Demon or an egregore?

Some people are trying to say Sargantanas is a demon and on the other side some are trying to proove that its just an egregore with Enn and sigil.

So what’s your opinion practisioners?

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I can only find the name mentioned in final fantasy lol, maybe it’s like the whole Satalos an egregore created by a few practitioners, though you’d have to contact the entity and scan them to really tell.

edit, found something so possibly real and just not as ‘high ranked’ as made to be? says he’s under ashtaroth:

I have readed the same about the rank.

Okay that’s nice then, I am thinking to work with him.

May I dm you though?

What’s an egregore?

A thoughtform


Do you guys ever suspect that all these spirits are actually servitors?

Wouldnt make sense

Final Fantasy really likes to incorporate Demonic names and all kinds of religious and occult themes.

I would say there really isn’t any difference between a demon or any other entity and an egregore or other created being except the origin of the creator. Even us humans can fall into this category even if you choose to believe we are simply creations of the universe itself. If you get results then its origin of who created it doesn’t matter quite so much beyond the joy of learning the lore of one reality we reside in.

An egregore has to be given a soul by what created it i.e a fragment of its creator’s soul while beings like Lucifer and co did not start as an egregore, nor was created, but rather born.

what we create in the astral/mental does not really equate to what is created in the spiritual plane.


One person tried to proove its an egregore because they found his name in here :expressionless:

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Sargatanas is under Astaroth


Mr Waite said goetia are parts of human brain
Do not waste time on finding this

Also that was included in SL mathers book

EA has debate with Orlee but i didnt have time to watch the whole thing

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I don’t think they go into the whole silliness of “portions of the human brain” at all. I mean, these are distinct entities with distinct personalities. Nothing they said ever hints at that, but rather they are outside our idea of time and space.

I wouldn’t really call it a debate either, I mean its not like they really argue, they just have had different experiences and then they share them on the video about their particular ways of working and how some of that manifested for them.

I think the whole circles around every entity in the noob books is to make it less likely for noobs to hurt themselves with these powerful entities that are sometimes unpleasant. Orlee goes into how the sigils themselves are powerful, and that is true.

Where did you read such a ridiculous claim? Any good occultist should know that he is recorded in the Grimoirium Verum and is one of Astaroth’s inferiors.

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Not true they’re created by bits and pieces of the traits that went into creating them thoughtforms are literally aspects of the personality made into a separate “entity” it’s not always the dominant personality as everyone has many sub personas as well.

I think @Jastiv was replying to @Ornias who said:

I think we can agree to disagree on our understanding of the nature of reality and creation. Though really if Lucifer was born how is that different than the creation of any other being. Some gods were literally born from the thoughts of another god and even the spiritual realms have an origin and a creating force from which they were born. One can compare an abacus to a calculator and one is just the more advanced version of the previous but both were created and both serve the same purpose with different levels of sophistication. In the end results matter more than anything if you are seeking results and if you are seeking knowledge and history well that is when things get complicated.

The tricky thing with existence is that there are no walls between its different layers. Nothing separates the physical from the spiritual except the frequency something resides upon. You could create a being with a pattern of thought and give it the same patterns as Lucifer and give it the same mass as Lucifer and then elevate to the same frequency and it would be identical in all respects to Lucifer if the given patterns were properly copied over the same can be done for the soul of any being though as to the potential of any single human being capable of it I wouldn’t go that far for once one becomes capable of something such as that they cease to be human and likely are never seen again as they have much more interesting things to do then hang around on just one small level of existence.