Demon King Purson Q&A - Who is Purson, Nature of Gods & Demons, and More!

So I just finished my daily ritual, and decided to share the experience.

Today I summoned Purson in order to find out more about him, Demons, Gods, and some other things. Now, prior to this ritual, I knew almost nothing about Purson, and I purposely avoided information on him (aside from what’s in the Lesser Key of Solomon, and that he might be Horus) for a very good reason. In another ritual, King Paimon had told me to summon an entity I barely know about (the only thing I should know is whether or not they match my “attributes”), so that my prior knowledge, prejudices, etc, do not shape the entity in a certain way. The experience is supposed to be “untainted.”

Anyway, I had called out to Purson until he arrived, which was relatively quick. His voice somewhat loud, deep, and masculine, and his presence was a mix of command, what I can best describe as, order. Some sort of harmony, I suppose (Insert Law & Order joke). And his form was as a humanoid lion in black robes. Anyway, enough of my rambling, here are the questions:

Me: Are you Horus?

Purson: Yes, Horus was once my name. Yet you now speak to the beast of the abyss, in the eyes of my enemies.

Me: What do you mean by “the beast of the abyss?”

Purson: All things come from the abyss, the empty blackness. But I was no beast. I used to be revered as a God. I was one of the oldest Gods of humanity. My enemies, however, have denounced me as the beast.

Me: Are you the first beast? The one that the number 666 refers to?

Purson: Partially. You must understand the number refers to many things, and that the beast is simply an inversion. My enemies create inversions.

Me: I see. Can I call you Horus instead of Purson then?

Purson: Certainly. In the end, it matters not what you call me. You know who and what I am, and I shall come every time.

Me: I’ll still refer to you as a Demon, though. Do you mind?

Purson: No, Demon is not a derogatory term. It’s vague. Only my enemies consider it derogatory.

Me: Ah, alright. By the way, what are demons? (million dollar question)

Purson: To know a Demon, you must know a God, and to know a God, you must know man.

Me: Can you be more specific? A lot more specific.

Purson: It’s simple: Gods are created in the image of man, sometimes animals, and sometimes both. Demons are created in the image of God.

Me: So are you saying that all Gods are thoughtforms made by humans? Humans didn’t discover Gods, but created them?

Purson: Yes, and no. Man discovered natural forces that can aid him, so he created Gods and spirits in order to describe them, and more importantly, use them to empower him.

Me: Hm, this is usually the answer I get when I ask this question.

Purson remained silent.

Me: Oh, you said “empower him,” are you saying this was the original relationship between humans and spirits?

Purson: Indeed. And it’s not just a bond between man and spirit, but man and nature. Do not fight nature, respect it, and you shall reach great heights.

Me: I see.

Purson: Do you have any more questions?

Me: Actually, yes. What is your relationship with Set? Do you hate him?

Purson: No, we are two sides of the same coin. I represent Order, Set represents Chaos.

I also asked some private questions, which I won’t share. But, anyway, this was my experience with Purson/Horus. To those who have worked with him in the past, is this how he is like? Does it somewhat match your description of him? I honestly have no idea, because I approached this entity with barely any knowledge on him. Not to mention that there’s a possibility that “Purson is Horus” thing I stumbled upon accidentally might’ve influenced this encounter a whole lot.

Do let me know your thoughts/experiences.


Really amazing. He seems like a very amazing spirit. However I do have a question. He talked a lot about his enemies. Who are his enemies?


The JCI dross that has plagued this planet for 2000 years.


He is; I’ll definitely be working with him in the future!

As for his enemies, he didn’t specify. But, my guess is that his enemies are people who demonized him, many members of Abrahamic religions and the like.


My guess is the same. It went great though. You can learn many new things from him. Perhaps I will work with him in the future



The JCI ?

Don’t know, just sharing the experience. Although, there is some evidence that does in fact suggest that Horus and Purson might be the same. Even in the Lesser Key of Solomon it says that he also takes on an Aerial form.


It’s what Daniel Updike calls the Abrahamic religions. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.


Oh I see. I just didn’t know what the letters were standing for XD . Thanks

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The Ordo Templi Orientis tricks people into believing Crowley is the antichrist. He is just a false prophet of the third beast. Horus is the Third Beast ask an archangel. Purson though is 100% the First Beast. The Fourth Beast is Murmur. The second beast is Maitreya. Don’t evoke Maitreya and Horus at the same time. They are enemies because of Crowley and what the OTO is doing. They are basically trying to play Maitreya. Needless to say OTO is not Maitreya’s chosen.


Purson/horus was the oldest entity worshipped?

No, but he was one of the oldest.

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Purson (pronounced PUR-SOWN) is from the fifth circle of Hellfire. This is called Knolegar


If man created Gods to help us (I too feel this way many times),
Then who the fuck created us??

The more I learn magick the more I think that Gods are spirits created by humans. Just like a family tree of humans starts and ends, family trees (Pantheons) of gods have started and ended.

For what exactly?

If gods are created by humans then who created humans?

If god created humans, who is the true source of it all? Which is the first spirit that created the rest of it?

But wait a minute …

Where did this first spirit came from??

Does it make sense at all ??


More pertinent question would be why are you resurrecting dead threads from the same banned member?


It’s okay I guess since he needs more knowledge XD


@ElectricDragon let’s just leave the dead post as it is and I’ll PM you about it XD

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hi . how did u call him. what space did u used in calling in. can u assist me with the calling of the entity

Could of sworn Purson was Thoth .

Nvm that’s Theutus

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