Death current: does it make your body deteriorate?

Hi, brothers and sisters. I’m a new comer to necromancy; but i want to really learn this art.

But i keep hearing:

“ the death current is not good for your health!”

“Your body will start to deteriorate!”

“You will start to get sick!”

“If you spend to much time in it, you will die!”

Are any of these statements true?

If they are:

  1. Is their a way to not get sick? Like energy work?

  2. Does it depend on the power of the practitioner. In terms of how strong they are, to be able to withstand the current. If so, what techniques can you use to make yourself stronger?

I would love to hear from experienced and long serving practitioners of necromancy. Who have been practicing necromancy for most of their life.

I would love to hear their views on this.

Thank you, brothers and Sisters.

One love.


From what i understand, yes you are essentially breathing in death. Overtime i believe i read you could negate the effects to your body. Im not one hundred percent sure as i didnt spend much time researching this path of magick.


I read something like this too. That over time your body can adapt to it. But i’m not sure if that’s true, or not :thinking:.


Could not tell you. Maybe these people can though. @DarkestKnight @anon48079295 @Lady_Eva

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Thanks, brother! @Nimosdomus

I don’t believe any of those are true, but then again my view of physical necromancy is communicating with residual energy of the dead or evocation of that residual energy to control to a degree, around those concepts. I don’t believe it’s completely death energy.


I see. Thank you, anyway, brother! @Velenos

V.K, has an article about how if you are proficient in psychic vampyrism. That you would be able to withstand the current. And also, be able to use the death current to heighten your abilities.

I’m not sure if this is true. But it’s interesting…


What about spiritism? So I work with Santa Muerte mostly, but I’m also afraid of the effects of death energy on my mind and perception. I don’t ever work with things like bones, fluids, etc. It’s purely communication with the dead and workings with Santa Muerte. Isn’t that known as spiritism?


Only working with the spirits of the dead is spiritism


t depends what energy you’re taking in.

If you do like Velenos does, which is what I do, and simply talk to entities the usual way, it’s not an issue.
If you go to a graveyard and breathe in the energy of decomposition, that can cause imbalance in your energy system, which is not supposed to be decomposing. If you transmute that or balance it out afterwards, it’s still fine.

I personally don’t believe in such a thing as “death energy”. I’ve made some attempts to understand what I happen to think necromancers mean by that, but it’s not a thing in my worldview. Death is a change of your spiritual state, and that takes energy to do, but it’s not a bad thing.

What I do get, is that for most incarnates to die, they can’t just choose to transition, they must first sustain significant damage to the vessel to cause it to become supportive of the incarnation. That kind of energy also echoes around the dead like congealed trauma - in ghosts and graveyards - and you don’t want to be breathing that in either.


No there is a certain threshold you can handle it increases over time you could perform rites to increase that threshold invocations

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yes thats true just dont over expose yourself

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On a personal level i find death energy relaxing, nourishing and refreshing. Only someone who worked with the devouring death can really transmute that energy in life. The only problem is that death energy is not sexual so its very hard to integrate these workings when sexually active or young.


Can you elaborate on the Devouring Death? I happen to work with psychopompy and transmutation of death energies, but the latter in particular I dont hear anything about. I know also people say “dont vamp from the dead”, but given you have proper filters and transmutation systems I dont really see what the issue is.


Do you guys think that learning psychic vampirism, before i start necromancy. Could be a good way to learn, as a beginner, how to transmute and filter the energy?

So, when i do start necromancy. I already have a good filtering system in place.

What do you guys think?

What’s the devouring death?

I don’t think it’s necessary, you don’t need to ‘vamp’ death energy and transmute to work with it, graveyards “death energy” is mostly stale left over energy from the dead I wouldn’t call it death energy, in my opinion legitimate death energy comes from beings like grim reapers, thanatos, Azrael, and various psychopomp deities/entities.

You can learn to shield from the stale energy so your shield keeps your energy body from taking in that stale left over energy instead.


I see. Thank you, brother!

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