Darkness: We All Possess It

Thank You.

I might think about it. For now, I am taking a break until Winter Solstice.



I am keeping silent on one of the Angels/Demons that has come to me.

I seek the Light and to own my Darkness.

I seek my blood to boil as the Dragon comes forth.

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I have decided this will be my very last post on the forum for a bit and the details do not matter. I am grateful for the opportunity to have learned from others; however, I am learning I must take a step back to be silent.

People will point fingers and shout names on who sets the standards for the Left Hand Path, Black Magick, Satanism, White Magick, etc - I have had enough of this!

Lesson learned: No one sets the boundaries or standards for my life. The only person who can is the person I have to look at in the mirror everyday.

The is no RHP or LHP in my life, they are one in the same in my path. The Goddess who recently tapped me on the shoulder has given the instruction to slow down, to breathe, and to be aware. To allow myself to heal completely, that what I need to learn isn’t through YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or even this site.

The Southern winds never meant a person; it has always meant to run wild and free in a landscape of the unknown. It means making sacrifices in order to see something through.

It means owning the darkest parts of my thoughts, my abilities. It means owning me.

For Isis sings within the lowest hums and only those humanized can hear her. I don’t need anyone to perform my rituals or give me guidance, I need to trust myself in this hour of darkness.

He brings every negative thought and energy to the surface; the details of working through this is my own business. Yet, it’s between the Goddess who tapped me on the shoulder in the astral plane and Goddess Isis who always pulls the posion out when the lessons have been finished.

There are things I do not write or say. This time I just need time.


Take care, Jenna.

It was a pleasure conversing.
Good for you, stick to your own path and agreed there is just the path.
All the best on your journey.