Beginning Shadow Work

Hey All,

Through a divination about my life, it was recommended that I begin shadow work through the waters of Gamaliel, and Lady Lilith, to deal with some deep emotional currents swirling about me, before jumping into the alchemical fires of Azazel and Belial. Tiamat was also mentioned as a being that may be of help to me.

I have searched the forum, and read all the posts about what shadow work is, and I watched the videos from Teal Swan posted by @Fallen_Angel explaining the basic technique, so I have an intellectual grasp on it.

What I could not find, however, is how to best approach a spirit about it. I have called Lady Lilith before, but not through the energies of the qlippoth. Can I simply call her again through the same sigil and ask her to help me, or do I need to use a specific qlippthic sigil for that aspect of her?

Most of my magick has been directed to material ends, so calling a spirit for inner work is a change for me and I’m looking for advice and/or resources on the best way to start.

Many thanks!


I wish I could make a recommendation on a being! Honestly I think that depends on the specific aspect you want to work on. If you need to be more authoritative you would probably want Belial to help you overcome past experiences that hold you back from being just that. Sexual trauma, probably Lilith (I believe?? Bad with names)
So basically pick a shadow aspect you’re aware of but don’t know how to clear, and choose the being that specializes in that aspect of being.

All of my shadow work has been done alone over the course of probably the last three or four years, so know it is possible!

Best of luck on this endeavor. Shadow work and integration is one of the most difficult and one of the most rewarding practices.


I can help you. One moment.



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So the problem is you don’t know how to start the work, correct?

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Yes. I’m not sure how to approach the spirit in question.

Firstly great choice going to Lilith. According to the divining I just performed with Hekate, Lilith’s energy is very dominant at this time. She is also great for healing depression, etc.

I’ve always done the work through guided meditation… If you’d like I can create one for you or link one?
Another idea is to state the intention silently about doing shadow work as you call them, go into meditation and visualize a mirror in front of you and let it take it’s course.


A guided meditation would be great. Thanks!

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The first time I did shadow work was with Lilith. It was my first time meeting her so I had planned to just evoke her to get a feel for her and introduce myself. But when she came she jumped straight into it, I didn’t even have to ask. I dont remember if I made a post on it or not but when she appeared to me, even her form had so much symbolism, it was truly amazing. She appeared dead, with her eyes rolled back and her jaw hanging open. But out of her mouth there was a beautiful white flower with red tips growing. And then from there I went into a dream where all of my repressed emotions and fears began to manifest. I didnt even remember falling asleep and I didnt even know I was dreaming. I thought I was having a normal day just like any other until I woke myself up sobbing.
It had me so shaken that it took a little over a week to fully recover from. From then on I’ve improved myself and become close with Lilith. Shes an excellent choice and you dont need anything special in my experience.


Here’s one for now (I’m working out and a lot of these will have “love n light” but it’s self love so… Shrugs)


So, working with Lilith in shadow work does not require the watery energies of Gamaliel?

It’s not necessary but you could integrate it. I’d work with just lilith herself.

Also, look at your triggers.

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I disagree with the porn part, I still watch porn and I’m just fine.

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What triggers you? Why does it trigger you? What can I do about this?

^These are things you need to ask yourself. With shadow work, you have to be truthful and authentic with yourself.


I’ll check it out. As far as I know I don’t have any triggers around porn so there shouldn’t be a reason to give it up :blush:

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Not referring to the porn, your pain. What triggers the hurt?

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Love Micheal Sealy for meditation… His voice is a god… These final two should be good.


I know I have some deep rooted, impotent rage stemming from feeling powerless when I was young, trauma from a car accident, and a bunch of fear (fear of success, fear of failure, fear of confrontation etc) and these are only what I am consciously aware of. Also, I’m highly cerebral and very out of touch with my emotions.

Plus I have the bad brain chemistry that causes my depression. This should be a fun ride.

i’ll try them all. Thanks very much!

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It’s never easy. I’m sorry about the damage done to you.

For some people it’s done for a small period of their life. For others, it’s their lifetime dedicated to healing themselves. Walk through the door, into the Hall and look into the mirror, without fear, know that you will reconcile with all that has happened. (a vision I saw meant for you)

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Thanks, my friend. If I want to be whole, and move forward with my Ascension, it must be done, no matter how painful.

I’ve been reaching out to my Godself for the past two weeks through the Bija mantra HAUM, and letting it guide me and shadow work seems to be what I need right now.

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