too.


I actually have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, what I commented was just something I like to remind myself when things are really bad :slight_smile:


You might like to try some water magick., specifically the bottle method I find that it is useful it raising overall spirit and mood and it is very easy to do.
Whether or not it can be an ultimate solution to depression - not sure.
But I am sure there are other magickal procedures you could try.

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It can either be chemical or related to circumstances or a bit of both.

If you have clinical depression in the family, you are at a higher risk.

If it is down to general feeling low, the best way is to stabilise sleep pattern so you do not get too much or too little and keep to set times.

Improve your diet, cut out alcohol, caffeine,Ciggies, energy drinks. junk foods etc… Add food thats improve mood and contain tryptophan such as Bananas, turkey, Milk. fruits, veggies.

Exercise to release endorphins, the natural mood boosters. Cut out toxic people who destroy happens or add drama. Make positive changes.

If you have clinical depression, you must see your GP.

It can be perfectly normal to feel low at appropriate times such as grieving or experiencing loss… You know the answers as to what is making you sad. Have a think about this


Can you tell me how you do it mate? :slightly_smiling_face:

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How do you know it is “you” who is feeling depressed and not just “you” picking up on someone else’s feelings?


It’s hard to explain but you definetly know the difference.
The very real issue of not being able to get out of bed or take a shower isn’t from someone else for example. Depression is much deeper inside than the emotional energy someone else gives off.


My dear
I’ve been that before
My suggest:

  1. Look for what behind of ur depression?
  2. Cut off everything toxic relationship
  3. go to the gym
  4. do something positive activities maybe for humanity
  5. Love yourself mydear, you deserve more no matter who you are
  6. Remember you arent alone

Yes, send me a PM.

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Aw baby :frowning: I’m so sorry. I know its an absolutely awful horrible feeling. The best advice I can give as to what I do (that’s healthy) is distraction after distraction.
Get that person or people that you can tolerate and throw em into your car and go somewhere. Just drive even. But it’s important to have someone there physically with you when things get really low.
I know it’s hard to be around people when you’re in the middle of falling apart but it’s important. Isolation wont help anything. In fact its hard to do anything when you’re depressed.
When you’re alone at night and you cant sleep… talk to someone. Message someone. Talk to me if you want. Hell I have a lot of nights where I need someone too lol. We can both be sad shits together.
I hate that feeling of desperation and I hate that you’re feeling this way.
Sorry this is all over the place.


The thing is only you know how you feel and what your going through.
and with that comes knowing yourself and what you need in order to get yourself in balanced mental state.
to me times when I feel depressed I KNOW EXACTLY! What I need to do. instead pushing it a side, search for the light
I to choose to come into understanding with myself and acknowledge my emotions and how it’s no different from my joyful state
I can tell you couple things to do to help you with your depression ,but the truth is no one 100% knows how you feel better than YOU.
see it as speaking foreign language in another country, they will give you directions through body language without understanding what your saying.
My advice for you is to do some shadow work
get into isolated space where there’s no gadgets,intoxication or anything to distract you
And face your darkness, empower it so you can experiance the light with balance.


The biggest thing is maintaining your drive to keep achieving things/ working towards a goal. A surefire way to bring on a bout of depression is to stagnate, while the world moves around you.
I realise that motivation can be hard to come by when you’re depressed. But even if you don’t genuinely feel motivated, you should pretend to be and act as though you are. Think of life in terms of goals and actions taken towards said goals, rather than how life is making you feel.
I’d liken it to a hangover cure I found a while back: if you act in an upbeat and we’ll rested fashion ( even though you’re horrifically hung over ), you’ll find the hangover doesn’t affect you the same.


Dear @Angelology,

I’d like you to look into this.



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