Dealing with haters iieeqcen

I understand we got lots of topics on curses and whatnot. This is a bit of a situation im in her. By recent ex best friend is out to get me. High on drugs, stalking me, waiting for an oppertunity to kick my ass. Not gonna lie i wouldnt stand a chance. Big guy. I no longer care about him. He broke up with the girl who turned outbto be my soulmate. Made ammends with him, we were cool for a few days but he snaped the other night.

Started sending videos of him fucking my girl from when they were together. Look i just need some ideas for a customized curse for drastic results. Ive got him so vulnerable i just want some ideas to really fuck him over in the worst way. Hes abusive and degrading to women. Set in his ways and all fucke up if that helps.

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And no cops no law i dont play that shit.

I want to tie him and his little junkie groupies down so they are miserable moreso than they already are and so this drama shit stops. I think i got this but wanted to make a post for input/updates cause this situation is heated and im about to do baneful

targets his weaknesses and the fact that he’s a debauched man . I would have targeted his psyche and pushed him to irritability, depression with black thoughts, suicidal thoughts, overuse of drugs and paranoia.or with a more gentle spell to get the police to come after him and put him in jail.


How about binding him and preventing him from hurting you and your loved one? You don’t need to make him miserable,nor take revenge.
Even if you go with it, you’ll get the same results regarding your life. So why go this way? :thinking:
And no, I’m not a peace maker , I just prefer less “drastic” measures sometimes.


Damn, you’re not a very good friend for banging your friend’s ex. I can see why he doesn’t like you.

That’s why they like him, and it’s also human nature for people to abuse each other, it goes both ways. Aren’t you supposed to be a black magician? If so, why are you morally condemning somebody when as a black magician you indirectly acknowledge that morality is not absolute?

Edit: I’m not condemning you cursing or killing him, I’m pointing out that morality has no basis in this dispute. You need absolutely no reason to kill him, humans are mostly parasites anyway, but when you try to make it seem as if he’s morally flawed, when as a black magician morality shouldn’t matter, and you’re here trying to curse him after him getting mad at you for fucking his girl, you kind of come across as very hypocritical.


I’ve been in a similair situation.
Try to find out if your girlffiend still has contact with him or not.
I dont want to make you doubt your girlfriend or her being trustworthy
Its just that when you’re in love you tend to forget to see the potential bad aspects.
Try to be as rational as you can even when in love.

After being for a year through the same shit, my ex turned out to be still sending him (and eventually another dude aswell) emails and on facebook with different acc’s. All of that after several dead treats to me, she doing all types of psychological experimentation on me for lols and issues se had…
So take care of that.

You said the guy is on drugs, normally drug addiction has serious effects on one’s energetic body.
His deffence mechanisms will be pretty weak, low energy level etc so normally it should be easy to do a psychic attack on him.
By those kind of practices, especially in his case, it will be easy for you to find out his weak spots.

one important thing, dont let the fear you have for him take over you.
That is a very crucial point.
Especially for when you will do attacks or curses on him since fear can drastically damage the quality of your workings and get your focus out of balance.

Perhaps you can put a hold on that by knot magick

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Golden response.

To say he was an obstacle in the way of your desire (your bird), so you screwed him over and now you want to immobilise him because he’s a threat once again is far better than attempting to take the moral high-ground. Because in all honesty? You sound like a white magician.

If I was you I would use this as a moment to learn and develop myself. Fight him physically, and if you lose take the beating with stoicism (the first few serious hits will produce a ringing in your ears and send everything bright or knock you out cold). And after that:

harden your body, learn how to take a beating. Train in MMA, learn how to smash your enemies. Train with weapon styles of various martial arts schools like Pencak Silat, learn to bleed and break your enemy. Go to a shooting range, learn to use firearms. Study the works of Robert Greene and Niccolo Machiavelli, learn to play psychological chess. Do not be a pussy, be a warrior mage.


The voice of reason dear cousin, the voice of reason.

I was actually coming on to say exactly this. This guy is using magic in an attempt to run away from difficult situation, instead of facing it like a man.

This suggests to me OP is cowardly, being ruled by his fear. I’m speaking from experience in saying that sorting out your own problems with your own physical abilities will build pride and self-esteem, which this guy is clearly lacking. Men should hold themselves to higher standards than running away and trying to solve their problems the easiest way possible, in hardship men learn valuable lessons and become stronger.

Judging by your character I’m guessing he was way better at it than you.

Exactly, however he doesn’t necessarily need to do MMA. MMA is about rules. There is no fairness in any fight, because no two people share the same exact mentality and physical ability, it’s all bullshit. All he needs to do is win, not “fairly”, but win.

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Sometimes you have to obey the rules to learn. Once that learning has been achieved the rules can be broken and used against those who do not have the courage to assert themselves without them.


I also think this is highly probable. She’s using the OP as a means to play with the other guy.

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I agree, that does seem to apply to this guy. He seems like the type who hasn’t ever been jumped or received a harsh beating so as to realize he’s a lot harder to kill than he thinks.

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Are you talking about Karma here? Talking about his curse affecting him as well?

Or are you talking about his own life not being fixed just because he took care of this guy?

I’m still learning so that’s why I ask.

Yeah, the amount of blood one can lose and the amount of pain one can tolerate before blacking out (if the body has been exposed to pain and blood loss recently prior) is rather impressive.

A few months ago I was making a hole in my belt with my knife and I slipped straight through and sliced open the space between my thumb and forefinger so badly that I could imitate packman with the skin. I was in the middle of nowhere and had to use leaves to form a bandage. I was walking for about 1.5 hours, constantly dripping before I was able to address it.

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The point I was trying to make was the every black magician should experience pain on a semi-regular basis and learn to not fear it because it keeps him or her on the edge, and separates them from the mundanes of society.

Most people underestimate how difficult it is to slice yourself on demand for blood letting. Do you think the average Joe or Jane would have the will to do such a thing? You also need a degree of knowledge in how deep to cut or you’ll end up bleeding all over your ritual equipment and ingredients, and possibly need to go to the hospital for stitches. Believe me, I know. :joy:


I have several lancets but sometimes the entity or force requests pain as an offering.


Because in some magical currents pain experienced during bloodletting or sacrifice is a symbol of resolve and empowers the working. For a mainstream version of this type of practice look into Raven Kaldera.

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Somewhat. Yeah. What I meant is that ok. By either getting revenge ,drowning the target in a world of mystery and simply binding them, he’ll get the same result concerning HIS OWN life: riddance of the guy. So, since the result that affects him is the same ,why bother with revenge?


Gotcha! Makes sense! Thank you. Just wanted to make sure I understood what you meant.

In most instances a small drop of blood suffices. The pain in ritual is usually to do with reaching certain meditative states and you dont need to draw blood in these instances to cause pain. I think the majority of us are able to deal with pain etc and continue on its a survival mechanism when you are put in a situation of danger and pain most people rise to the occasion. If the OP has never been in a situation like this it doesnt mean he is any weaker than people that have, he has just not had to deal in these situations which doesnt mean hes not capable. We dont even know if that is the case anyway i think there are huge assumptions being made which points to ignorance imo. Just because someone has suffered extreme experiences or pain doesnt mean they are more valid than someone who hasnt.