Dealing with Loneliness on this path

I have lived alone,by choice,for a long time.
But that isn’t really true for folks like us,is it?

I know many people that cannot be alone at all, which I find strange.
They are missing out!


Ever thought your loneliness is self created


Yeah probably.

I m going thur the same thing with no guidance and no one to turn too help pls


You have us on the forum. :smiley:

That’s not the same as offline mates to talk to about magick, but it’s still more than any occultist prior to the late nineties ever had, so… :thinking:


thanks my LADY

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your not the only one I keep feeling like I ve live this life before but this time I lost a lot a long the way and I cant seem to get my full powers back anyone know a spell I could try or a spirt I should try to contact that might help restore me


I have but one friend who has an armchair attitude about Magick.

He is uninterested in rituals or experiments with beliefs. He makes sigils as something to do.


I don’t have ANY friends involved in this.

I also am antisocial

I don’t want to be around other nerds into this path


One day…

Yes i relate to this! I found this path on my own and no one around me to push me in any direction from it…,

instead of occultism i tend to work with groups of people that like gardening, raising rabbits and chickens, hunting and fishing, playing music. to me all of those things are occult, to the average person they are not.

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keep it to yourself. it’s your secret weapon of success. =o)

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I’m going to be honest here. Sometimes, walking alone is the price you must pay. Some folks have it on them so hard, their friends die or lovers literally are driven mad. It’s usually because they conflict with things in some way, and the dissonance causes this harm.

You gotta learn to enjoy your company. You know that video game you don’t like to share, that you want to play by yourself? Sometimes that’s just how it is for things like this.

But to have a balanced, strong and varied life this can’t be all you have. I know I personally said f*ck it and rejoined some goth communities. I don’t think I could be close with the folks I see online, but we do share something else in common we can talk about. Loneliness doesn’t have to be because you’re magical, you see. Sometimes it’s the company you keep. So you find better environs. Always care for your environs.

If it weren’t for the people I curse, I’d talk to no one! I’m constantly asking them how they are doing and can I be of service :rofl:

Seriously though, this forum has been money!

it’s pretty damn entertaining talking to people about moon and season cycles in context of breeding animals and planting crops when much of that information directly correlates to occult practices.