Demon Pacts: Step by Step Booklet so I can get my game on track not my wig pushed back


Look, Ive looked all over this forum for clear and concise information in the discussions that pertain to demon pacts but no one has laid out the HOW it was done. I WANT to read how you prepared mentally and physically. What you said. What was offered. How your altar set up, if any, looked. Im a visual but very detailed person and I research almost everything to wits end so if Im asking its because Ive yet to find an answer. That search bar up top has an order of protection against me. Recon is my life and Im not paying for information that I know is free somewhere. So…without any further ado…

Someone answer this post with the aforementioned information. Any and all help is appreciated. Please and thank you :smile:

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Coming back with some info in case YOU bump into my post!

Petition sample:

This dude is super informative! But the level of information is advanced so understand that research and connection is key.

Regarding building a relationship with your daemon (as I am doing currently):

Found this gem in the archives of BALG on a post regarding the invocation process.

This one is from the same page and was offered as an option if you have no luck with a physical altar summon! (I Love having alternative options!)