Death curse. Know my power!

Hey guys I was wondering if there was any kind of death curse where the victim knows who cursed them. That’s the only to be satisfied. Ur not just satisfied know ur own power. Ur happy when other people know your power and fear you. So any thoughts?


@Micah Thoughts?

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The point of KEEP SILENT is to not let them kow it was you my man.

What you want is to invoke Fear in them which is the stupidest thing and least significant in a Death Curse.

Me personally, I am quite satisfied letting people not fear me, not take me seriously, think I’m stupid, etc cause it allows me minimal drama while enabling me to get the drop on them cause I know that if they don’t take me seriously now, they wont when it comes time to Kill them.

Be satisfied with yourself knowing your own power. Appear Harmless, when you are Lethal.

Appear Stupid, when you are smart

Appear like the weakest shit out there, when in fact you are a force to be reckoned with.

Let them think that your Death spell is weak and isn’t slowly extracting their Body, Soul, energy etc bit by bit and distracting them with “success” so when the Sudden Death Comes its too late


I highly doubt a deity would agree with u. They want their power known by us mere mortals.

That kinda depends.


You’re gonna do what your flawed logic is telling you to do anyway

Can’t help you here.
Good luck.


Tru Loki who I love working with works I the shadows

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If it was me and I absolutely had to make sure the target knew I’d done it, I’d wait until the target was about to die, then whisper into their ear.

The look on their face would be something to see, that’s for sure.

But I’m more concerned with results. And if I happen to wipe out a few people who deserve it, and if other people start to notice that anyone who crosses me gets what they deserve…well, I can’t help it if they whisper about me. (Oh, wait. Hell yes I can, and I relish punishing gossips. But whether I want people afraid of me would depend on the individual case.)


one who deals fear, is himself always in fear. how quixk do u want the person to die


He using psychology. Its called mind games to scare the shit out of your enemies. Only the very strong willed would not fall prey to that. Rest will have anxiety attacks which will surely deteriorate their health.


Its not even smart mind games…@magick2

It’s simple,
“I’m trying to use a vague reference to a deity to intimidate you into retracting your statement to make you agree with me”



I’d disagree with @Micah with great forethought. He knows about which he is talking about.

I see your desire as being two separate things: strike fear in your enemy OR kill them. You can’t really do both. Plus, there’s a good chance that if they believe you are killing them, they will get help. And it can land you in quite a messy pot of hot water.

Do one or the other. The adept, the true magickian - @Micah mentioned - doesn’t really care if they strike fear in others as long as they get their results.


I stay quiet and strike them.
If I told them, they would just tell everyone I was crazy… Not many people believe in curses and Witchcraft and Demons .
I just sit back and strike at each aspect of what the target holds dear until everything is gone.
I work on bettering my own life in the process.
Forewarning is allowing them time to try and protect themselves.


TRUTH! I no longer warn anyone. Mess with me and you WILL get what you deserve.


Unless you are walking up to someone and blowing powder in their face, I find it doubtful that one would exist. The mindset that many people have that spirits or magic do not exist blocks them from being able to really pick up anything that would tell them “hey, you’ve been cursed by such and such”. If they do, they’ll likely just rationalize it away just like everything else outside the norm. Understanding human behavior and pointing stuff out that makes others think you can rear their minds (therefore know all their dirty secrets) is far more efficient if scaring the enemy is the goal. Applied knowledge is one of the many forms of power out there in the world.


I dont know if i want do that, all that diety that i work with is pleased enough if the practicioner him/her self grateful for their help.

In my country there’s a black magick cursed called SANTET, you could google it “Indonesian Santet” and that kinda magick is most fucked up thing and most scariest thing ever. But, it was easy to detect… even its pain in the ass process to remove the curses. It means to torture your victim physicaly and mentaly, the case is prety similar… some nails, razor, or just simply broken glasses planted in the victims body. Night terror, poltergeist even posession… in this situation even the dumbass known something not right.

Then you’ll know what happen next, the family member will call psyhcic, shaman or dukun (Pron. Doo koon), even religius cleric to exorcise the force.

its tiring, and its waste of energy


When you have a good relationship with a Demon ,usually people drop before you curse them I find. I noticed a good few wither and weaken before I did anything to them. No idea if this was negative thought forms or my close Demon but some folks just kind of died off


Makes lot of sense…


Great question, i wondered if you should warn and threaten, i have hexed you, be damned!

I made a pretty decent post, check this out it will give you many answers.


You’re right. If your warning and threatening it’s just a pysch op to frighten the target. If your really going to hex someone, say nothing and let the magic do it’s work.