Demon entered my body help me

You do a banishing on it while it’s trapped in the circle.

If its too deeply embedded it might not be enough. But if the possession is mild enough that it lets you perform this operation it’s got a chance of working.

With deep possessions, you’re not in charge any more, so you wouldn’t be asking how to get rid of it.

What is an alternative license to depart from the lbrp?
I’m not saying the lbrp is iirelevnt or else many people wouldn’t be doing it. I just want to see what my options are. Aren’t there any simpler banishing rituals?

A banishing ritual is not a “license to depart.” It is a forceful removal of something from your space, and the drawing of a boundary to prevent its return.

Of course there are, but few as effective as the LBRP. You want it gone, don’t you?

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I think you should learn it.It works more than just a banishing.It teaches you that you are on your control on your universe, it develops your senses, and its also for energy working.

Hey, is understandable that you are afraid, in fact I could not read everything since I went so far as to feel dizzy, I thought about what it might be like to live it and it’s a horror… … but please takes into consideration this: Do not be afraid, although it sounds very difficultly when you’re going through this but… this entity is negative “he” has no compassion with you mo matter how much you talk to”him” , the only he will want to do is… bother you, if you are afraid it will take even more advantage of the situation… some years ago I fight with an entity sent by witchcraft to my parents and me for a long time and in 2018 he manifested himself stronger, the more fear I was “he” getting worse, until I got out of bed and shouted at him firmly and never came back. Try it, stand tight and hold, feel like a powerful magician. try to make a cleansing smoke in your house, take a cleaning bath with incense or aromatic candles to relax, put on music, don’t let that spoiled “bug” win you

Obligatory probably not a demon. But yeah exorcism time. Just adding to the pile

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Please, could you help me identify the entity who you think is behind the power of this spell?
I cannot figure it out