Shadow Work


It has become time to look at Shadow Work.
It is a routine thing that I’ve let lax slightly so back on track.

This video gives good points and more importantly ways to see and try to avoid these issues.


it is a great time!

and I love Kelly’s videos, especially her chaos magick stuff. shes absolutely correct!


She always has great, thought out points no matter the subject. :slight_smile:


I realize I forgot one important thing, a basic explanation of Shadow Work and the Shadow Self for those who are unfamiliar with it.

Shadow Work and The Shadow Self come from Carl Jung.
" The Shadow

Those traits that we dislike, or would rather ignore, come together to form what Jung called the Shadow. This part of the psyche, which is also influenced heavily by the collective unconscious, is a form of complex, and is generally the complex most accessible by the conscious mind.

Jung did not believe the Shadow to be without purpose or merit; he felt that “where there is light, there must also be shadow”—which is to say that the Shadow has an important role to play in balancing the overall psyche. Without a well-developed shadow side, a person can easily become shallow and extremely preoccupied with the opinions of others , a walking Persona. Just as conflict is necessary to advancing the plot of any good novel, light and dark are necessary to our personal growth.

Jung believed that, not wanting to look at their Shadows directly, many people project them onto others, meaning that the qualities we often cannot stand in others, we have in ourselves and wish to not see. To truly grow as a person, one must cease such willful blindness to one’s Shadow and attempt to balance it with the Persona"

It can be an ugly little (or large) critter

(the film Dead Alive)

Or something another Youtuber (Joey Morris) called a friend.

(from Pinterest)

It all depends on how each individual talks to their shadow or doesn’t.