Demonic watcher parasite removal

I feel a demonic spirit has attached itself to me. The first time I think I consciously encountered it was nine months ago, in a nasty dream. It has now come through a lot more often. Lately, it’s usually in between sleep or during sleep. I can feel or even hear it. It has a very sinister, creepy voice. Now I’m not scared of it, but it isn’t delightful. I feel as though it drains me and tries to hold me back. I can feel so discouraged in my life with thoughts of wanting to end it with colossal sadness, which is so bizarre because I don’t want to kill myself. I also have weird sensations along my back and the private areas, mainly when I lie in bed.

Can I use assistance with this? What is the most potent ritual to banish it permanently?


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Cleanse and banish. You can even just tell it to go away. If that doesn’t work you can attack it, which it sees as resistance and usually makes them run.

We have a few options people have talked about, from salt baths to lbrp, have a browse and see if there’s a technique that fits your current mode of working: :slight_smile:


Thanks, I did command it to leave several months ago and I think it did for a while, but it comes back.

So that works then, which is good, now you have to stop it and others from coming back, and that’s what having great spiritual hygiene and wards are for. The first makes you invisible or unattractive to parasites, the second puts up a barrier around your house/self/work they can’t cross. An ounce of prevention and all that :slight_smile:

Third link down has a form of warding. I generally draw a protective circle around my who house using a little house salt and the ash from my censer. I also have up old fashioned iron horseshoes and a railroad spike under my bed.

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You can try this light language transmission,its quite powerful.Use this daily and you will succeed.

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Try this:

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