Demons doing the contrary to the petition

Greetings everyone! As I have posted before, I am working with Belial, Beleth, Sitri, Sallos and Dantalion to get my ex back. It showed little progress, but then he became distant and cold and blocked me this morning. I am quite bewildered. Is this supposed to happen, can the spirits do exactly opposite to what they’re asked? Is there something wrong with my petition? Or is this some way they’re testing me?

Spirits are their own beings with their own agendas. This could be a test or they could have decided to not help anymore because they know what’s best for you or they just don’t want to help anymore. It just depends.

What effort did you do on your end?

My first question would be what physical actions are you taking toward this? Or are you sitting back waiting for these demons to just hand your ex to you on a platter?


I’m friendly with him. I help him out whenever. I’m not sure what else to do without seeming desperate. Should I let him know about my feelings? I had a bad dream regarding him last night, so called him up to check up on him. That’s when he blocked me. Any help with how to approach the target?

Quick question how much does your ex mean to you and how important is this?
Can you accept that it will never happend or do you believe the world will ”end” If you cant get your ex back.
Reason i ask i seeing as Belial has ideas about addiction he may give some pull here for some personal growth on your side that will be important to you. Not saying that you cant get your ex back but perhaps there are more important matters first.
Anyone who have had their heart broken know first hand how hard addiction to another person is.


I would suggeat focusing on yourself rather than him. The more you obsess over him the more you actually get in the way of the magick you have done. If you have been thinking about the situation and the work you have done on it so far then you actually end up getting in the way of the spirits you petition because your conscious mind is clinging to it and all the energy you put towards ritual, which in this case would go to the spirits so they do what they do is just sitting there in energetic limbo untill you can detach from it.

This is one of the quarky paradoxes of magick. The faster you can TRULY detach from the goal the faster results begin to surface. this does not mean distracting yourself and checking on it in a few hours, days or a few weeks. It means knowing with CERTAINTY that you have grasped the threads of fate and rewoven them and you are now just waiting for reality to catch up.

Rituals like this can take weeks or months to manifest becuase of the operators conscious attachment to the goal being so strong. This is a large part of the difficulties in this kind of magick.


With my ex it was love at first sight for me. Honestly speaking, I did put him kind of on a pedestal over the years. Even after the break up, he’s the only man for me. There have been other men vying for my attention, but it somehow feels like cheating and I did shut them out. That’s why I’ve been trying to get him back whenever, however. I don’t know if it’s an addiction. But I did pour my heart out.

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Calling on a hunch of a dream andnering there helping with stuff do make you seem needy.
It would probobly do you got to create space.
That way you learn to not let your world revolve around him and he will get a chance to miss you.

And yes i would say its an addiction and i dont say that to judge everyone in love will feel that once a relationship end even the person breaking up If they havent found s new one to full the void.
I was hit bad with it on my ex and took me over 2 years to get out of it and stop trying to get her back. I decided to have fun and not be misserable. Fake it till i become it and in the process got s job from being unemployed, got healthier, did tons of cool fun stuff, got e new gf that was a perfect match for me and realised that my ex wasnt ss perfect as i allways imagined.

So first work on yourself that will be the best.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Good post @Grimner, they are giving lessons too. Firstly sometimes the lesson can be do you love yourself. Can you be alone. My niece cannot say one word without naming her boyfriend. I think he profits of her. So every few weeks he abandons her and she takes him back. Spirits easily could end it and the lesson would be love yourself first.

Oh and during working on yourself you can even pray to reestablish the connection. But don’t talk about goals all the time just appreciate them.

Someone on this page said, praying to the demons aren’t the right way about it. So how to go about the prayer? Should I ask them to please do something for me etc etc? Because threatening the demons and all that stuff doesn’t feel right to me. If they’re indeed deities suppressed by Abrahamic religions, I can’t do that to them.

Nope dogma bullshit :joy:. If you are LHP or RHP on both sides there is still a lot dogma to overcome. Read this first, i had the same question.

You can just talk to them, say them you are going to work on yourself.

Oh and please don’t over talk what you want because they already know that. That is your intend. Magick works when you state (write down the intend) and try to think of something else.

Obsession will get the oposite effect.

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I take things from a holographic perspective, Think of it like this the gods,angels, demons, elementals ect exist BOTH within you and outside of you. With this in mind you are essentially worshipping a specific aspect of yourself and simultaneously worshiping a force outside yourself that resonates to that part of yourself that is connected to that force.

Through this practice we expand the part of ourselves that resonates with the force we are working with.

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Alot of people think spirtual work has to be ALL internal aka the psychological/ energetic model or ALL external aka spirit,gods ect. But this is the dualistic perspective brought about by the Dis-ease of monotheism, from a perspective that embraces polarity it becomes a work of exploring forces within self AND outside of self at the same time. As we explore the external spiritual worlds we learn more about our internal nature. In the same thread as we explore the internal worlds we learn more of our relations to the world around us.

But 2 things.
1 this does not mean through these practices we become less human, we actually become more human and thus experience reality with more intensity than most.
2 the forces,energies, and entities we work with have a resonant effect on us as they are within us and outside of us. But the parts of the powers that exist within us have their own emotional, psychological makeup separate from ours and have their own agendas.

In the vedic myths this is seen in the battles between the devas and the asuras and in the norse with the aesir and the vanir. Both representing the celestial gods and terrestrial gods respectively. The first aligning with timeless perfection/stasis/order and the other aligning with experiences in time,chaos,change,magick,fertility


Mere petitioning gives the entities petitioned far more leash to do as they see fit than, say, a binding evocation with explicit commands which the magician expects to be fulfilled on promise of offerings and pain of wand-blasted fireballs up the spirit’s discorporeal anus.

So, Petition over Evocation???

Well, many times we are so blind that we can not realize that something has come to an end. I suggest you consult the tarot or other oracle of your choice to see if still there is anything that can be done. And on your doubt, you can even work with more than one daemon at the same time, but you must also remember that you are dealing with different energies. Many of these entities are complicated even more when it comes to kings and presidents. It is common for them sometimes not to fulfill 100% of what was asked for you to feel satisfied and they can leave.

They both have their pros and cons. All I was saying is since you just petitioned these entities for aid, they were trchnically free to do whatever they wanted and very well may have, resulting in your current predicament.