Death hex for rapist

I’m comfortable with dark work, causing illness, mental disturbances, bad luck/misfortune, breakups, etc but never thought I would have a desire to use a working where the outcome would be a slow torturous death. Like… wasting away, painful, whole life going down the tubes and being destroyed, money disappearing, health declining to finally the point of death type torture. I get it in theory but I really want this to be effective so I’m approaching it differently.

A few months ago (end of march) I was date raped, have been focusing on cleansing, healing, and just trusting the world around me and myself againt during the meantime. Think I’m in a pretty good state to approach this now that I’ve processed a bit and took time to accept it happened. Due to my memory being affected I still really have no clear recollection of who exactly did what.

I know one target who is involved (a person known for drugging girls, unbenknowest to me), the fact this happened at an old friends bday party really pisses me off. But the fact so called friends are lying, stories not adding up, and those who know how I am didnt even step in to intervene/stop the event when they saw I wasn’t acting normal just makes me want to take down everyone who was there. When I ask them questions their responses are ludacris!

In short, what spirits/saints/orisha/whatever do I have to work with because… I refuse to be a victim and I feel whoever is involved did this because they wanted to feel powerful and in control. Last time I tried working with a hot/aggressive spirit (a saint btw St. Martha) my bed caught on fire and I had to move, so… I want to avoid that.

I really want all who did this and all involved in covering it up to feel as powerless as they tried to make me feel. Part of me wants them to confess but like 90% just wants everyone to suffer.

Any suggestions? Im literally up just thinking in my work room… sorry for the word vomit :pray:t6:


Pazuzu or Sorath would be my suggestion. Both are really, really good at bringing the hammer down. Your own ancestors could be helpful (pissed off ancestor spirits are not to be underestimated based on what I have seen). Give them hell.


First, I want to say that I am sorry something like this happened to you. Your strength in the face of adversity is a powerful and inspiring talisman for us all.

The first entity I thought of after reading your topic post is Lilith. From my limited experiences with her, this is exactly the type of shit she lives for. I think she would also be an incredibly powerful and beneficial sort of spiritual sponsor or role model in this situation. She really is one badass bitch, and revenge is kind of her forte.

— also — she isn’t a reckless spirit who is in the habit of creating needless chaos for the conjurer. I’m sure she would be delighted to be in communication with someone like you.

Now, I’m a demonic/goetic purist at heart.

However, there is also the Egyptian goddess Ammit. Not only would this death-eater deal out a healthy dose of justice, this goddess specializes in maintaining sustained suffering long after physical expiration. Why only suffer physically on earth? Ammit doesn’t mind cuddling up with them for a couple eternities or so. And trust me when I say that this lion/alligator/hippo hybrid makes for one ethereal cunt of a cuddling buddy.

—catch— Ammit will not personalize this task or give you very much in the way of savory vengeance. Her ultimate purpose is to weigh hearts against truth, acting from a place of detached justice.

May also want to try consistently displacing any pent-up energy from the situation to… I don’t know a crystal or doll or something? I’m not Wiccan. However, I’ve heard plenty of stories where the negative energy only seems to backfire, damaging the caster.

Whatever you do, best of luck, but do be careful.


Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions and support.
Today I will definitely present this to my ancestors… idk why I’ve at least havent done that sooner. Think I was too scattered until now.
I will definetly learn more about Ammit, eternal suffering sounds right up my alley. I’ve always read a lot about Lilith but never worked with her, these are options I’m open to as well as the demons mentioned above😈

Will also get a “worry” talisman as well, didnt even think about that. Im very much fond of river stones so think I’ll go that route.

