Dating people who are only into Magick?

Hey guys what are your thoughts? I have never and will never date anyone who is not into magick. Now magick is relative many people have no problem with candle spells, herb spells and Christian based magick but have real problems with demonic magick.

I have to be with someone who is willing to accept all forms of witchcraft or the relationship won’t work. So my next question is where do my fellow magicians find people with similar interests. Also do you think the risk is heightened when dating a magician i.e. the risk to get cursed if things go south, to be manipulated through magick etc.

One thing I have noticed is that most magicians I know in real life are not in committed relationships. Most of the men pretty much have very active sex lives and the women seem to be searching for the one with many of them leading lives of celibacy.

I also wonder about dangers sometimes when dating another magician e.g. someone who dabbles into an area of magick and causes damage to themselves + those around them

Of course there are many advantages…sex rituals…yay :slight_smile:
Someone to assist you in taking down evil mofos
Someone to bounce magickal ideas off on and to learn from etc.


Old women?

lol yes

Old women know more complex tricks, they can lead to Binah



You need to develop a healthy, trusting relationship. People can do some fucked up shit with magick, be careful who you pick.


I personally think dating people based on if they practice or not is insanely stupid and limiting. A person can be accepting of your faith/path and not have to practice it. It’s quite possibly why “dark magicians” and other practitioners have trouble finding people because they limit themselves then proceed to complain about their love lives when a spell to seduce someone doesn’t work lol.


just go with the flow, my girlfriend believe in god, and she know i work with demons and she is fine with it. Why? because i look and live like a normal person,i am not talking all day about magick or occult. Do more things not just magick, you are living a beautiful world


My is the one that reintroduced me into it, but I he kept didn’t want me joining online magick groups. And a lot things got intense but he is an intense person in everything that he does.

We are still connected from some of the rituals we did.

Also I know just as many guys who troubles getting laid as females.

Dating other witches!? Had something with someone of high position in a magical order and well it’s not to be repeated. After a fight there were colateral destructive influences in the whole neighbourhood. It’s probably better to date mundano or prophane people and have good sex

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I’m inclined to fixate on the intuitive hazard romantic involvement with another occultist poses. Sharing identity as an occultist, let alone praxis let alone sacred space with someone else with the knowhow to use them to fuck you over is a pretty deep risk to run.

True yet quite a few make it work and are married to each other. I’ve seen a couple of couples in one lodge. As well as non-magicians run the risk of “outing” you as a “devil-worshipper” etc. which is also risky.

It’s ok to meet those not into magick. You can always introduce it to them in a positive manner. Not emphasizing devil satan worship like an addict. It’s all about the presentation and they will accept it cuz they see you and not what you do/practice. People are open to it if you present it in a way as a method/tool to help better your life and not like a cult status focus.

Emphasize the results not the fandom of I’m involve with demons/angels/ spirits /etc…

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Being into magick is preferable, yes. However limiting your choices based on magickal practice alone would be counterproductive when you could find someone who understands you, respects you and cares for you regardless.


Not magick but spirituality , because once you get involved with it , a lot of stuff becomes really unimportant , so it helps create a deeper bond if they understand you on a spiritual level


Romantic relationships do not work anyway. They are nothing more than a pre-condition of reproduction. If you do not plan of having children it is beneficial to stay away from relationships as it saves a lot of time and unnecessary suffering. This is why most practitioners keep things casual or opt out all together.

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What about same sex relationships? and personally I prefer something serious, casual for me gets boring lol.


Well, since reproduction is impossible, the suffering is inevitable.


There’s many types of flavor of romantic relationships. Both have to be on the same page for it to work. Just find someone that is on the same page. Of course you have to define what kind of romantic relationship you want first. If you don’t know what you want then it’s just a no purpose interaction. That’s why most friendship/relationship fail. They don’t define what they want together. There’s no agreement or contract. Most people don’t discuss the relationship. They just assume. And when there is conflict they just bail on each other or point fingers. There definition of contract is the label girlfriend/ boyfriend or just friend. And that’ don’t say much since it’s so broad and they don’t even define that as a common ground understanding. Even the word friendship can mean so differently to people. Some people’s definition of friendship is to be there for them yet they don’t apply it to themselves.