Deep Descent

I’m being prompted that it is time for me to descend to a whole new level. I’ve only been able to scratch the surface. I need more information.

I’ve been venturing on the dark/deep web. Been browsing some Luciferian forums. Now, what is interesting is their way of going about things and their relationships towards the demons. Many people on those forums indulge in their morbid, carnal pleasures. Their goals are simply corrupting others with their influence in the name of Lucifer. In exchange for some power or meeting some carnal need.

Their relationship with demons is more along the lines of a tool. Even going as far as collecting demons like trading cards. They don’t form a meaningful relationship with them. The only one they form a sort of relationship with is Lucifer because he is deemed the “most powerful”.

I haven’t worked with Lucifer extensively as I have problems connecting with him. There is a “light” about him that I struggle with. Lucifer does have a dark side; however, the light part of him seems to overshadow that aspect greatly in my experience.

Also, I’ve always had a feeling there were demons who were more powerful than Lucifer.

Now, I fear the questions I’m about to present is highly subjective.

What is the most sinister/evil demon you’ve worked with? I’m talking about primordial, ancient, spiritual evil; Not moral evil.

The most powerful demon? The darkest?

Is there truly a leader of the demons that is deemed the most powerful? Or are there arch-demons who simply split the power? I have mixed experiences related to this.

I need to be consumed and fully descend into the blackest, demonic current I can find. I need to connect with such demons. Those are the prompts I’m getting. Demons both named and unnamed.


What sites have you been visiting?

I don’t remember the names to be honest. I think one of them was, “the black gate” or something along those lines.


As for the most evil spirit, I would say Prince Zandor. I haven’t done much work with him but when he is around there is a strange feeling, almost like the Silent Hill games when reality shifts. The most powerful is easily Tiamat or Azathoth. They each serve (according to UPG) as a small version of the source only with an ego and personality (to an extent).

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Is it possible to substitute the hard drug use with alcohol? As in moonshine levels of alcohol. That’ll definitely deaden me.

I’ve never used drugs before and don’t plan to anytime soon. However, I can see how it can make one more receptive and fling the gates open, so to speak. Although, I’ve always thought that drugs would muddy the connection in some way. Almost like an obstacle.

However, I can see the reason behind destroying everything that makes you, you. So, they can embed their essence within. I’ve experienced full identity destruction in the past with demons and I don’t regret it. I will explore all of the above, except the hard drug use.


If you want to go even older then what has been offered. You could always try the Primordials.

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