This is definetly already heading in a good direction


First off I want you to know that I believe you 100% because why would you lie on an anonymous occult forum unless you are lying to yourself which there would be no point. That being said I’m going to present this in the way a court of law would and show the view from an outside perspective. Now you may feel violated and as if all parties involved are responsible but before you go cursing the entire county (which I could care less if you do) I’m going to walk you through this and at the end give an adequate proposal for a magickal plan of action which I will personally assist in.
The problem with friends in a situation such as this is that often when one is drugged ones judgement is greatly hindered and to casual observers you may have appeared to be a willing participant. Although you in your right mind would have not been, the drug might have caused you to feel otherwise at the time. Don’t get me wrong, the person who drugged you is definitely at fault. However if the guy you went into the broom closet with was unaware of you having been unwillingly dosed he is not. If he is or was aware then he is definitely at fault as well as the one who drugged you.
If you were taking in drugs and alcohol under your own free volition before you were unwillingly dosed then it becomes even more complicated. As everyone else who witnessed the event would have been under the presumption that you had gotten yourself good and wasted. Also if the guy in question was also inebriated and his judgement impaired and unaware of the drugging it is even more complicated. If he was 100% sober and taking advantage of a drunk girl he’s not necessarily a rapist just a real sleaze bag piece of shit. So for the casual observer witnessing the event you may appear to be attempting to save yourself from a reputation as a drunk slut.
As a person intoxicated under your own will you do have a fair amount of diminished responsibility but being unknowingly further intoxicated does remove all responsibility and nobody can blame you.
Since you have no recollection of the events and no proof of unwanted drugging (I assume you didn’t go to get a rape kit and toxicology report done the next day like so many girls unfortunately make the mistake of ) this further complicates the situation for your friends as their perception of the event is much different than the one you have no recollection of.
In their minds there was no drugging and you were simply behaving like any drunk person under the sun would. Then you come up asking questions and seem as though you are trying not to seem like a slut to save your reputation. Now if there is proof of this drugging then that’s something, especially concerning the individual who is responsible for the dosing. But if not then unfortunately we can’t simply assume that the suspected doser, dosed you based on his history of dosing people without proof, (which is why I so strongly stress that if one suspects such a violation one must immediately have a rape kit and toxicology report done so justice can be met).
So in conclusion before we make the rash decisions to curse all you friends colleagues and associates for covering for a rapist, based on your presumptions due to your state of emotional distress I offer the following proposal.
We do a working that focuses on bringing the pain to the individual or individuals responsible if there is one. This way we don’t go wasting time throwing wild accusations and making ourselves look foolish or worse.
Secondly we focus on healing your emotional state and elevating you of responsibility. Nobody is going to look down on you for getting wasted and having a good time although getting slightly out of hand, because everyone is equally guilty of it themselves at some point in life. A spirit summoned to not only reveal any hidden wrongdoings but to grant justice for said wrongdoings should be more than sufficient. Your requested form of punishment will be doled out and if a party is guilty you can sit back and gleefully observe the results. Now for your emotional distress, allowing yourself to continue to feel violated and powerless is letting the guilty party win since rape is about power and control mostly. You reclaiming your power is what this working should focus on. Do not give your enemies the satisfaction. Know that you had to be removed in mind to be taken advantage of however your revenge is a conscious projection of your will that they are helpless even in their most powerful mind state to resist.
I’m a little preoccupied at the moment because my daughter is going into openheart surgery today but as soon as I am able I will summon a spirit and cast a spell on your behalf. All you have to do is sit back and watch the synchronicities, serendipitous coincidences and strange events unfold final destination style as those that were involved if any, suffer tragedy after tragedy to the point of agonizing depression and suicidal tendencies. Cheers and best of luck.


Thank you. I did report the event to the police and went the legal route as well, got a rape kit and had my injuries logged and photographed. There was damage to my genital area found as well so something did happen despite me being afraid to make false accusation inadvertently. I’m not a prude when it comes to sex, I just dont like my choice to consent being obsolete. Sex is a natural human urge/act when done with both parties AWARE, nothing to be ashamed of.

I’ve done a lot of mulling over and was even at a point where I doubted if anything happened at all despite the bruising and bleeding I woke up with the next day which is why i decided to focus on the healing and cleansing for so long.

I sincerely do appreciate you wanting to help in anyway despite you having such an important situation to handle. I do like this proposal as a course of action and yes, justice in the court system would be nice but it honestly is lacking when it comes sexual assault cases which is why I wanted to go the metaphysical route of retribution.

I will pause before cursing any innocent bystanders and just focus on healing and those directly involved in violating me


I’m glad you did get the rape kit and the legal system is difficult to deal with without it and it’s hard enough with it. We will see that justice is served even if the law will not.


Good luck! I hope it goes well on punishing that anonymous dickhead. I’m glad you overcome that awful incident and built your strength again. :blush:


Thank you.
All systems gooooo!!

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I was going to weigh in with Lilith, but since someone already beat me to the chase, they’re also Andras or Lucifuge Rofocale. But Lilith would probably be the best in this situation.

I’m sorry that this happened to you, and I hope you find a path through your trauma. If you need any help there, magick or mundane, feel free to DM me.


I will :pray:t6:

So sorry this happened to you. Speaking from experience (I could write a book but I’ll try and just give some succinct suggestions.)

You could put a general shout out asking which sprits, entities, demons, gods/goddesses would like to work with you on this and see who shows up. Personally, years ago, I did this by getting into state and meditating with great intent and openness on a candle. The results were pretty cool.

An experience like this can show you who your friends are, for sure. Real and true friends you can trust are generally pretty rare and yes FUCK anyone who doesn’t beleive you. It is shitty but unfortunately common. I would save your spiritual jam to curse the flesh turd who violated you and I know you have the wrath to get it done. Intention being everything, that is powerful enough and I would guess the spiritual assistance will come. You are right and you have ancestors as someone else mentioned that are just as pissed off. I wish you the best of luck and man is it satisfying to watch it work.

