Demons scary (?)

Hello again.

I’ve just watched a new German movie in Netflix (I don’t know if I’m allowed to say the name here, but I’m sure you’ll understand).

This sh*t scared my out. I didn’t watch till the end. Why all those demons/spirits have so scary faces? Why all of them want to kill, haunt and harm you in every possible way???
I don’t feel this way when I’m connected to the spirit world. I’m not yet ready to meet with Belial or Astaroth for instance, but I don’t think that these entities have a purpose to scare you if you are truly respectful and loyal to them.

What are your thought on this? Why do people always think of them in the most scariest way?


You can say the name :slight_smile: We have a thread for more occult movie favourites if you’re interested …

I think i’s because it’s what the audience wants. It’s the whole point of a horror movie, people want to be scared, because they find it’s fun… Maybe the same people that like roller coasters? :thinking: :smiley:

Well, yeah, it’s fiction.

These movies have nothing to do with the reality of the spirits as we know them, a few have realistic occult imagery but it’s mixed in with sensationalism and plot that may or may not make sense.

We sometimes get new people in here asking if they can do stuff like in the movies and we have to tell they, they’re fake. They have to start from the beginning learning real, practical magick and pretty much forget anything you saw in a film.


I actually don’t watch horror movies because it fucks with my magick.

They scare me and give me nightmares, yes. But they really freak me out subconsciously (and consciously) and it impacts my magick negatively. It’s all about the images for me though. I’ll read the scary stories about the “demons” and “exorcisms” and terrible things that happen, but the images mess up my ability to “see” spirits clearly, and my visualization/meditation practices. When I watch horror movies I just get flashes of them and it sucks.

They portray them that way for maximum scary entertainment, it’s good for business.


I’m guessing because it’s a horror movie and it’s supposed to scare you.

As demons choose their forms, they can look scary if they want.

Even outside of Christianity, demons have usually been scapegoats for evil things, and thus, can be seen as scary. Thus, they’re a relatively common horror element.

Personally, I don’t really care. It’s a movie. And demons don’t really care about it either since, even if it’s false, it gives them free advertisement.


And if you curse someone, they wouldn’t?

Also, is a movie, someone wrote it to be entertaining. Do not take it as a documentary, because it is not.


I used to have the same feeling when I started to work with demons. What you have to keep in mind is that those movies are simply movies and that’s it. I suggest you studying mythology and find corespondents between the demons you want to work with and ancient gods. The so called spirits are actually ancient gods. It has nothing to do with the bible. They have been here before the bible and before we have started to demonized them. Should you be scared of them? Yes and no. They won’t hurt you if you are respectful. Will they have a scary appearance? Maybe, but usually not.
Now about meeting them, well, if you mean evocation, don’t jump right into it. If you are a beginner, it may take a very long time to actually be able to see/hear them. You will feel instead their energy. Once you’ll get used to that energy, you won’t be scared when you will actually hear/see them.

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Oh well… The movie was named “the privilege” :sweat_smile: if anyone has watched it, I would like to tell me your thoughts on this movie. Personally, I stopped after the face of the demon appeared. I got annoyed somehow.

Thanks for the link, I’ll check it for sure! :slight_smile:

I feel exactly the same way. I think it destroys my magick, because I get afraid of the spirits!

I’m not afraid of them (spirits), the horror imagery plays with my mind and clouds my ability to communicate clearly.

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Hm, to be honest I’m not into cursing anyone. But, I don’t know, maybe I would ask for some help if someone made my life unbearable. Do you have any experience on this?

I don’t know how they appear if you get cursed by someone either.

Your response is very enlightening! Thank you so much for this!

I’m not yet ready to summon anyone, I just feel the energy… And a slight breeze! :slight_smile:

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Be aware that trying to whitewash demons as the good guys is only a relatively modern view. Cultures throughout the world have always depicted their demons as scary and monstrous because they were the beings that were believed responsible for things like pestilence, famine, and death. Illness was caused by demons of the Air, famine by demons of the Earth, drought by demons of Fire. None of these things were considered good or beneficial, so why would anyone expect humans to describe those they believed were responsible for them as pleasant to look at?

The Greek gods were infamous for turning men and women into monsters when they were displeased, and then sending demigod heroes off to kill them.

Our villains and boogeymen are often depicted as deformed or disfigured in some way because any deviation from what is considered good, or “normal,” is always seen as being the hallmark of evil.


