Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield (Tips from an Adept)

That’s aquite complete how to overhere much tanks for laying this out !
My only questions would be that if you have 20 rituals to go to complete the “wish” how would you lay this out ? 1 ritual every day or 5 every day, the whole show (20) within the same day ?
thanks in advance :pray:t2:
I tend to use the 1 ritual a day but if you still get amazing results doing I dunno “12” a day I might speed things a bit

i say 20 a day might be over kill. your not giving it the attention or energy it needs or the respect. It’s about focus and concentration. doing too many may mean your just going through the routine and not actually present. Good for practice to get the steps down but eventually your going to have to do less with more emotion/energy and concentration and being more present.

Lot of questions there but I’ll give my experiences. It’s ultimately your journey

I’ve found ritual more tends to spark chains of events for me and they’re less the pivot moment where I go into the desired state needed. They’re the cause of it later, yet it’s a far cry from an emotional “I’m doing THIS!” moment where I start doing things differently from that point. Usually they lead to those and pull from momentum I currently have.

Paradigm is huge to me. I see a lot that “what you believe becomes true” in more ways than one can mention. If you truly believe you’re the best option for a client they’re a million times easier to sell to for instance. If you truly believe you’re meant to be a world champion and act the part you might get the Mohammad Ali effect. The strongest reality wins and what you’re broadcasting gets a response.

I was raised Mormon and my background had some weird disonance to get over. Very doable though. It’s something I’d say you’ll need to find your own path to. I really think people should use the most magical feeling magick they can that’s still part of an effective system. Some people absolutely love astrological hours and currents I have no interest in but it feels very powerful to them and they can get it to work because of that.

I get amazing results when I feel like I’m tapping into some almost dangerous power. My first full evocation had my heart pounding. Some try sigils and go “…I’m supposed to jack off to stationary? You’re high man” and that feeling can hinder things for some. What’s funny though is when the result comes anyway because they acted as though magick is real and it still came. Often they doubt the result though and I’ve seen this several times.

I’m a scientist, I’ve got a background in organic chemistry and I love the scientific method. I came to the conclusion magick has to be real becaus the probability of alll these coincidences was too ridiculous to just luck into so quickly. I look back at my journal and I’m amazed to this day. I’ve been told my life is “like a movie” when I talk about a lot of it and I have to agree.

Magick works, the belief will come later. Just act as though it works and you’ll get to enjoy a boost when your beliefs really align. Gotta do though

I haven’t gone there with demons really, though I get some interesting gnosis between the lines. I’m too focused on building my life to venture off into that kind of discussion with them during evocation. It’s like when people you barely know want a death curse as a favor and you’re busy doing important stuff. I’m curious though, I’ve found they’re troublesome about answering about their own names at times. Quantum physics books and videos show up after a lot though

Never lost control with one though I made a pact with a man made imposter that was very dangerous. I won’t speak beyond that but let’s just say I made some fine art of the situation.

I called on Sallos first from this book. I’ve found the Olympic Planetary spirits are extremely responsive for 30 second quickfire rituals. Clauneck is absolutely incredbile and I highly suggest working with him. Bime as well, she’s fantastic. Seek lessons, not just results and you’ll go far


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

I watch a lot of Dan Pena who is a high performance coach “The Trillion Dollar” man, because he literally has a trillion dollars. (Check him out on YouTube). He talks about the the power of self affirmations. Countless studies of Olympians, other students he’s coached (himself) etc. that use self affirmations and it speaks to the power of the subconscious. If not, just the act of goal settings in general.

I took your first post to heart and have been studying this book since. Breaking out the compass in my apartment to figure out which way is North. Then looking out my patio window in my apartment to see I have a perfect runway to the sky in that direction. Ironic.

Indoctrination is a bitch ain’t it? I’m trying to view demons as daemons, teachers, divine alien lifeforms that are mutually respectable, if I am. I’m saving this for another post, but WOW if this is actually true. The animal in me says, no way. My heart and my brain are like, FIND OUT! Oh, to die and be surprised. No way, Haha! I’ve heard that evocation with fear is one of the worst things to do. No one should be afraid to evoke something into THEIR house. Like a new friend coming over for the first time. I want to have the right mindset.

I assume you’re talking about sigil activation? I get high and jerk off all the time, not gonna lie. It’s just fun. I dare say that 30 seconds of ecstasy at the peak is what keeps me going every day. That’s like handing me a picture of someone and saying jerk off on this. Sure I can, but would you jerk off to a picture (a sigil) of someone you’re going to meet for the first time in your home? I understand the comparison to eating an apple or whatever to share the experience with a demon but that’s a bit extreme, even for me. “Hey stranger come on in, I’m jerkin off to some Asian porn, I’m sure you’d like to watch!”. What if demons are already watching GASP…sorry paranoid, that’s the weed talking.

You’re blowing my mind right now because I’ve been researching Bune. I have to ask, is this because everyone goes to Bune first? Wealth, Love, and Health are the 3 biggest niches online. Accordingly I would assume the demons associated are fairly popular. I’ve read that in the Goetia, Bune is a man with 3 heads, but in another grimore she’s a girl. One thread on BALG was a 14 yr old girl. How do you even go about contacting someone when you don’t even know what energy to expect. A dominant male, or a strong female, playful kid, who knows!

I understand the importance of what I’m doing and want to be 100% respectful in everything I do. Grateful even. Under promise, over deliever if you will. Thanks again for sharing your experiences.

Yeah… I have to agree with you 100% all of my rutuals I’m doing has NEVER failed, not one.
And I’m using the same book you are. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds like some fire weed man not gonna lie hahaha, when you get it down I actually had my “the demons are REAL!!” experience on it one night when I got some prompting to do a basic calling to King Paimon with just the scan, and divine names (with angels) really quick.

I saw his consciousness looking back at me and heard his voice in my head far better than I could make up for myself. I was geeked out of my skull because I don’t really smoke and I’m hyper sensitive. He was talking far more eloquently and quickly than I could string words together. That’s how I knew. We had forged a connection there musically when I go to jam nights and I puff and play. It was his way of saying “I’m here, you aren’t making this up”

I don’t expect anything, and I allow anything. Look into the chapter where he says people can manifest their own thoughtforms they expect. Most of them are very surprising. Gaap is extremely “demonic” to me, and yet he’s helped me in great ways. I call, they answer, like a phone. Let whoever picks up talk to you


what are you doing in here? I´m kidding! :smiley:

I hate spicy foods…or peppers… jalapeno especially,. It tastes nasty and i dislike the type of heat it gives. (Comicly i love chipotle). I offered eating a jalapeno as a reward. Not sure how well it’ll work, i had to do a lot of imagining as i’ve never eaten just a whole jalapeno before… but… we’ll see… =/ hope the like it…

I never had any contact with bune. Or attempted any… maybe i’m weird or the 1/100+ that doesnt go to bune first?

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Me either. I just purchased the Magickal Cashbook and going to try and contact Nikita. I’m making a journey thread about it.

Cool, let me know how that goes

Not trying to high jack the thread, I’ll PM you.