Demons and Travel

I’ve read where some demons can move humans from countries and or long distances. Sort of a Demonic taxi servicee. ( No disrespect intended). ANYONE had any experience with this ?


Move their physical body… That demon would have to be fucking powerful. For some Spirits moving a piece of paper in the physical plane takes immense energy.


I’ve had experiences tell me otherwise. Namely having fucking boxes chucked at me at work.

The thing is, that power of the entities has to be grounded in the physical plane or it is limited to the astral

I have not had experiences with physical travel via Demon Taxi, and the only references to demons helping us travel is through the astral, OP. But this is just what I’ve seen. I’m sure there is someone who has traveled physically.


A demon threw a box at you :joy:! Were they empty?

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A bunch of boxes over two days. And no, they certainly weren’t.

Here all my posts of this happening are:


Despite the physical pain it’s kinda funny. The demon probably said “THINK FAST!” :joy::joy::joy:


They’re now fiddling with my locks…

So sufficed to say, it doesn’t take much power, just needs to be grounded here.

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Makes sense

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Try this: buy an EMF and go and search for high electromagnetic fields and go and practice there some rituals. It always works - for me at last.

Did you tell them they were naughty and then take their toys away while they thought about what they did in the corner?