Prayer to call any Deity of your choice

Hello again, its Akhtya…:blush:

Today i want to share the prayer that i have been using for a while now… i got this prayer from one website (sorry i don’t remember the name :blush:) in 2015 at that time i was not able to do magic everyday like now… i was still at university so i used to do magic only on my holidays, due to that i wanted to find something that suited my environment adding with a lot of abrahamic religion ideas on my head then a prayer it was a great thing to do…

But this prayer can be used to call any deity ranging from demons, angels and Gods. I have used it to call any spirit when i needed quick protection or anything that i needed urgently i have used this prayer…

But i never used it to get something too big, i have used it only for simple matters like quick protection, to steer up some confidence during presentations or anything that needed a quick solution and i didn’t have time to perform a ritual…

So like I, I hope you will find success with this prayer (in case if you will find slight differences from the original prayer for those who know it just post the perfect one right below this post)``

 `**Preformatted text**`THE PRAYER

“In the name of I am that i am i call to the heart of …(name of the deity)…”

After calling the spirit then you state your intent…why you called him/her

" …(Name of the deity) it is my will that…(mention your task)"

When you finish issuing your task then say the following,

“I accept this now made to manifest in the full power of living God, i am who i am so be it”

As i have said, if there is any errors just write the correct prayer down but i have used it many times that i can’t count and always i received the help that i needed…

Be blessed and stay health,


Very interesting! Do you find that some spirits respond better to this than others?

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sorry for late reply, well all the spirits i have called using this method responded well…there was no doubt in it


I like practices like this

Do you still use the method? How have the spirit manefested ? How one know which or what spirit that aide with what ? => Do you have a book of spirits and their power that correlate to this specific prayer format ? Any preparation like protection work one need to do before petition of the prayer? After getting the desire result was there any offering one had to give to the spirit?

I ask for the sake of being a student, and proper understanding, hence my style of magick is mostly through communication/prayer style .

So the more prayers I add to my repertoire the more I grow in my practice .

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Thank you.

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Yes i still use the method… First time i have used this prayer i felt the spirit manifested within me…just like when you invoke …but now i feel nothing honestly …but it also depends on which spirit you have called and how your astral senses have developed …

But even if you will feel nothing as long as you have a called a spirit it will come to you…

About where i found spirits powers well …if its angels you want to call you can look on damon brand books he has alot of angels… There…

If its demons you want yo pray to you can use lesser key of solomon… Find a demon that resonates to you or what you want to accomplish…then recite the prayer…

So you can use any source to get to know the power of the spirit then after knowing it you can recite your prayer to call him or her…

I hope i have aswered you well …


Very interested

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Then go ahead and try it out…and let me know about your experiences…

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Will do thanks
And yes you clarified.

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Had a great success with this prayer calling on Raphael

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What are some others prayer method you know
Asking for experimental purposes