Dealing with Loneliness on this path

How do you all deal with loneliness on this path? I have many spiritual friends, but a typical response I get after mentioning anything that gives them a sniff of anything “dark” comes with a typical response of “as long as its not harmful!” and etc etc etc… when they don’t even know what I am talking about? I find it upsetting. I realise that there is no one in my physical life whom I can talk to about this stuff.

I feel many of my friends have ingrained religious beliefs and fears, and I don’t expect them to understand. However I think its trick that as I am working through losing my own fears and inhibitions, I naturally want to share (I am very open) however I realise this is off limits for all of them. I am lucky my partner is atheist for most part so he is not phased at my witch and demonology books as he doesn’t care about it and he lets me do my own thing.

How do you all deal with this? Some days I feel like im BURSTING and want to just connect with people who get it and talk about my experiences?


It’s challenging and I can comfort you you are not alone. It is a question I have thought about too. Lonely path. I choose quite carefully who to talk with and I leave “escape route” kind od, if one believes stories or demons. Things like that. Kind of a bit open ended so there is no real yes or no I do believe in this stuff when I talk about it. I don’t kmow if that helped. :slight_smile:


There is a millions of places to share your self with online. Like this place being one.

There is meetup site for an example. Maybe you you need to put more work in to finding people. I know on facebook there is always something going on in my city.


With Lucifer you shouldn’t feel lonely :slight_smile:


Im not that lonely but when i talk about it with my friends they are sceptical like “she is dreaming” or "you are mad " “follow jesus” “i choose the light…” … so i stopped talking about it with them and speak with people i met on internet.


You’re right, it’s almost impossible to talk to anyone who automatically think everything Dark is evil. When I was a little kid I used to climb out of the window and eventually my parents would find me sitting in the backyard, staring at the sky. Is the night sky evil?
I live in the US in a very conservative Christian area. My witch friends all live in England. Usually twice a year I’m over there and we do group workings. It’s great when you can just let your hair down and be yourself.
Here, met some Wiccans. Damn they have a lot of rules. Didn’t work out it was their way or the highway. I have my husband and a couple of friends who really know me. But no one to work with. Planning to move back to Europe within a year. Ask around, maybe someone here is in your area. Or maybe do a ritual carefully outlining what kind of person you’d like to be around. I don’t know what entity you work with, but they’re likely able to make that happen. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree on what @Purple said.
Forums like this can be helpfull in situations like this.
What you’re saying in this post is the reason i made a membership on this forum.

But working towards your Will is something which is inevitably lonely i’m afraid…


A good magical axiom is the old Crowley one: “to know, to will, to dare, to keep silent”. I have always struggled with the last part. After many years I have learned the value of it: so many senseless arguments with RHP theists have done nothing but sap my strength and caused a loss of confidence, so now I don’t even bother with them. Actually after awhile you will gain so much company and stimulation from spirits you’ll be the one feeling sorry for the throng with a thousand so-called friends but not one single true companion. It’s all relative. However, there are plenty of folk on here and other forums who will help you on your journey. Best of luck.


Find a church-like community where you feel at home. It could be anywhere really. Just have faith that you’re not alone and push through the negative feelings with prayer and music and with whatever you have. Just do whatever works. You’re not alone!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



Good topic, we all have different levels of this, of which people around us accept what aspect of our work. I posted this as a fallback:

That’s how I cope for things that can’t be discussed elsewhere.


I’m having the same issues, no one will approach me, no one appreciates anything I do, and act like I’m not there, unless I say something and they think my practices are a waste of time. So, sometimes I end up laying in bed, crying, trying to envision something better, like being surrounded by people who love me and make life worth living. I’m sure we all know what you’re going through, take comfort that you’re truly not alone.


Its hard to tell. Of course, it would be great having someone near you you could talk about /reflect with on your workings.
Personally I think this loneliness does a lot more for me than I thought. For the first time since forever I was able to pick up something that is truly MINE, where no one around me is able to belittle me in any kind of way.


loneliness is delightful,i have lived alone for years just enjoying myself all the time dedicated only for me and nobody else.

there is no loneliness,you are just putting yourself first and evolving,which is a thing that almost nobody do as they tend to sleep/eat/shit/repeat until their death to become fertilizer after all of this.



It’s my opinion magick should add something to your life, no matter how wacky or unconventional that is, for anyone just experiencing losses and no benefit, maybe time to consider whether you can explore other types of work (reiki, Law of Attraction, etc) and retain the life you want.


When I was young I figured that solitary confinement would be a privilege. Imagine that - no shitheads!



You don’t deal with it because it doesn’t have to be dealt with openly and in the public’s eyes. It can as inconspicuous as you choose to make it be.

The internet helps, this forum being one — your vibe attracts your tribe so eventually you are going to start coming across people who you may’ve guessed have a knack for the occult. It takes one to know one, you can smell an occultist in person…

Now lastly, a quick meetup search on Facebook or google could show which covens are around your area, I plan on seeing a medium soon, who’s up the road running a business… keen to establish a rapport with her and see what she can do. It’s that easy.


I did a ritual to find a friend in the occult and low and behold I find one in my own city.


The path I’m on is the path of Satan – to become my own God! That’s a very self-absorbing, self-alienating and hence lonely path! I view humanity as Drugoy : the other! I compete against myself. I am the centre of my own multiverse! Where else would that centre be? I am a growing God – now - and I accept the inherent loneliness of my quest.

Yet even now I do not know what lies ahead,
Now is my time to seek the glory of my Goddesses and my Gods,
That I will one day walk with Satan,
In His world, with His bride,
And that I will become greater than the mortal I am leaving behind,
The mortal which must die that a God will be born!

Ave Satanas! Satanas Dominus Terra!



Not quite that bad for me, but I like to stay away from people, with very few exceptions.

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My opinion is that one should shapeshift often and connect with people on their own grounds, that is if you have a hunger for connection.
I mean, even Christians can be fun to connect with. Act like you are one of them or at least give them a sympathetic ear and let them think that you actually think their opinions and beliefs are somewhat sensible.

Here’s one thing I have observed though. They leak more energy to ones that are not one of them but someone who think they can indoctrinate or at least validate their beliefs through rather than ones already of the same creed.