David Here With Some Questions

My name is David, I am from Liverpool, i am not a magical person, I work everyday, yet I have questions that I need answered!

Or you can call it grim reaper or Hella? I don’t know what you call it!

So can no one give me advice here? As usual a forum full of gobshites! Don’t know why I waste my time searching for answers!

No one? Seriously?

Really, dude?

The members of this forum are from all over the world, and thus are in different time zones. Those who could answer your questions might be sleeping right now so you really need to learn some patience. We are not at your beck and call, and will answer in our own time, not at your immediate demand.


NOT your personal support forum here to answer questions, now come on - these are our forum rules, insults are NOT okay here, and yes that DOES include abusing the forum as a whole:

Back to your question:

Definitely sounds like Hel, try wikipedia first for information from an academic point of view.

Also, have you ever had precognitive dreams, or intuitions, or been interested in Tarot, anything like that? If you tell us about your experience with psychic/magickal things, we can better advise you what to do to explore this further.


Hi lady Eva, I have looked into Hella, it could be her, I’m not sure! Just got that funny feeling that something has, is and is there, watching…as a child I suffered from visits from the shadow man, which were proper scarey…I have gone to a psychic twice in my lifetime, and both times, I got a weird look, and told that they couldn’t tell me anything, best I leave!! Which if being truthful, scared me…

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Sorry, just that I am a bit impatient!

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Try this: Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0

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Hello lady, I have read the thread you sent me, I don’t mind having a reading etc, and I will answer any questions truthfully, if you can do this, I would be much appreciated…thank you. X

If you read the thread you’d understand you need to post there and it’s not a free reading, it’s a scan.
The people in that post will decide if they want to scan you or not but You have to post there.

Everyone has to pull their weight here. :wink:


Do my orgasm threads count as weight pulling :joy:


Sorry only recently joined, don’t know much about the stuff being discussed, or how to go about it! I just joined for answers to my questions.

Also another thing, everyone has to start somewhere! So don’t be so judgemental, I joined here for help and insight, not for people to tell me the etiquette of how things should be done. I just thought I’d explain. X

Hmm. Let’s see. We aren’t here to help you. This forum isn’t here to help you. It’s here to be a place where serious magicians can gather and learn and grow whilst allowing serious beginners to come and have access to a wealth of knowledge.


If you’re looking for help and insight use the search bar rather than calling me an ignorant gobshite for not wanting to drop my important shit to help someone who doesn’t even care enough to use the search bar. I will help you only if you help yourself. Otherwise please don’t waste our time. @anon48957109 and @DarkestKnight anything to add? :heart:️:heart:️


Btw I’m not attacking you. This forum welcomes polite and respectful newcomers. Please be respectful and you will get all the help you need. If not From us directly then just from looking at the forum.

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And this attitude is why you won’t get answers to your questions here.

Do you handle your life like this? I’d hope not. Being polite and showing you have initiative and integrity is always important regardless of where you’re at.

Also there should be plenty of threads on Santa Muerte.
If I remember correctly the info sent to you as a new member does tell you how to use the search feature.
Necro posting is encouraged but this isn’t FB, it’s a forum and people don’t “jump” to answer. :woman_shrugging:


^^^ this

Nothing wrong with being new but you’ll have to grow tough skin lol.
I have no interest in making this thread any more unproductive as it already is so will not “argue” with you.
Just chill out and go to the scan thread posted here.