Demon Orias for height

So I wanna get taller, I am 19 years old about to be 20 but i believe I have some scope. Can I ask the demon Orias to increase my height? I am 5’7 and would like to get to 5’10 or so. If you have any other recommendation, for increasing the height, I will be very grateful. Thanks

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its possible,i remember that yoga and some other exercises can help with that too.

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You can also do daily meditations and will your spine and limbs longer while you gather energy. Kind of same as yoga, but put your mind to directing the incoming energy into your bones and visualise them growing.

Gaining height has been discussed a couple times before in the Health and Beauty category… you might want to read those answers too… here’s one of them:


You can look into biokinesis I can pm you my technique if you’d like


I would really appreciate that. Thanks a bunch.

Please send it to me too

Are you close to Lucifer?

How can be used biokinesis for this?

Funny but orias in Hungarian means huge or giant. Probably a sign!

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Pls can u message me the technique ,pls I really need it., Thanks

Hello, im interested in the technique, can you PM me please. Thank you so much in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, could you please send me your technique? Thanks in advance.