So I did a death petition for Azrael to take the life of this old man that has dementia and keeps traumatizing me mentally and emotionally. I don’t find it a coincidence after 2 days of me doing that spell I got severe pneumonia and felt like dying then I searched on Google that Pneumonia without antibiotics its fatal. I took antibiotics though and after 2 weeks I was ok. Why did it backfire? Im thinking about trying to ask Azrael for help again but what if this time it will backfire better and REALLY kill me instead???! I see most people not working with Azrael because they’re scared.

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Azrael is one of the most important entities. The majority of people in the occult dont have even the slightest idea about his true powers. He is excellent in Protection Magic and Necromancy


The most common reason is protections of the target that were not accounted for causing reflection back to you. Or just a stronger will than you. It’s usually recommended to use divination to find out what happened exactly and account for it if you intend to repeat the working.

Something that people miss when we’re trying to find out own abilities, is that other people all have abilities too, and you don’t need training to use them, healing and protection come naturally. Never underestimate a target for baneful work. :slight_smile:

Edit: Actually this post over here synchronistically looks like something you want to have a look at:


I agree with you. I actually live with a older woman that I swear up and down she does things either consciously or not. She was able to get away with way way to much. To the point it was life threatening to some others I live with. Iv had gone up to other spirits to ask for aid and well it was delivered. But because of her natural abilities I guess I’ll call them, it took a bit. So yes definitely don’t underestimate anyone. Even a old person with dementia. In fact I work in a place that has people that suffers that and other illnesses. One of the first thing I was told I believe from Satan could be another spirit was something very true and a bit scary when you think on it. “Do not underestimate them. They are more aware of things then you give them credit for.” Meaning even though they seem to be not exactly here they are more then just here but also is or can tap into the other side.

Iv personaly have witnessed this with one individual who saw someone. They say it’s just his meds but I was visited multiple times at my own home and some have seen dark shadow like figures popping out of the door way naturally they say that it was just one of the residence peeking out. But the problem is most can not get out of bed without assistance. So with that scary thought lol

I definitely would suggest checking that out. I honestly found it a coincidence that i felt a need to post on there and now was linked. So who knows it may give you some ideas and answers.

But I definitely agree to what Mulbrry has said. Do some readings and a test on your subject before going full guns. Because where they may have a strength in an area there is always a weakness. Some times that weakness isn’t well known unless you know that person. Example let’s say I want to curse an individual that also has some good protection and does some dabbling himself. Obviously I can’t hit strait on. But let’s say I look at them in a different angle like a boss fight in a game. They may have a weakness to something els. And let’s say theirs is lust. You can then use a lust spell on them as curse.

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