Do you say a Prayer to Daemon and do they hear you

So beside of evocation invocation do people here say a prayer to a Daemon?

Sometimes you want to just thank them so I wonder if a prayer is a good idea.

How do you end the prayer: Blessed be?


I do say a prayer to Lucifer and Angels, so I’m curious about your experiences.

Yeah, according to VK Jehannum reciting magickal hymns on a consistent basis helps alter your aura to match the vibrations to the desired spirit(s), which makes it easier to form a connection with them and let their energies influence or transform you. I believe this was a common practice in Egyptian magic/religion as well (among many other cultures, I’m sure).

Here’s a link to a collection of magickal hymns he has on his blog:

And here’s a hymn I’ve personally found useful:


This contains some cool stuff. Thank you for the link.

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I’ve just sat outside and talked to them, vented about stuff, and I felt them around, listening. So that might fall into the general realm of such forms of communion.


It was a prayer to Lucifer that changed my life entirely. Just a normal prayer similar to the Christian style.


I only pray to Hekate. Maybe this will change at some point.


I pray every day to King Paimon and to Lucifer. You can end it in any way you want, it doesn’t really matter.


I’m glad u asked this question and received the answers on here. I too was wondering about that. Thanks for both the question and answers.


In some periods of time I did so, mostly using the Demonolatry prayers for the elemental demons, ending with “hail our Lord” etc.


Thank you for all the tips guys and girls much appreciated.

Before with King Paimon I had no idea what I was doing but EVERY DAY all day I chanted his name in my head trying to get his attention and
I defiantly did the things he did in my life for a short while were amazing to say the least

I mention it because I kind of feel like it fits here

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