Demons of Magick Gordon Winterfield ritual 3

Ok so prepared space and ordered a piece of black cloth for my evocation. But the problem is it’s slightly transparent. Its still day light so a lil light may be coming from the window but I still think some candle light may pass through.

Is it okay enough to do the ritual?

I haven’t worked with this book but I know a lot of you guys worked heavily with it. So please if you have any advice, tips or suggestion please give them. I’ll greatly appreciate it. I really need to communicate with a demon about somethings regarding my mental health and my material goals.

Thank you ! You guys are the best❤️

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Yeah I read that post. But my question is specific. I Know I’m being too cautious but if I don’t do that I won’t be able to concrete on my rituals.

It was meant for this part

Yes that’s fine :smiley:

Know it’s good, make it good, and it will be good. You’re the one doing the actual work, so you’re the person whose opinion matters here.