I love watching horror movies with my spirits, because I get the fourth wall perspective. Watching something about otherworldly beings with otherworldly beings is quite an experience in itself. It can be conflicting because it doesn’t allign with your own experiences, and sometimes my spirits sighs and giggles when watching movies about specific spirits or topics.

I watched a few scenes of the movie The Entity, which is based on real events in the 1970’s. Quite conflicting when you watched it with a succubus. I mean, these kind of experiences is a probability with some of these spirits. The personality traits of these spirits are as varied as with humans. Some are good and some are bad.

Horror movies are fascinating, but it should be watched as entertainment. Adrenaline rush is quite nice sometimes.

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Thank you everyone for your time and assistance! You’ve helped me a lot :slight_smile:


I’m sorry I haven’t seen it. I’m with @meow, I don’t watch horror movies because they mess with your head and fill it with nonsense that gets in the way of what’s real.

Like, I’m not remotely afraid of the dark, I find it comforting, like a sheltering cave, but watch horror and I’ll be jumping at shadows for 2 days afterwards.

The thing is, your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between reality and fiction, it learns from all of it. So be very careful what you do to yourself and where you bring in energy from.

The other reason I don’t watch movies in general, is they irritate me, especially horror… There is always some illogical, stupid thing that someone does to make the plot work, that makes no sense and wouldn’t realistically happen, and I get fed up having to suspend disbelief just to be entertained. So to watch a movie I go full on fantasy, then it matters less. In the last two years I watched one move, “I, Frankenstein” and it was sheer chance.
Edit: I tell a lie, I also rewatched “Only Lovers Left Alive”. It’s about vampires but it’s not scary, it’s dark but thoughtful and humorous.

Re the film itself, based in this review, it’s a no better than could be expected.

a whole bunch of horror cliches and tropes thrown together and blended up into a German flick that almost resembles something serviceable


It’s a movie. Media likes to play off of popular trends, tropes, and cliches. So, demons trying to hurt people is essentially one of the most popular tropes. You need to understand that anything you see in media is just there to entertain. It’s not real. There are times where they borrow from actual lore, but they always twist it for the purpose of entertainment.

I don’t know what you read, but from my own collection, this is what I’ve gathered. According to ceremonial magic, particularly the solomonic and grimioric traditions, demons are earthly spirits lower than angels. They are often times described as being chimeric in appearance, and can be good or evil. However, I’m beginning to wonder if the use of “Good or Evil” means being cooperative or uncooperative with the summoner. It doesn’t necessarily mean having benign or malignant intentions.

In many Left Hand Path/demonolatry books, what we call demons were originally the gods and spirits of older polytheistic societies. Though, when the Abrahamic religions conquered them, the gods and spirits they worshipped became demons. They were conquered, vilified, and subordinated by the Abrahamic god. Which fits with the Solomonic definition of demons being inferior spirits.

Basically, demon is a very broad term that can refer to any spirit outside of the angelic hierarchy, just as how Pagan refers to anyone who wasn’t a Christian, Muslim, or Jew. That fairy that lives in your garden, that’s a demon. That elf who dwells out in the woods, that’s a demon. That Naga that guards a particular lake, that’s a demon. That dragon who brought you into the astral plane, that’s a demon. It’s not going to be some horned fiend from the underworld who plans on doing a bit of mischief. It can also refer to spirits of nature, or even the higher celestial realms. Though, yes, we do accept a more specified definition for the term, and have created a specified pantheon of high-ranking demons.

Hell, one might be willing to think the term is more of slur, like the spiritual equivalent of the N word. I am on the hunt for a more appropriate word for an underworld spirit, btw.


well the scariest experience that i had through my life was with Belial,he does made me feel so much fear and it lead me to a state of euphoria right after that ,i would never know that the highest state of fear would lead a human in a euphoric state laughing,but yea when people say laughing of fear,thet are not all that wrong lol
so yea,the big guy is a scary movie itself


I think we’re on the same page! This is exactly what I think about horror movies, that has to do with possession, demons etc.
It gives me nightmares to be honest. My boyfriend wanted to watch it together with me, he somehow thought that it wasn’t horror, but something like esoteric. I told him that it is horror and when I saw the face I just told him to stop it. I couldn’t get anymore, haha and I was so scared that I wrote here :joy::joy::joy:


I found your response, not only interesting but also educational!

I was kind of confused about where the demons came from and why they are concerned “lower entities”. Now I see.

One of the most helpful things I read these days, can’t thank you enough :slight_smile:

No wonder why he scares me af, too.

This guy is pure fear. I don’t know why though…