Demons for astral projection

Hi everyone i used search function but didnt find any post about this my question is which demons are good and specialize in astral projection

It might not be called “astral projection” but there are a few ideas here for getting help developing psychic abilities of all kinds. I think Paimon gets recommended sometimes.

I usually say, they can help, and any entity you have a good relationship can help, but really you need to do the inner work at least alongside. You won’t wake up one morning with abilities you didn’t have before.

You have to training your subconscious to communicate with you, and that’s all about you, you can unlock getting info but if you don’t understand it because it’s all symbolic, you’ll be walking surreal landscapes that make no sense.

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I can’t find the post, but I remember a member crediting Duchess Gremori for their success with out of body experience a few years ago.

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