Demonic Language Is Tonal

As discussed, the language of the demons is tonal…a musical language as such. In that, we can find the tonal correspondences of ophanic letters.

So…DBDBDF# would be Azazels name…if that were his true name. DAD might be more accurate (Utu).

King Paimons enn - F#, F, G#, D, G# - A, D, C, D - F, D, C, D, G# - G#, D, F, E#, C, G#

For those who are musical…you might take the time to write down the key signatures, you could possibly evoke using music tailored to the name…literally, their tonal vibration…or the enn.

That is, IF the language is indeed ophanic.



It’s worth a try, for those with a little experimentation time on their hands.

thats amazing


I should mention these are actually Enochian symbols used here. Very little difference between enochian and demonic actually. Their true words utilize the same principles but from different polarities and spectrums.
Also Enochian is dangerous to play around with in its higher forms and so is demonic if you want to extend it into two languages instead of dialects of a universal language. So I do very much recommend caution.


I’m confused… Some consonants are are not voiced - like S, T and Z, so, how does that work?


I’d consult with the gods, Maulbeere. This is just something I ran across.

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Sorry @anon47923162…that was supposed to be to Maulbeere.

But as for the origins…you’re right…because if you go fooling around, it’s inasmuch as dabbling. So be sure what you’re playing before you play it. :wink:


Interesting. Damon Brand in one of his books stated that also angels language is like… singing. And one of my friends said me the same- she once asked some angel about true sound of his name and it was something like whale singing with trumpets. Totally unspeakable by humans.


Truth. Enlil/Beelzebub gave me his tonal name. It’s rather beautiful.

However, I didn’t come across the chart until after that…so prior to that, I was like, “why this short tune?”

How did you matched tones to letters? I’m thinking how can be made same but with angels language, to play it metal :love_you_gesture::grin:

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I have a fine ear for music. I plucked it out on keyboard keys. :wink:

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Sooo you pronounced letters and compared which tone is the closest?

I took the tones compare them to the chart for their quote-unquote English equivalent.

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Also do understand that telepathy or Clair audience as a language requires your brain to interpret information into the format that you know so if you look at former magicians who are getting names of certain spirits a tone can be interpreted by the brain into its corresponding language equivalent of the receiver.


Say that you speaking musical language and you are telepathine to me in your musical language in my brain can interpret that into the language I understand which is why telepathy is the no barrier language


Now why I heard the actual tones instead of just the name I never thought about… but later understood it to be his name

No wonder Azazel likes metal… Did anyone else notice the “DAD” part that’s the bottom Root, 5th, Octave on a Drop D tuned guitar? Guitar center standard tuning… What half of all metal is tuned to on normal gauged strings?

I’m going to play with this one


could try to play this on my clarinet

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I guess these are at different octaves. Are these in order by octave, or no?