Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield (Tips from an Adept)

Oooo that’s clever thank you

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I’m thinking about using the third ritual of full evocation to evoke vine for a set period of time during which I’ll ask him to teach me all forms of Magick. Something like what ea did in his book of Azazel. I always wanted to do something similar to get secret knowledge from Demons and take my magick to the next level.

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For multiple petitions to different beings, how do you do this, Ritual One start to finish for each one, or multiple petition burnings per Ritual One on a given day?
How many petitions in multiple are recommended for Ritual One?

If I understand correctly I do one complete ritual from opening to close per petition. If you you want multiple requests with one demon in a ritual then evoke. That works great.

Can do several per day but treat it like booting your computer from powered off to bios firmware to disk decryption and OS to browser and logging in to whatever from a powered off machine

The actual work with the demon is what you do once logged in. Command, discuss, offering, etc. Then license to depart is logging out

Closing the ritual wipes ram, cookies, and anything else from the session and shuts off for you to go about normal life. If you need another OS your mind is the kernel and you’d be wise to boot and run everything yourself until you have everything from your Archangel firewall to your login credentials (you basically get root/superuser access with this rite, for the code monkeys in the house)

The Shem’s are like very simple programming in a language (emotion) that goes nuts and writes a ton more stuff than you could practically input yourself as they “talk to each other” more easily than you can.

Demons can understand emotional information from Angels much easier than they can from you so send the simple emotion info to the Angel and they’ve got processes that can get it to the demon

The demon will then render your command with an output that is filtered through the emotional constraint of the angel so it “feels” like a win. I’ve received results without using shems that were objectively exactly what I’d asked for and emotionally missed the mark due to this. Use the other daemon with your query to get a better result (okay I’m done… almost hahaha)

Metaphor aside, perception is reality and each part of the ritual is mental/emotional software to instill a certain feeling in you. One could probably get results by doing a mental clearing between each call and doing several petitions with the same ritual opening (computing session) but I treat it like individual workings because it helps me separate the cause and effect in my mind. Bookends per task really help.

Less clutter, otherwise it feels cluttered and like I didn’t call on something huge in a grand spectacle, I just fired off a few emails and they always play the part

That said I do lots of quick fire rites with other methods and currents but I’ve walked enough towards mastery in life that if I’m going for badass skills in something like Jiu Jitsu I’m doing it by the book until I have a black belt under a great teacher before I begin changing their method

Could work though, I just wouldn’t risk it until I have the best grip possible on the rest of the system and I’m still finding myself amazed at how far this particular rabbit hole goes


This post inspired me to go full throttle into DoM ritual 1 instead of complaining about its complexity…I had 2 manifestations in a week!! Thank you soooo MUCH❣️

Now it’s the only magick I feel “works” though. It has actually lessened my faith in other things, such as pathworking. I’m not sensitive to spiritual things, so I just go thru the steps and hope I’ve been heard. Do you have any recommendations on how to get the most out of Lucifer and the Hidden Demons??


Never read it

Get into Chaos Magick and go for minimalism. It’s about your mind, not the tools. Sigils are just an example. Find a way to recreate the level of conviction you have for DOM and then see how you can maintain it while changing things

Sigil without crossing out letters, just draw a symbol while feeling and asking the question statement. Then fire it. It’s all about the meaning we give things unless we’re pulling from genuine belief of others

Tons of Mormon/religious concepts apply to this stuff, it"s really weird


Does the traditional solomonic evocations work better in your opinion.I am thinking to try the solomonic way,because I do not achieve visible results from the rituals I have done until now.

I prefer this method, though every method can get results. This one requires high attention to detail regarding ritual technique and inner state.

It’s like punching with a lot of force. Most can’t stay relaxed until the last moment but doing so will hit far harder than just going for it. Takes some practice and attention to detail but once it’s yours it’s extreme

That said, just about any technique can make a KO happen with the right variables. To me this is the minimal approach to those aspects with a lot of polish and some changes that bring out the full potential of the work


You didn’t ask me, but I’ve had really great success with LHD! I sent sex dreams to one man… he started quasi-stalking me, creating circumstances in which we “coincidentally” met and staring at me with lust in his eyes. The other two I’ve done (protecting someone & exposing someone else’s secrets) are ongoing, but I have no doubt in my mind that they will happen.

The sex dreams thing was actually sent to the wrong target, and I ended up modifying the request for it to fade gradually away since I don’t want to mess him up too badly.

I also requested Beezlebub for more beauty, and people now think I’m from another country known for its beautiful women.