Demon to manipulate a situation?

i have this thing at school where i need to be put in a certain group, and it’s pretty urgent.

what demon/entity would be best for me in this situation?

If you can’t provide anymore details than that.

1.Balaam – Divination, Illusion, Invincibility, Knowledge, Prescience

2.Vine – Divination, Protector, Lord of seas, Can crumble towers and fortresses, Overcome all obstacles

3.Purson – Divination, Revealor of Secrets, Creation of something from nothing, Instant manifestation

4.Bael – Invincibility, Invisibility, Raw power, First manifest god in ancient systems, Air and water

5.Zagan – Alchemy, Illusion, Wisdom, Deceit, Illusion, Alchemy, Concealment

6.Asmoday – Invincibility, Invisibility, Revealor of secrets (mortal and divine secrets)

7.Belelth – Love of men and women, Influence emotions

8.Paimon – Influence, Manipulation of thoughts, Grants status

9.Belial – Influence of situations and authorities, Manipulation, Grants nobility, “Wicked One”, Lawlessness, Self-governance, Autonomy

Pick one of these guys, act accordingly and good luck to you.


thank you very much. do you know if working with all/some of them would be more effective than one maybe?

If you’re looking for a public entity, King Paimon or Belial if it involves screwing with the schools systems.

If you’re looking to directly influence the people, use their brains as a controlboard.

If the group is already formed, the group egregore.

If you’re looking for a specific thing in the group, be more specific.


It all depends on the situation and what you are trying to accomplish, with something like this most likely one is more then enough, however if your not so sure then go ahead and make all their sigils then set them all out before you and meditate on the specific outcome you want, try to see as if it’s already happened as clearly as you can then move your right hand over each sigil, you should get the answer if more them one is needed in that way.


Yeah I have asked King Belial and King Paimon to keep me out of trouble and all I do is walk the hallways and I haven’t gotten in trouble once. All my other years of high school I’ve gotten at least one suspension and none yet

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Also I kind of interrupt classes

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alright, so i’ll be more detailed.
we have this thing in norway (idk if you have the same thing in other countries) that’s kind of like just an oral presentation that’s more important than other presentations and for some reason it’s like 70% of the grade of the whole year. it’s like 30 mins and you can get almost every subject, and i want english because i know i’ll get a good grade.
basically i don’t know what method the teachers use to pick which students get which subject but apparently it’s random. so yeah it’s like you and 10 others and if i get math i’m dead because you have to do that in a weird way and idk it’s just confusing.


Options options,

  1. Summon Asmodeus for help with Math

  2. simply have one of those put you into whatever group it is needed for you to be in, worse case scenario just go NOT MATH.

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Ahhhhh . I had something like that in middle school called an exit project . I think maybe Duke Dantalion . But there are other demons to manipulate the outcome of things like that .

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Oh, and Odin for the skill needed to do the presentation well, he has his mead of poetry, he’s probably not just going to give it out willingly, that’s not like him, so you’ll have to give something good in return. Don’t expect him to give you something for nothing.


Ok, go with King Paimon, make him the focus, you can add Belial if you like (just be careful and very specific with what you ask of him otherwise he might just decide to burn the school down that day, because fuck them is why.) Also you can ask Bael or Vine to intervene on your behalf as well, but again i think Paimon is the men for this.


With wigi board

Greetings brother I would love to work with piamon specially to make people listen to me I my business and convince them to do business with me ,do you it’s a good idea working with piamon, should I include another demon for this help ,it seems like nothing going right ,like I get every one together but then I hav3 a little of obstacles seems like everything ok then, feels like everything it’s falling apart ,do you think king paimon,can help me with this situation with my business to convince to work with me ,manipulate their thought ,even though ism good business man ,ever since I left this chick alot of things been going sour ,but no worries I am warrior ,sorry talking so much ,but I love the left path ,and I just started working with it ,do you want pointers ,I would a mentorship ,sometimes j cry when I connect with my thoughts with father Lucifer i yearn for his presence

…English not your first language i’m guessing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That’s fine, yes king Paimon can help with your business, probably best to make or buy his sigil meditate with it and wear it everyday as a talisman so his influence can always be with you.

Now Please click on the link below as you’ve already been asked and introduce yourself. :point_down:

Have a look over the other rules as well.


Hello my name is will I am begginer in the left hand, but it’s been a calling for me s8nce I was little kid I love the dark side of my self in a good way though .I feel like this year has been my calling to learn apply the knowledge that I would gain through my experience I feel so well come hear i like I belong hear ,I am a father of two beifull kids ,I am trying to make this business happens for my self and family ,I did 7 years in prison that’s when 8 2as awaken to the science ,and I was receptive to the energy in 2012,wow where do I start ,well first and for most my passion is magic i want to communicate with my fellow comrades i don’t like calling them demons,I rather say ancient gods i have much respect for them and the craft ,when I received the energy i starred doing things iv3 never done ,I staters to meditate pray fast read alot off occult books on kabala and left hand path .I want it so bad that I perfected my self which is my temple ,one night ,I was in a deep trance and inside of me was this light blue inside of me ,I freaked out but a kept my composer’s, so I started researching and I found out thst i activated my light body .I was very in tune with my inner self ,I loved every part of my journey ,so I am hear to learn and become a living god ,also ever time i think about father Lucifer I start to cry like I yearn for him and his presence ,thanks everyone in the group for giving the opportunity to share my story and experience, peace love grattidude to you all hail lucifer

I want to hear and comnicate with spirits can anyone help me comnicate with king piamon please any suggestions