So I am ready to perform my dedication but being as tho there are multiple dedications our there and most of them have been considered hoaxes does anybody have a ritual format I could use and a dedication prayer? All hep is most appreciated

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I am guilty of not following you close enough to what exactly you are working on.

Why are you doing a dedication? Are you dedicating yourself or an item to a deity? What is the purpose of this and what are you hoping to get out of it?

:joy: Sorry, maybe I’ll have some thoughts if you throw me the rest of what’s going on and what you’re getting into :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe not, but more so than I did just reading it and thinking about dedications in a general manner.

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What type of ritual or dedication prayer are you looking for hun? Are you looking to do a ritual for a particular situation, or a prayer to a specific deity? Some clarity would help others get a better understanding of what you’re looking for so we can better assist you.

Can you elaborate more on what you need?

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To a deity

Prayer to a deity

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There are quite a few deities and since I don’t know the specifics of your situation, such as which deity for whatever particular situation (love, money, revenge, self love, etc), you you can try the prayer in the below link to start.

Or if you’d like to try petition spells, check here:

Or if you have time, here’s the unofficial tutorials directory:

Hope that info helps :bouquet:


If you don’t find something in in the links provided by @QueenMustang, I would suggested using the search bar with the deitys name and the word dedication.

I am afraid the appropriate/traditional way to approach this would depend on the entity, the purpose and what you hope to accomplish.

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i think first you shall know what you are looking for because prayer and dedication are totally different things, simply you can perform a prayer to ask specific thing or give thanks to a deity of your choice … but dedication you can put it like a commitment, like here is me @EmoDemon and i want to work with you (deity name) for some time /life time so first know what you want and then look for it ,