Oh yeah, divination before spellcasting can be handy and a simple pendulum might help answer some yes or no questions. If your impulse is to just get to it, great. Your wrath is your greatest assistance here and you will have success. Revenge is the best revenge.

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I’ve done a bit of work towards those involved, havent really opened the floodgates how I want because I’m waiting for 2 items to come in. But I already have presented the issue to my ancestors and turns out later in the day I did there was an earthquake in another part of town(I didnt feel it, someone else told me. I’m very big on my ancestors and the earth so i took that as a good sign.)

Thank you for all your support. Every single one of you. Also I been working with Lilith in the protection from evil men/empowering aspect, asking her for strength/healing and to see through the deceit and lies before me… last night had some pretty crazy dreams involving a ritual with a baby but it was a man and it’s like they were chasing me, I was speaking a language I dont and so were the men, idk if She was trying to show me a part of her past or what (cause I know shes been persecuted too in a sense)… does anyone have an experience with that/dreams from Lilith?


definetly have use for this as I have 3 daughters who have all been. thanx

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Hey Luciana,
I feel I left a couple of important things out of my little tidbits so need to add those! But also your dream sounds scary and if you feel that’s what the meaning is, don’t second guess yourself because only you know. The dreams that are ‘more than just dreams’ are always obviously so because you just KNOW. I had a lot of both terrifying nightmares and powerful spiritual dreams after an assault.
The couple little things I wanted to add are that counselling can be very helpful and even though this is a ‘magical’ forum, if EMDR is done with a psychologist who knows how to do it effectively it is so effective and pretty damn magical. It’s been proven effective with combat vets and I used it to heal some extreme PTSD.
The other li’l thing is healing baths. They can be great just by themselves or before a ritual and especially after doing heavy cursing work. There are lots of recipes online and how-tos on that and you don’t need to use hyssop although you’ll probably see it’s the most commonly recommended.
Hail Lilith! :green_heart:strong text

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I will take that into account as I like the element water and anything related to it. Spiritual baths are something i do regularly and will probably make a big batch of something after i sit with the idea in my spirit and let it come to me. I utilize a lot of cleansing herbs (mints, citrusy herbs/fruits, etc), hyssop being a favorite of mine as well.

When I dreamed the dream I didnt feel as scared as I should have, it was almost like I was watching something from another person’s eyes. Like my skin didnt even look like my skin so that’s what was making me think I was seeing her memories or maybe an experience she had. I still want to get to know her so I’m just being open to what lesson shes trying to teach me right now. Even in that terrifying ordeal it’s like she still acted from a place of unshakeable power and strength. That’s very much needed for me right now.


Lilith all the way. She HATES women being taken advantage of, especially sexually, and will go out of her way to help you. You did the right thing in channelling her. Before I called her, I experienced her coming to me in flashes, like a quick scene in an action movie. She’s amazing to work with and her results are impeccable. All the best to you on your journey with her, and most of all, let that rage come out! She’ll stir it up in you anyway


Curious as to how it’s going! You sound like you’re not a beginner and you totally ‘got this’.

It’s actually a great reminder for me to work with Lilith, myself. I’ve been meaning to.

I honour Lucifer regularly and have had great results working with Vine whom I adore. I think Lilith and I would get along great too though from what I have gleaned. This is truly a fascinating path and always full of surprises.

Happy Hexing!!!

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Well the 2 dudes that I know were definitely involved have stopped sniffing around me, i think they were trying to gauge how much i remember by seeing how I responded. I dont talk to any of the people involved much so idk the details of their lives other than the gf of one dude involved. Apparently he is going through depression and they’re having money problems.

Idk anything about the main guy that drugged me, i blocked him on everything cause i dont even want to see his face.

Healing wise I feel Lilith is guiding me, i dont feel as hurtful inside or distrustful of my own judgement and learning to take pleasure in being a woman.

I actually went out with friends last weekend and wasnt reduced to a big puddle of anxiety and was able to flirt a little. Lilith i think helped me cross paths with a priestess recently who is going to help begin my initiation. I visited her 2 days ago and right in her entry way she has 3 statues of owls…

Safe to say I think Lilith is definitely very active atm.


Wow, Luciana!

That couldn’t be better news and I’m so happy for you! My healing came much slower.

The irl synchronisity of the owls being at the priestess’s door! What a beautiful confirmation that Lilith is guiding and protecting you and encouraging you on your path!!! Amazing!

How did you find this priestess? What sort of initiation? This may be too personal for the public forum and i would have DM’d that question but haven’t figured out how to do that yet. :joy::thinking:. Actually I’m so curious that even a tidbit of an answer would be great!!!

Again, I’m so happy for you and that’s fantastic news.

Brightest Blessings!!! :green_heart::sparkles:strong text