Demon entered my body help me

Alright many weeks ago a demon forced its way into my body. I’ve tried to communicate with it. The only communication it does is hit the heater. And knocks on the inside of my body, moves my leg a little and my hand my neck a little I don’t know what’s goin on. It doesn’t give me any answers I ask and ask and ask what it wants. Never responds the only response it give is hitting the heater when I have realizations.

The demon knocked on the inside of my body. And from him never answering my questions and people never telling me what’s on there mind. I’ve lost the ability to Know know how to talk to people Since I can’t read there mind. And everyone I know I talk they listen and don’t say much

I constantly try to figure out what people want or what they need and it’s a constant pain in the ass having to figure out what people want and explaining to them over and over and over again how I feel and what’s gonna happen

So I just wanna know why In the hell would a demon force its way into my body and not take over completely this a constant need to know why a demon would reside in my body and not haunt me this is beyond my human understanding. Help me out with this

I do not need to understand why people do not say much and I have to constantly try to figure out what it is they want

But what I need to understand is why a demon would force its way into my body only to move around in my body and knock inside my body and never answer me I have tried and tried this is driving me insane I have already lost care and empathy and I don’t care about anyone but the constant not knowing what he wants and having to figure out what humans want and analyze them is driving me insane it’s torture

I don’t expect anyone to understand what I’m talking about or how I’m feeling I can’t read your mind and I don’t wanna have to explain to you what’s happening and have to continue going insane and figure out what your thinking by reading what you say and not knowing what you mean and then asking and then getting little information and you assuming you know what I’m talking about when you don’t and having to explain to you

So I hope you understand what it’s like to have a demon not answer questions and force its way into your body and having to analyze people and figure out it is they want and it’s a constant torment I have to deal with every single day I can’t wait till I move away and away from needing to figure out what people want what’s on there mind because it’s really draining having to explain myself and figure out what there thinking by making them feel like they have no choice but to talk to me and tell me what’s going on and then explain over and over and over again how I am how I feel and explain to them they are wrong and making all sorts of assumptions and are delusional for thinking they know what I’m talking about

So please understand what I’m saying and know this post is about a demon That messes with me by never answering my questions and moving around in my body and knocking or whatever

I do not understand why he won’t tell me anything I don’t see him I don’t hear him talk just a constant figure out what my plan is game

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Do you know the name of the entity?

No I don’t I don’t know what he wants
Maybe he wants to be alive and live my life with me being the operator
I don’t know I constantly have to wonder with no answers

No I don’t know his name

He’s male but I’ve seen him in different forms before when my third eye was somewhat open he’s been a shadow being and he’s been a female lady

He’s communicated with me by laughing at me tho

Lesser entity - it’s not smart enough to handle a human body or it would just incarnate. It’s just feeding off you. It’s probably not answering because it doesn’t have the skill.

Exorcism time.


Stop talking with it, it brings nothing. That entity obviously isn’t gonna help you in any way or do anything useful for you. It wants a place to reside and maybe someone to try to influence and control (to the degree it can or may learn to do). Do not think you can come to an agreement with it!

Learn to control fear. It is already present in you. You shouldn’t fear, because this is an instrument of such entities to gain more power over you.

It may be hard to get rid of this entity. But you do have to get rid of it and outside of you!

Yeah, exorcism is necessary. And strong will. And patience. Be ready to fight. You must get rid of it and out of your body, ASAP. You probably will have to force it to leave, as such an “achievement” and the advantage they gain by entering in your body isn’t given up easily by any entity.

Fyi, it was you who gave the permission for this. No entity can do such without the person giving in some way or by some means the permission and as such allowing for such a possession to happen.


How do you know it’s a demon?

What were you doing when this entity forced its way into your body?

What forms of experiences have led you to believe what is happening is happening?

Is it a real entity or a thoughtform?

After analyzing all that then proceed to the different methods you need to do dependent on the actual situation it may fall into.


Right, Velenos is correct. That’s where I should have started too… but I got swept away by the somewhat convincing sound of it. Still there is a possibility, that there’s nothing wrong and you’re not possessed. There are a lot of cases where people believe they’re possessed by a demon and are actually not.

Maybe, you are better to consult with an expert in these matters. It’s not possible to do over the internet the things they do, to check if what you think is going on is truely the case or something else.

How do you excarnate an entity without serving a new god who helped rid you of it?

I.e how do you come out of the possession successfully without having to serve an entity to helped you exorcise it?
And what are the best methods for that

You need to reach into your inner self and exert control over your body. If you can’t do that, then petition an entity to help you do this.

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Robert Bruce has an easy method on his channel for extracting a foregign entity.
It leverages the idea that lesser entities can’t cross running water.

  1. Locate a garden hose attached to a working tap. Coil up the water hose into a ring about 3 feet wide
  2. Step into the ring
  3. Turn the water on
  4. Step out of the ring - the entity should stay trapped inside it.

Also salt baths and using showers with intention to wash the entity away from you.

Also scan your body and grab it with your astral body, rip it out and yeet it into the sun. Set it on fire first, it’ll be less inclined to come back the less nice you are about it.


You speak as though an entity isn’t inside of you though.

Been there done that. It took all these over and over and journeying techniques in combination.

You speak as though you haven’t tried anything yet.

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The bald headed astral dynamics rob?

No I trust the hell out of what you said. I was inquiring more info from you

I’m a believer not a doubter.

Well best of luck. There’s tons of info on this site about how to get rid of various unwanted entities.

I think the one’s on Parasites would be helpful. Try this thread… the top 4 are collected in here:

Tell me. Was it the astral dynamics rob?

Can’t be, his name is Robert not Rob. Must be a completely different Robert Bruce that has interviewed on EAs channel and talks about parasite removal. :roll_eyes:

How many do you know?